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theory it's a theory we live our lives taking each second for granted but what if we knew how much time we had left remain whoa what was that that felt real weird it was like i'm in some sort of trans-dimensional toilet or something oh here i go again oh oh this is this motion is making me a little nauseous i'm so sorry excuse me i'll definitely throw up a little bit in my mouth that time i don't know who decided to put that spiral back there but it was not a good idea i i am so sorry i had deep insightful things to say about death and existence and meaning but i i can't do it please kill me please kill me right now uh how much time do i have left please check the clock [Music] oh crap hello internet welcome to game theory the show trapped in the never-ending time loop that is youtube so make sure you smash that subscribe button so you don't miss this limited time opportunity today i want to talk about a channel with a much shorter life span unis anus meaning one butt hole in latin eunice anus is why does that not sound right oh sorry sorry sorry typo critical typo two ends in that anus i see okay unis honest meaning one year in latin much better unis honest is a youtube experiment spearheaded by mark fischbach aka markiplier and ethan nestor aka crank gameplays now as the name implies the channel will only last for one year and after that it's gone all we'll have is the memories that we make along the way and the merch and i don't mean that they're not making new videos or anything i mean they're taking it all down when time runs out we will be deleting this channel and every single video on it right now as i'm writing and recording this the channel is actually slated to die in exactly one month november 15 2020. it's my birthday actually one year closer to death speaking of permanently jumping off the mortal coil it's no secret that this channel is going to be thematically linked to the impermanence of life and the inevitability of death which is why its motto memento mori translates to remember you will die but will the channel actually die you see true to most of markiplier's other projects there's an underlying meta story hidden inside of unis honest sure to 99.99 of viewers this is a channel full of hot chip challenges slapping raw chickens until they're cooked in peace on us you heard that right pea saunas steaming their own urine so they can sit and marinate in it what does it mean when it's more foamy i don't know what that means oh no scientists out there what does it mean when it's morphine yes all the scientists watching this but peer through the p stream steam and you'll see that someone is fighting back against the death of this channel that there are other forces at play in these otherwise normal looking vlogs something that is much more serious and much more sinister than you would expect out of this sort of channel and with less than a month before the day of reckoning we have to talk about it now or else like the channel our chance will have passed us by it's not too late to join us on this journey you can still subscribe you can still like the videos but sooner than you think that statement will no longer be true oh and uh by the way mark your pee is probably foamy because you had a full bladder and the stream just caught a lot of air bubbles in there or you'd just have extra protein in your urine right now just watch out because too much foam is gonna be usually tied to kidney disease also i am not a doctor but as a concerned friend of yours stop breaking your nose now the first thing to make clear is that this is not mark and ethan in these videos i know that might be confusing because you know certainly looks like mark's shaving his dog chica and ethan failing to do a russian accent welcome to russia but in reality throughout the series they're embodying characters other than themselves ethan is unes in black and mark is honest in white there's a lot of evidence of this throughout the series via clips like this one i've done bad things honest has done bad things i've done things you wouldn't even imagine you have made arnis extremely angry or here where while playing games in the dark the score graphic suddenly changes from soft boy and masochist to their character names of unes and anas but really all you need to do to prove this is to look in the description of any of their videos honest links to markiplier unis links to crank gameplays these are characters which is why at the end of this channel's life they'll canonically be able to die while mark ethan and their various other personalities like darkiplier and blank gameplays live on throughout the series we see these two characters contemplate their own mortality and the meaning or lack thereof of life these moments often take on a different visual style from everything else in the world that surrounds them usually shot in a more cinematic style using a different aspect ratio and usually with a higher quality camera i didn't feel a thing this empty void inside this glove wow and inside me even in the middle of light-hearted videos like painting mark's body and gold to make him the eighth wonder of the world can sucker punch you with a sudden dose of reality do you think that this is all just a vain attempt to try to last longer than we should is anything that we do does that have a point in the end or i'll be dust also internet's blowing up about felix's new bod but we're all sleeping on markiplier here come on internet look at that sweet piece of man candy but lately there's been an added element to many of these scenes during the camp unis oona's honest series of videos we start to see unis and anas dying multiple times the most obvious example is in the video how to start a fire except don't mark looking to commit a sin great enough to summon fire from satan himself decides to kill ethan as he stares at his knife ethan's alter ego unis stares in through the window just as mark is in the process of killing ethan unis walks away and we cut to mark and ethan enjoying s'mores over a raging fire although mark claims that he didn't have to do anything unsavory or sinful to get the fire going the final shot of the video features markiplier with blood dripping down his chin now that one scene alone was so alarming that it caused a number of gt fans to immediately rush to our subreddit to start theorizing but the thing is these two characters have died many many more times prior to that video just three videos earlier mark suffocates when ethan abandons him and two videos before that they both die in a bear attack and before all of that there are these repeated scenes of horror and death so what is going on here are they dying are they not are these imaginary scenes well to understand that it's gonna take some decoding watch this did you see it watch it again there's a hidden code there yep in the black screen at the end of the video if you look really really closely you'll see that there's a faint outline of some sheet music hidden in the darkness crank up the brightness and you see this well it's kind of a mess there but luckily the same code appears in another video puberty simulator but the point is this by the time this channel dies there will be 365 videos and hidden throughout those 365 videos are small little codes like this barely perceptible i mean that is a huge amount of content to come through luckily the unis honest lore hunters discord has kept meticulous notes over it all which without them i would have never been able to gather as much evidence as i've had for what's going on in these videos so thank you guys so much for that you guys are all theorists out of my own heart but it's in these codes sprinkled throughout the videos that we're able to learn the true story of this channel someone or something is trying to stop the clock in the video our fans try to scare us with their homemade creepypasta there's a very very brief flash of the following hidden in some static what will happen if the clock stops could i find a way to keep it going this sets up the idea that someone is trying to prevent unisanis from reaching its conclusion from there more hidden codes tell us about this person's struggles and progress a month later in a video all about making food for their dogs the video ends with this graphic and the bottom suddenly switches from a joke to yet another code this one reading i couldn't stop it will i die with the machine three days later we see this individual having some success in does this magnetic skin care routine really work we see this code hidden in the editing program that's shown on screen with so many y's and z's it has to be hidden in polish right or maybe russian no it's just another simple letter substitution that translates to free or so i thought another layer but still the clock so whoever or whatever is sending these messages they're trapped in some sort of machine hence them worrying about dying with the machine and they're under layers of security or layers of reality that have to be peeled back in order for them to finally escape there's also some evidence in these hidden codes to support the idea that both unis and honest have died multiple times throughout this series and heck maybe even before the series was launched only for them to have been replaced or rebooted going back to that sheet music puzzle i showed you before each measure of music is its own word and the different notes are all representing different letters so translating the whole thing out you get the following quote happy birthday to the beast or to the body that once housed me a transfer made for pity's sake tricked into the machine as he has my cake again we see a reference to this machine whoever this is they were lured in and now they're trapped it's also worth noting this line about the body that once housed me it suggests that there's a separation of this person's mind from their physical form again suggesting some sort of transfer of their consciousness into a machine say a computer a transfer made for pity's sake it could just be there to sound cool or sound poetic or it could actually be saying that their consciousness is in the machine because their body was no longer fit to physically survive like say you were dying to preserve your life your consciousness gets passed into a machine while the body wastes away that would be a good example of something done for pity's sake and again if you exist in a machine there are any number of copies of you which would be why we'd be able to see mark and ethan die multiple times but then they're back in the next upload there are two other secret codes that i should mention briefly but don't have a lot to say about in ethan roasts mark for 15 minutes straight we have this quote and in the comments you will read the word you soon will see our wise controlling pawns who type our deeds that is discord not facetime within this truth a question posed could the peace sauna be ever close now this wasn't so much about lore as it was alluding to the fact that fans really wanted that pea sauna episode to happen and through their comments they made that upload happen just a week later hence that cryptic message about the p sauna being ever close and the comments basically willing it into existence the same is true for this other hidden code in learning to cry on command here there's a cipher that translates to the long wait ends with 24 more for a path of destiny chosen before and yes this is yet another reference to the p sauna episode 24 hours after this upload that video came out hence the weight ending with 24 and the destiny chosen before was again the comments choosing this for them to do but not all the codes are just about bathing in your own urine i've saved what's perhaps the most important for last if you go frame by frame through the ending of learning to use the force you'll see words popping up around the screen kras nafsam alkvoom saiduvko one final simple substitution cipher giving us the message wait no something is wrong he knows and it's here that things really come together friends you see this coded message saying he knows confirms that there's someone controlling all of this that there's some all-powerful entity dictating the lives of whoever is trapped in the machine be it unis and honest or someone else look at this cinematic scene from their grip strength competition it's from a mysterious third party perspective watching the challenge take place it's someone watching what is happening to these characters like they're controlling what's going on but here's the kicker i think that we get to see whatever this machine is in learning to use the force again we're presented with brief clips of a cgi room with a computer on a desk the walls covered in a black and white spiral pattern that defines the unis honest channel we also see a lone shadowy figure looking out the window i think this is the person who's in control and that this computer room is his command center his control desk so with all of that being said here's what i think is going on i think both unis and anis are in a computer simulation of real life they exist and are one with the channel which is why they'll permanently die when the channel's deleted but until then they exist in a simulation that can be repeated infinitely this would explain both their repeated deaths as well as those numerous layers that one has to work through in order to escape it's also how past versions of unis and honest can visit key moments from their journey like in the how to build a fire episode the one ultimately in control though is death he's the one watching from a distance he's the one operating things from his little computer room and he's the one who'll be the final entity to push delete on this big experiment as for who's trying to stop the clock i don't think it's either unes or honest but rather their editor mark who funny enough used to be our editor and worked closely with me on the markiplier connected universe episode that we did about a year ago anyway why do i think it would be him trying to escape well for one thing he's a canonical character in all of this everyone from the editors to amy are a part of the unis honest simulation they're part of the canon so any of them could realize that they're trapped two all the videos the discord has found with coded messages so far have been ones edited by him plus a lot of those hidden messages have been a part of an edited piece of the video for instance the graphics package where they make food for their dogs or the view of the editing software from the magnetic skin care routine video and maybe most importantly number three his twitter handle outright says that he's working from the inside to try and stop the clock but here's the thing whoever is trying to stop this the clock will not stop it would defeat the purpose of the channel death is inevitable people places pets they all have a limited time here on earth we'd love to extend that time we'll fight to extend that time but in the end we all have to go that doesn't mean that we completely vanish from the world though it just means that we become part of something else a community a collective memory an echo of our reality and no matter how small or how insignificant a life they all matter and they all live on in some way or you know maybe i'm doing exactly what mark accuses me of they try to discern some weird cryptic meaning behind what we do people are just over complicating the idea behind it they're assuming that we put more thought into it at the beginning than we did hey i'm not the one throwing coded sheet music into the final seconds of your dog grooming video just saying it's all just a theory a game theory thanks for watching like i just said life is short and there are so many darn good books in the world to read so many people fighting to crystallize their 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