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Wow have you seen that preview trailer for the new game of thrones season well not really a continuation season but a different kind of season welcome to smash cut where we'll take a look at what the new Game of Thrones series might look like for fans and what new fans can look out for based on what the old series offered for a chance to win $100 Amazon giftcard like the video and comment with the hidden word the global pop-culture never saw the likes of Game of Thrones come on air like the way you did this show redefined prime-time television productions and television viewing as well to a certain extent the series debuted on HBO back in 2011 and just concluded its long and popular run in 2019 by then perhaps a third of the world's population had already heard of such terms as Iron Throne House Stark Targaryen Jon Snow King's Landing and yeah dragons the show has won so many awards and accolades for both the creators and the actors who gave these stories and characters life and now that it ended in 2019 with such fanfare HBO is teasing everyone again with the promise of a new series set to be released by 2022 according to reports however it's also no surprise to find out that many are still not on board with the show we get it that it might have felt so tedious to follow or to even start at a certain point like maybe your family members and friends are already debating about which character would be killed or spared choosing their own houses to belong to and stuff that fans generally do another reason might also be that this kind of historical looking medieval fantasy fiction show is not palatable to certain audiences as well but palatable or not we're sure that there's one thing that could also be driving fans away the thought that they need to catch up with so many things in order to enjoy one single episode of the series well in a way this is partially true I mean isn't it more interesting to see how the characters and the plots develop from the beginning they have a more involved viewing experience this is because Game of Thrones has such long and intertwining story arcs and plots even within one whole season plus the characters also keep changing as the series developed over time so you might be tuning in to a certain point in the story where you won't immediately get what's happening and you might also encounter a character who's such a super villain but in the beginning they were not so we get this we understand this pressure and that's why we are here to help so let us offer the small but informative guide about a handful of things to expect in the new Game of Thrones that could also be found in the old series who knows non fans out there might get interested in picking this up and binge watching it right before the new series premieres it's a possibility it's a possibility now that the superfans have quieted down a bit we hope after it ended new fans might be able to step in once they get to know the interesting stuff that happens in these stories so yeah future fans this one's for you here is our top four guide of things to expect in the new Game of Thrones series which could be inspired from the old series game game number one it's still based on a book one of the good indicators that a great TV series has good storytelling is that it's based on a popular book and this is what the game of Thrones showrunners have the original series was based on former TV screenwriter and novelist George RR Martin's fantasy novel series called a Song of Ice and Fire which was written and published way back in the 1990s a Game of Thrones is the first book of that series and that is where it all began from the title of the first volume alone it already gives a signal that there would be a lot of fighting a lot of drama and other things that medieval living people would be preoccupied with season one was solely based on this one novel so that might be easier to catch up with the next book in this series is called a clash of kings while the third is called Storm of Swords if you're a fast reader then you could finish these two volumes in time for binge watching season 2 since that season covered mostly the former and a bit of the latter no new reading required by the time you start season 3 because that one focused solely on a storm of sorts and actually a bit of season 4 also covered the last parts of that novel so you see how TV stretches the books and how that played out well so yeah it will be easy to catch up if you're the type who wants to read a book first before it's adaptation so if you're already in season 4 then that also covers the next novels in the series namely a feast for crows and a dance with dragons the latter title finally saw the light of day in 2011 the same year the TV series premiered worldwide so imagine the pressure that the series popularity had on its book creator the reason why I was taking him so long to write the next novels in these series are set in this universe too but still he did the winds of winter is the sixth novel in the original series and it's not yet published actually as of this writing yet some of its elements were already featured in seasons 5 6 7 & 8 along with a mix of elements from the other books again plus HBO started adding some of their original content starting season five to stretch the story and make it meteor of course so now that the original book series has been milked that way what's next word has it that this new series is going to be a derivative of the original series sort of like a spinoff if we're going to use TV lingo in 2018 Martin came out with a new book titled fire and blood which will focus on only one of the houses featured in the original book series so this is a good thing because you can catch up with just one novel before this new series goes on air number two overarching story lines galore Game of Thrones became a monumental pillar of TV storytelling because of the overarching storylines featured in the series season after season and even episode after episode imagine that the first six seasons had about 10 episodes each and each episode ran for about an hour or a little over it that's a lot of hours however season 7 only had 7 episodes while the final season season 8 only had 6 still fans ate up every minute and every second of these adventures this whole series is mainly set on a continent named Westeros there are several medieval kingdoms trying to outdo each other and ruling it or not ruling it depending on their moods each Kingdom has its own domain strengths and lists of characters that are as intriguing as hack each Kingdom is known to be ruled by one house the reason why your Game of Thrones superfan friends debate on which house is better or which house they could belong to so the most widely heard ones are House of Stark house Aran House Lannister house Martell and of course House Targaryen which is the one house that ruled them all oops sorry wrong medieval world building we'll leave it to you to discover the other houses in the house word so of course this kind of house fighting and even infighting within houses there's sure a lot of drama offered up by the series but by the time you're aware of all that happenings going down in these houses and you'll be prepared for this upcoming series however this one is just going to feature one of these prominent houses House Targaryen so that one house that ruled them all will be front and center of this upcoming series and if you don't wish to be updated about their past shenanigans applauding and conniving in the concluded series don't fret that's because freak wealth is the new inkwell number three what's so in these days or at least since this millennium started is that we saw a lot of pop culture and literary favorites being given their ample share of cultural space then creators will develop further interest by doing a prequel or an origin story of Sir characters or situations Peter Jackson did this well in showcasing the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and then doing another trilogy of movies based on the frequent books of those books called the hobbit j.r.r tolkien would be proud author JK Rowling also gave the go signal for this to happen in her own fantasy world fiction of Harry Potter where her successful young adult books were all made into successful general audience films then they went created a prequel series called fantastic beasts and where to find them fantastic beasts and where to find them whose stories all take place prior to the birth of our academic teenage wizards and witches even solo movies have been doing that the latest being lara croft where angelina jolie's Tomb Raider originals in the early 2000s were supplemented by an origin story of how Laura developed into a raider but this time with Alicia vikander headlining the young Laura Croft in the 2018 film version and this is the path that fire and blood will also take this new novel will be adapted as a prequel series called house of the Dragon wherein the storylines will take place about 300 years before the events in the game of Thrones original series do so in this upcoming series we'll finally see how the pivotal House Targaryen z' ancestors came upon Westeros to begin with and how they're ruling member took over the reign of the other kingdoms but of course not without much fanfare this conquest is much talked about in the first series run so this new series will run off with this story as well as how the Targaryen ruled ascended into power and descended as well then ascend it again then descended once more ah you know the drill overarching story lines galore remember yep this new series would definitely be full of them as well as number four multifaceted characters with moral ambiguity let's face it one reason why Game of Thrones became a hit is the sex and violence in this saga but more importantly it's about who's doing who and who's betraying who well kidding aside the saga featured so many memorable characters that have made their way into the daily lexicon of pop cultural followers worldwide and even the actors who portrayed them eventually became household names you might be watching another TV series or perhaps a film then you'll see this with that actor a lot and wonder where they first appeared right for example we saw how Emilia Clarke portrayed that hapless ish semi directionless female heroine of the young adult novel turned film called me before you but hey Game of Thrones Emilia portrayed of the most important characters in the series named Daenerys Targaryen I mean hey she's the mother of dragons there excuse me and she's a perfect example of how her character developed and facilitated toward being on the good side one time being on the bad side in another time this is how nuanced the characters are and Martin was highly commended for bringing such feisty figures in literature and later these actors were also honored for bringing such multifaceted characters to life so hats off to them all so now you'll see why people are interested in seeing the new series it will focus solely on House Targaryen we'd really like to see how the Nerys relatives strutted their stuff way back when if she strutted her own stuff the way she did here no I'm saying markets uh there you have we hope this quick guide will entice you folks to pick up the book or all the books then the series are even just some episodes before house to the dragon premieres next year we promise it'll be an exciting flight check back tomorrow for another mind-blowing video this has been smash cut [Music] [Music]