Gary Owen Rolls Out His Greatest StandUp Special Of AllTime DoinWhatIDo

in the morning breakfast club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yes indeed he didn't necessarily speak to me when he walked in this morning you don't fuck with you know I don't know I don't mess with me oh you don't fuck with him Gary Owen Gary oh dear God I went to this fake beatbox competition last night and I walk in and then this dude goes old step we got a ton of power to building oh so what you got Mac as you could've got that off you could have been like Tommy from power for the night I was finished maybe I was mad the reaction oh wow I don't believe that I believe people took pictures with you people like you Gary yeah I didn't take a lot of pictures with me you're a big man they did Gary gave me the middle finger so crazy fuck you Andy wait till tomorrow yeah I got a special come out on Saturday on Showtime and I'm not lying it's the greatest comedy special of all time that I said a lot of day Chapelle just dropped a pretty special [Music] bait the third lead that's yes yeah good luck he's kind of funny it's all right mine's better did you like your special I don't want stand up like that I didn't want to shit I watched some clips but mine I was amazing I was watching and I was just so good it's me what are you what are you saying that's so special about it I don't know it's just everything goes out and I'm not lying it's so good but when you when you watching her the editing Bay there was no edit yeah it was just like boom it was perfect like there's callbacks I went on I go in on people which I don't normally going on like that who cuz who I talk about this special uh I Tommy obviously had to talk about Jo Sakura Omari Hardwick will Packer Monique I'm gonna need pretty hard so just be ready really yeah fix it at gonna look you know we live in a world of optics white man going in on a black woman I didn't like I think that I just like that as Monique yeah you broad recent calves are gonna Kevin pretty good he's okay beta keV would've died would you have edited [Laughter] Bill Cosby bill care but everybody gets it everybody gets yeah everybody gets what do you think about people who make in front of his accident like I said a lot of comedians saying a comedian post a toy car and say Kevin got into a car accident you think it's it's funny to make fun of a comedian when they down like that I don't think they're I think we're more what he caught we should be offensive proof comedians I mean everything everything kind of goes you know I mean there I I what my family was okay then it's okay to make fun of him but I don't know I mean I would think you would expect it you know I think he appreciates it it make him laugh in the hospital yeah I'm sure he wants a good laugh some of them work you could see him coming though like I was like the little car seats and shit I go come on guys to get more creative you know I said the irony of you know him being called homophobic when he's laid up somewhere would it Brokeback I guess on the upside upside time just trying to get that Teddy Pendergrass biography going sorry man I get into character yeah but we know how Teddy got in his accident though Oh teddy was in the car with a trans person transgender but you see Malik Malik Yoba came out and said he was attracted crazy right whole new me to 21 Jump Street he he wasn't was he no my fault no yes yes for a brief second they're the ones that say yes we go to Netflix man it's just it's tough man yeah they they keep they don't open that door for me yet why got a sim I don't know did he think you drink some white you don't have the following I don't know what they do you have a following yeah I got a big follow it's gonna be way bigger when this special comes out god it's good it's really it's the best of all do you think that networks are the best places to get your stand-up on Idol like Showtime yeah I know cuz I always think like there's a bunch of college kids getting stoned and then to be like is turn this on they'll put on a Netflix special that I mean that's the advantage of Netflix but I mean one thing about children that does stick out like you know within the network they're promoting it we're Netflix there's a lot to choose from yeah no I think that's why and I am see Chappelle special but I think that's why it probably did so well was because there is a lot of you know not so great comics out there getting specials so when you see somebody like Chappelle who's seasoned and veteran and good and talking about real shit it's like whoa that's what we're like well that was so great until you see mine like I wasn't just jokes like you know it was a throwback doing a special stood for something yeah like you know what a theme you know the theme was with that special yeah yeah yeah like mine dude it's so good it's so good I don't believe you dude you ain't got it you got to see it yeah you see Chappelle's I did before cream Adams came out I thought your pal overall we know I'm top well I'm talking about before it aired you didn't see it but if Chappelle would it came on and be like I got a great special you dependent you just took his word for it not really good I've never been big on Chappelle stand up yeah I mean either always faster pearls show funny the dispel so hilarious classic yeah killing me softly was cool but he wasn't like you know I wasn't like I gotta go see Chappelle yeah you know I just right guy yeah this is better than his - okay yeah it's so I'm telling you man the thing about the stainless specialist is when you watch it like Dobies like jokes head hit hard and then there might be a law for five minutes and then they'll hit hard again it's it there's no laws and you got to watch those special because there's callbacks it's like twisting so good I only give it away though man I can't get way of joking I want you to watch it can you give us at least a Kevin Hart joke maybe he's listening hey no no no not only give you nothing nothing it's good it's just good I heard you speak about like certain things white people should know are unacceptable well I well I talked to misspent talk about Roseanne I said how do you get fired how does Roseanne fire Roseanne cuz that's really what it was like the show Roseanne a fire rose and yeah and I hate it when white people do stuff on social media and then act dumb do it like I didn't know like I didn't know that she didn't know the head of her network was a black lady and they're I mean it's common sense we know what we can and cannot say you don't know what to say we can't say the n-word do you really know what I feel like you don't know the line and say you cross it now we know we know we play stupid but we know really oh he will know how far you you're supposed to go that's what I mean in this business you know you know exactly how far to push the envelope without going too far all you got to do is not blackface announcing Edward okay I mean there's other things you can't say I would can't see them yeah there's a lot I know what's offensive the black people and what's not you know you know there's trigger where's your buddy we got trigger words for white people you might get us all right keep it's one crack ass cracker ha ha that's a good one man easy the one no for whatever reason man ace that's why people all really if you hear the phone calls that come to this radio station when I say mayonnaise I call me human Jarrah Hellmann's they hate it why I don't know man it's so tasty no it's not too much of it ruins any dish too much really I don't these potatoes should be hot not cold definitely why do you think that cuz they couldn't afford lettuce so they had to put potatoes in it who told you that I don't know I just made it up I was gonna say that sounds stupid let's be easy let's just cheaper than potatoes you think easier to grow - yeah do you run thing by your wife to make sure I'm not offensive so she'll tell me like she I don't like her going on my shows though man cuz she messes it up December one time was gonna blow job joke and I got upstage he's like it sounds like you're still getting blowjobs sounds like what she used to get blow job she doesn't say so idols like that I was like so the next show I'm at a comedy club he's sitting out since a year so this chick right you know you suck my dick in 96 before I met my wife but she don't know you speaking about past situations yeah but she said it's the way you've made it sound I don't know finally like stop going on my shows I see you got you I mean goddamn just uh hmm got the POC shirt on what does POC mean to Gary on I don't know I was it a free t-shirt I love the Rose free t-shirt for a fee but above the rim that's what to pop me to be man do you think about two pockets above the rim that's it my favorite movie mmm juice juice was good what a Jessup's kind of I don't know put it just weren't that great to me justice good but it wasn't great you haven't seen it in a long time I remember it being decent though but I can't remember if I thought it was decent cuz of John Singleton Janet Jackson to pop tina king it's like my was in it know what she was she was at the fair union I don't know toriel Jump Street but up what it who I brought it back is in your interview Gary how you feeling about this what do you mean something I didn't say listen I did not say nothin bad about Dave yeah I just said myspace was the best of all time I say no I didn't say days wasn't funny or nothing don't because I don't watch that stand-up but I'm here I mean I'll watch a clip every now and then but I I'm very clear like I don't want I want my jokes to be mine that's why I don't watch a lot of stand-up guys I want to ever think cuz when Chappelle's shit came out I remember people saying dang he told Moe this person I was like I'm thinking damn I talked about all them people am i special yeah and then somebody be like you know people who don't know Stan I'd be like geared somewhat the same shit Dave talked about I was like well we didn't you don't I didn't film on a week later and then air it you know I felt mine back in June in San Antonio you guys were there you guys there at the same time we're guys that's some car wash or some shit so call on diem do you guys didn't on god I don't you guys were there got a big party or something oh yeah yeah you remember you missed your flight yeah I did my special that that weekend was one special who came to support it no you wouldn't have you know you wouldn't have I don't think you guys would have with you I like stand-ups I probably came I wasn't doing I know more than likely idea I think I'd am do one of you guys maybe was her you fit something from your past coming back to haunt you well it's Witter no I'm asking some stupid stuff when Twitter first came out just good you don't know but I don't think so well I can say we're comedians it doesn't really affect this we act like it doesn't care does it well if you don't say like Roseanne shit but I suppose just stand up whenever I you know I always get this question like you feel like you were in a PC culture you can't see what you want to say as a stand-up no because if you go to comedy clubs we're still talking about the same stuff are you in the same way same way the comedy clubs okay yeah because I think you know when when when does Hannibal Buress he remember he got in the little heat about Bill Cosby and then Tracy Morgan Kobe has gotten heat it didn't affect their career they're still on the road still selling tickets just like when they're saying Chappelle is like it's not gonna affect his career actually so it the stuff we do on stage it doesn't affect us at all I had to do it I had to do an apology a couple years ago to the special needs people because I did a joke about my cousin my cousin special needs right so they they came in with a joke it was about the special olympics and you can't say the r-word it really kind of said the artwork word I can't say it it's retarded okay that's what it is but that's the R word you say well you're not supposed to say it alright but I didn't get the email okay okay so I said it my special it's crazy don't cuz we grew up in an era where they would say mentally retarded like that was the actual term my cousin is yeah so now she's confused cuz I gotta go back and be like no your special needs because I thought we taught it I go you are but you know let's say anymore so what did you apologize to my my publicist wrote it oh and then those are the worst I had I had to the poly because they were threatened you know I had to Gary I want you on BT right all these advocates they were going after like McDonald's and people that were advertising on my show and I was a perfect level of celebrity go after because I was big enough that they could get some heat but I wasn't big enough that I could say screw off so I was the perfect level to go after and what I realized is after is you the apology they just went on to the next person there was no like they just I would were dumb but Gary then anyway after another comic I was like they're just mad but that's how I should worked alright what'd you say something you apologized and people keep moving only thing I don't like about the apologies there's a lot of times they're not real a mine wasn't at all I didn't mean it like I didn't write it I just when I go man that's a really good apology from me Gary is great listen at what I realized this is what I realized uh going through all that with the with this with the special needs advocates it wasn't ever the special needs people because they were all I talked about one special needs person was my cousin right and talked about a whole group my cousin's cool with me so what are you mad about and what I what I realize is like I got this message from this lady one time and she was like I have a special needs son and he's the greatest joy and blessing in my life right and I hope one day karma kicks in your ass and you have a special needs kid and I went I'd sent her back a mess I go so you want me to have the greatest joys and blessings in my life actly she just sent back fuck you that's like this it made no sense and when I think what it is dealing with all that was I think when you're a parent of a special needs kid you're you're frustrated and you know it's a lifelong responsibility it sound like it's turn 18 they leave so where do you vent your frustration and you're like keep them at the kid can't marry god oh my god this comedians talking about him I'm gonna get mad at him and that's where it comes from that's that's the only thing I can think of I just get upset when they get upset with us about language like if it's not a slur if it's something that we literally were raised on he taught us to say they read a referendum is mentally retarded on even the word female I see people get upset about now it's like nobody told us you can't use these words anymore when you're dead men will go out yeah and I have my eye on my web guy spliced together like this real that we won't release unless somebody tries to do some again but it's literally it's ten minutes and it's 17 comics saying the word retarded in their act so you snitching order I'm not some nobody it's like it's a lot of big-name comics it's white black it's everybody goes so it's mainly to show them he just be mad and you're you're not gonna win that battle comedians gonna be comedians yeah you know what they kind of deal win with me because I didn't issue an apology but you know what I look at some of the movies and I talk about how I just need the up a date they would never make hangover right now some of the language in hangover is crazy never go there we'll go crazy on her but back then it was hilarious right now it's not that long ago really hangover was what 10 years ago but that shows you how fast times has changed Kevin Hart's tweets with ten years ago oh yeah actually I talked about my act a lot the Oscars in the tweet and everything you went through yeah but that's when Kevin's tweets won out over a girl what did a hangover do that was so bad that they said the R word you said the R word to every word if oh yeah calling dr. oh yeah like I said we don't get offended by anything comedians no and and I think the the advocates for stretching these people they always be like oh they can't defend themselves and my take is I don't think I'm better than them that's why I talk about them you know me if I think I'm better you I'm not gonna talk about you I've been assaulted by two special needs people strong yeah right in defending holy cow okay I've been chased by what you can't beat them in Red Rover what if you hold your arm that Red Rover come over they don't break not going oh my god it's like gods like I'm gonna take a little bit of brain I'm gonna give some super strength listen put me on top of like a gate like girl just Gator on the football track what pick me up and put me on top of and just held me on top of it like it and he held me just enough so like the top of the gate was like going into my skin it was crazy I wrestled listen I was high school I wrestled it's true story and one of the Caesar wrestling has special needs kid that one to wrestle so they like Gary you wrestle him I said okay they're telling me don't beat him I couldn't I was trying to win cuz you pinned me like in the way pimmy cuz you know wrestling's all graceful it was I wish or as a videotape it's just my legs flopping hit the man and like the whole gym stood up no form you know you come out your hand I just this just will stand in there and then I'm going it's like steel oh but who's funny with the gym clap right do not try to be dad try to loose take them down I'm kind of Numb with that do man you just held me there though just my legs flopping where are you at this weekend guy I'm in Tacoma Washington this weekend and Tacoma comedy club but who cares Saturday okay that's called hashtag doing what I do it's the greatest comedy special of all time I'm not wait do you see it I can know when I saw it I couldn't leave Oh good it was I realize oh my god it's me that's what's crazy I watched it like this guy's amazing and then I realize it was my watch it man no it's that good you got to kick you out now cuz mayor Peters here you know mayor Pete no.25 is looking at he's raised more money than a most a lot of Democrats he ain't gonna win dough yo nigga watch let me come back let me come back I bet you I think you're right he's a nice guy I don't know enough I watch the debates you know again hungover no 10:30 Eastern Standard Time 930 of you and milcom Showtime baby greatest special vault I'm calling it which I come back in like this yo I'm a tweet you if it's good watch someone post about it if it's good dude if I don't post about it this weekend just social media I'm gonna be like I'm gonna tell the comics if you don't you know comments be like we like to repost promote watch this guy stuff I'm be like if you don't repost it that means I'm funding you trust so see if they don't repos like this then you tell on yourself haters is The Breakfast Club or whatever [Music]