Gennadiy Golovkin On Fighting Sergiy Derevyanchenk Seeing Canelo Álvarez Again

Breakfast Club morning everybody is de jmv Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building that's right Yugi hey guys welcome back thank you thank you do you still love the sport of boxing triple G right I like the sport you know because come on this right now I have a good deal with the zone hello I feel good money's good money is good right yeah you don't think you don't think pocketed become more focused on like politics and making money than actual sport though yeah sometimes right now you know just probably just fine my opinion just boxing loose just position you know I want to bring again you know back like history like you know I want to bring boxing position back mm-hmm it's a lot of good fights in the water weight division though oh yeah see the spins I saw not all fight just couple last couple rounds this tough guys both looks good both champions for me this is like 50 55 yeah you don't you don't think with the clear-cut winner no so close fight for me even with the knockdown we got a true knocked down low or was it a it's it's good punch you know just clean punches it's not knock down you know it's good punch right lucky punch no I can't pronounce your opponent's name you fighting on the field what's the name Sergey did attention go what's your biggest concern about your upcoming fight with him you know just I know him a long time he has good experience from amateur he represents I remember like Kazakhstan boxing team and Olympic Oh crane team he's very good fighter mm-hmm you know just he had good experience from how much your program last couple of fights he looks good the same coach like you know Daniel Jacobs gorgeous Stevenson like so many people stay with him I know this team team is so strong how do you prepare for that like every sigh you know like just a little bit because right now I have new coach Jonathan banks he's so help me you know just he brings so crazy ideas you know I feel much better right now why crazy ideas yes you know he bring he open minds for like four different styles for speed for like you know just not variant a just button B C D G try like that try like that it's so good what made you get a new training coach what made you move that way you know he's young he's hungry he's a good experience you know from he's from Detroit you know Krong Jim Emma North Shore Jim is for me this is biggest that do you think you've lost some power and your punches you know every room every age is different right now a 37 you know just and I have experience from last couple fights you know just like 50 again like 50 50 years you know I want to stay smart and yeah Hz so yeah you think you have lost some power yeah a little bit when did you realize that you know maybe the last two years like because right now I feel is better because I know I work with Jonathan you know just I have most beat more more timing more distance I feel more feel better before just know it might be I lost more interesting for boxing you know because so many politics comes boxing yeah I think I noticed it when you fought Danny Jacobs I like if the Danny Jacobs is super tough triple G has lost a little bit of power yeah this is true you know just you know Daniel he is very good fighter and I remember just after knock knock him down just I I need to bring a little bit more power just you know I said okay it's okay my coach my old coach azar said hey just take your time just don't worry you know just like that what made you lose interest in boxing not so interesting you know just so I love mo poly I remember the last couple fights in in Vegas is horrible for bucks not for me come on just for boxing when you were Canelo for yeah yeah you feel like you got robbed of time yeah absolutely you think you want bullfight you know I feel yeah there's my poor mind on just I feel you know every round just yeah like probably I wouldn't just I feel I went like three rounds you know every fight you know just not like crazy like lose like seven rows come on would you fight Canelo again do you want if I could no I don't want to fight him again from what I'm seeing yeah this question of for me not just people who ask him yeah we'll have a contract for this chamber fall awesome generally it's double 14 like mix can and Independence Day he said no I have contract with the zone we have a lot of deals I don't know why you think you're just afraid to fight you for third time I don't think he's afraid no you know the phrase you know he want to stay like more long time like with my belt mmm you think it was easily a fight is that not easy not this for this hmm right now you know just I don't know he strategy you know because right now is so bad situation gold Golden Boy you know just with him like it's so problems for if you are for the third time what would what would you need to do to feel good about the whole trilogy like what would triple G need to do to feel good about speed boxing just I feel my style you know just if I stay the same I think I went would you want to knock him out or you don't want to decision cuz I had what I drawed and he won by decision and yeah of course you know just I want to like know this will be hard because you know he knows me a long time with training together like six years ago you know like probably like three or four training camps stay together no spark a lot this little sawed-off you think if you oughta fought in your prime would have been the same outcome absolutely not just I remember my my physical like okay five years ago I found presents different hmm you know right now just little bit different and I told you just I had good experience with triple G's biggest opponent at this point Wow probably H yeah you know just so many people is good good good guys you know top guys couple champions you know in middle or 168 like a couple good fighters so interesting right now so how do you know when to hang it up because I mean if if father time is your biggest opponent you know you getting ring one of these young guys and they get the best to you now people looking at you a little strange like you know your legacy any seemed it you know this is boxing you know right now everybody knows my style everybody work hard for me you know just so interesting this is every time every fighting a big test for me know because I know this guy he knows my style he knows everything and you brings like a little bit new new strategy new new style you know like surprise you look at Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao and say okay that's enough guys you guys are old enough retire no this guy's little bit different ya know sometimes in boxing so crazy business if you have chance it doesn't matter how how age you know if you have a lot of money it doesn't matter you know you feel good you do it what do you think about them taking them the overseas pre fights three rounds couple million dollars do you think it hurts boxing is a job this is not a good job you show good show good business deal couple rounds couple mins it's a lot of money would you do that why not oh yeah smart move right you said that you think it's kind of productive for fighters to move up and wait to face bigger and stronger opponents why do you think that you know right now just my I have a contract with the song like for five fights right now focus on 160 I wanna know beat people who stay in 160 if I not if I don't have more fight with Canal just maybe I go in 168 mmm so you would move up yeah okay do you think Canelo should be happy with the way those two fights turned out as a fighter personally you think he should be happy I don't know exactly you know just you know I don't thinking about for him because you know today he said his promoter said yes he said no you know just like I don't want to touch this you know bad situation no it's not for me mmm-hmm no triple G's fighting this Friday near Triple D fighting this Friday October 5th at Madison Square Garden now what should people expect on this fight you know just Allah just thank you people who support me who like boxing you know like real boxing fan and don't miss my fight please you know I promised I bring good show big drama show enough for this time you know this is good opponent good event good show do you abstain from sex for the week yes absolutely how long how long do you have to abstain prior to the fight couple days yeah but after the fight I'm sure you go in yeah after the fight do you you know go have sex you know just maybe you I don't know just I have a plan with my family maybe like for a weekend like war rest I need a rest a little bit get your legs back yeah if if I win this fight because you know just I have a like special opponent like maybe you know like an official challenger like some something you know I need a comeback business okay well triple G ladies and gentlemen the fight is October 15 Madison Square Garden the wheat thank you for joining us thank you so much guys all right is triple G it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]