Geoffrey Owens Quits Trader Joes Job a Year After Viral Pic


Inside Edition


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nearly a year to the day this picture was taken of actor Jeffrey Owens shamed for working at a New Jersey Trader Joe's his life has made a complete 180 in fact today was the day I gave notice at Trader Joe's yesterday was my last day at work Jeffrey says the attention and support he gained for working at the supermarket catapulted him right back into the spotlight snagging him steady work on both the small and big screen he was at the sixth and final season premiere of power he's got a role on that show too I've done a lot of jobs there are still four television projects that I've done that are in the can that haven't been aired yet including power including Tyler Perry's seventh season of haves and have-nots and two other projects there's also two films that I've done one called fatal with Hilary Swank sorry thirties Mike and Michael Ealy and one called a hide-and-seek with Jonathan Rhys Meyers that haven't come out yet what the acting slowed down he took the job at Trader Joe's to support this family and for the flexible schedule that would let him keep working at his craft after the photos of him at Trader Joe's went viral many celebs came to his aid including nicki minaj nicki minaj sent me $25,000 god bless her heart which i then immediately donated to the Actors Fund of Actors Equity how did that make you feel you know when it comes down to people just like that reaching out it's amazing I mean it's kind of it's a little intimidating in a way but it's mostly good but it's also like you know even when Tyler Perry reached out there was like oh my gosh you know we've never met before we never worked together before so it was kind of overwhelming now Jeffery is looking ahead to the future with all of the lights camera and action it holds is the one lesson you say you take away from all this keep the faith keep your faith keep working keep trying don't give up you know when I was working at Trader Joe's I never gave up on my dreams of being an actor you know I was I was still in it and it's just a matter of you do whatever you have to do and I think when you do the right thing you are rewarded for Inside Edition com I'm Stephanie officer [Music]