Get This Random Person 1000000 Subscribers

in this video i will be giving 1 million subscribers to one of these four small youtubers i'm gonna need you to put your hand on my diamond play button okay whichever one of them takes their hand off last gets a shout out at the end of the video when i shouted out my brother in this video right here he gained over a million subscribers in under 24 hours you could gain like two or three million like not even joking so what's your channel name no what's your channel name bro what about you sadly we had to bleep it all out because only the winner of this challenge gets a shout out every time they say the name of their channel it will be bleep here's a thousand dollars here's a thousand dollars in two smaller rubber bands i want to teach you guys how to give away money so stay here wait is this hour i think we're giving it away to somebody i ordered pizzas from four different restaurants hey can you give a pizza to a different person here is a tip of one thousand dollars oh thank you this is for you my friend there's a tip i appreciate the pizza yeah give me a high five yeah could you just sing to the camera subscribe to these nuts ripple scratch these nuts all right well it was please you might as well subscribe to me though while you're at it oh yeah anybody else i'm good good cause i'm eating the rest during this challenge we're gonna do lots of similar stuff like that because one of you is getting a million subscribers i'm gonna go set up the next one we have something fun for you guys let me show you guys your surprise okay can you guys bring the podium over here don't forget even when you're moving keep your hands on it chill right here boys let's reveal the secret wait we get to destroy carl's car we went to your house and we grabbed your car i need to tell my roommates to not let you guys over it let's do it all right there we go on this channel we've destroyed tons of cars and i think it's very valuable for you guys as well you need to know how to destroy a car and buy a better one absolutely okay yeah this car looking sucks so i want a few swings at it myself remember keep your hands on it if you let go while you're swinging you're still out your window's gone yeah i never just wanted to point that out let's go for the pickaxe that seems like a much better idea wait hold up what was that car i think i might have saw a hand come off mine yeah i might i might be wrong i want to be wrong all right let's look at the footage my mind was so focused on that on that on that headlight should have stuck with that first hit i got greedy well well well boys do i have footage to show you the gentleman in question here is this man right here let's get everyone's opinion but his so this is his hand right here he's about to start swinging he's rearing back and forth in the reflection look there what's your verdict my verdict is that it left the glass what's your verdict it it left the glass it looks grass yeah good because if you said it didn't you'd be lying your hand left the glass [Applause] you're out of the contest you might as well take your hand off now [Music] oh my god it's grounded thank you for the opportunity amazing however long we've been here for and go follow ah that was a really long beep just head on out technically it's all carl's car's fault that he got out so why did i have to focus on carl's car what kind of tires you got bro all right gentlemen one down three remain one of you three are getting one million subscribers or two million that's crazy or three million i don't know it depends on how well the video does so if you were to win and gain millions of subscribers what type of content could they expect we do no we do type stuff we know people i hope to do more challenges uh things like that i mix way too much over editing and i'm never letting go of this button every time we do one of these long challenges you guys always comment how do they use the bathroom this is fake usually i don't show it but we put a bucket we grab a towel and we hold it in front of them like this and we let them use the bathroom you can put the camera down it's not fake though i promise i'm thinking we start a really long time lapse how long are we talking like five hours okay do you guys need anything before we start this water water water water water water okay okay water yeah we're gonna start a five hour time lapse let's see if anyone gets out bye guys for a little bit [Music] it is now morning you guys survived the first night how tired are you i think i was dreaming with my eyes open so there's that i was honestly expecting one of you to get out i'm kind of surprised normal people eat food in the morning so let's go get some food i pulled up a truck over here i'm gonna take you guys to a restaurant all right let's go slow slow and steady please if you get out now you'll regret it for the rest of your life so you guys can get in the truck you're gonna have to pull this box off the pillar the box has been detached this is making me very nervous all the hands are still what congratulations none of you took your hands off are you ready to go get some food let's do it do it [Music] i'm gonna get this million subscribers easy speed bumps everybody be careful [Music] hey thank you now that you guys have food i have one more stop planned before we go back carl sit tight okay carl how much was your car worth two thousand dollars the car that we smashed [Music] play it again since it was worth two grand we're gonna buy you a fifteen thousand dollar car but they get a pick we're gonna pull you guys to the fifteen thousand dollar cars okay okay all right carl what is going through your mind they're scheming on what car you should drive i'm really worried i feel like i've been nice to them so i hope they don't screw me over you also thought you were nice to people in the island video but they also screwed you over this car right here is under 15 000 if you guys choose this can be carl's new car i think this is a little too nice for carl i think we should get them something worse yeah yeah yeah car roll sucks carl sucks carl sucks oh how about that juke though how about that it looks pretty dope i think it kind of suits carl i just need two yeses raise your hand if you yes i see two hands carl congrats on your duke yeah [Applause] all right boys welcome back to the studio let's get you back to your usual location do it keep those hands on we're watching boys it's all easy no need to rush all right the hands are still on the play button and you're back home i've had taco bell in a while man i don't know how it's gonna affect my body we'll see what happens well i'm glad to be standing because my butt hurts so bad i'm better i had some food yeah we're doing good [Music] we have three gold play buttons here our side channel my brother's channel i took it from him sorry cj and the channel you're currently watching but this one's different because it's so old since you guys are being stubborn we have to make it harder so pick a number between one and three each of you two three one okay three what's the number so you have to hold the bigger one you now with your off hand have to hold a gold play button while keeping your hand on the diamond play button at the same time if you drop the golden play button or it touches the ground in any way you're out all right let's do this one other thing who got my brother's play button i did oof sorry about that i'm kidding i'm kidding i love you cj that's not a good sign though it's time to make it harder this is how you're currently doing it you have your whole hand on the diamond play button you need to pick one finger starting now point your fingers all right pointer finger now i'm going to label these fingers so the viewers can see it boom this finger has to be touching the rest of your hand is now irrelevant oh my gosh this is terrifying look at it one finger is all you guys have left and you still have to carry the golden play button if no one gets out anytime soon we're gonna have to make it way harder i'm gonna keep trying to focus on my finger and the golden play button we'll see how it goes i'm tired heck right now and uh a little bit delusional i can guarantee this will not last two hours look at how much effort they're putting in whoever wins you have to subscribe to them that's right watch to the end i'm putting a bunch of firecrackers in this pan chris i want you to light them and me and carl will distract them okay no i got a few questions to ask you guys i think we should let them know what type of content would you make if you won you say something for the million yeah uh nobody i thought that was gonna work that's scary uh no for some reason i don't know that none of that mattered i was just trying to distract you you guys i thought you already asked that question i know i did all right boys it's time to make it harder bring it on in like i was telling you we're gonna elevate it up to here so you have to hold your hand higher up as you can see the box is now elevated it's taller than me which is gonna make it harder because they have to hold their arms up dude every time i'm like it can't get any harder it gets so much harder it's a shoulder workout guys this is hard definitely more physically taxing my shoulder hurts and how am i still awake i don't remember even getting here i don't really know what to do besides time lapse so i guess i'll see you guys in like five hours we've tried everything and we just can't scare them see we scare carl but not them they don't even flinch [Music] why are we still here just to suffer we are over 30 hours into this challenge it's time for things to get fun that golden play button is so close to the ground man speaking of your gold play buttons i brought my silver ones you guys now have to hold a silver play button along with the gold play button you're holding here you go just so you know if you drop the gold play button or the silver play button you lose but that's not hard enough and we need one of you to get out i'm also gonna put duct tape on the ground because like seriously one of you needs to get out you can no longer cross this orange duct tape line you have to keep your finger on there hold the two play buttons and stand behind that line someone get out i'm not gonna make it i have like a couple seconds left it's like my arm is feeling like it's being ripped off definitely feel my shoulder getting worked out right now and uh i don't know how long i'm gonna last we'll see we have ten thousand dollars in actual money sitting right here we will hand you ten grand and let you walk out the door what if i spin this this gold million button this wait so how long do you have to spin it i'd say a good six seconds yeah i'll set this 10 grand at your feet and let you keep it you'll give me the 10 grand either way yeah this is very weird but i'm digging it three two i can't watch one i can't watch i can't watch i got one oh we went three four oh my god five six no no way did his foot cross the line before we check the footage no matter what you get 10 grand you've done this here's 5 000 i don't know i don't know i don't know what just happened here's another five grand that was pretty cool but as i said if his foot went in front of the orange line he's out we will be back either way you got the 10 grand though that's a good feeling no but a million a million subscribers i can't do it i can't i'll watch her i'm gonna tear my choices i can't do it jimmy okay so do i let go uh yeah you did cross the line i said you couldn't i was different i'm sorry i'm so sorry you did fantastic you fought hard and i also wanted to give you ten thousand dollars just as a gift 30 hours is literally insane yeah thank you thanks dude bro i'm too tired for all this i absolutely loved having adam here what guy i mean sad to see him go we were all here for each other so man does it feel good to sit down yes it feels amazing yeah we are reviewing footage and we're reviewing footage i know both those are believe these two guys [Music] all right gentlemen i have some footage to show you those are my feet this is why you were spinning the gold play button okay all right this is where you start going right there you stepped over the line yep you can oh my gosh well you won 10 grand i did win 10 grand yeah it wasn't for nothing go check out my channel ah still bleeding but you want to know what's not bleep this guy right here take your finger off open the trip you can now say your channel name and it will not be believed zealous all right go subscribe get him to a million subscribers because i said he would get it and if he doesn't i'm a liar and i'd feel bad oh my gosh so you wanna tell them what they can expect i'm gonna do my absolute best to put out the best content and i'm gonna put it out as frequently as possible for you guys i can tell by talking to you like you really want it oh my god happened yeah go subscribe right here zealous thank you for watching goodbye you know his name he changed it once or twice but i think it's here to stay