Get Your Sugar Fix With Pączki Poland’s Jelly Doughnut

- [Narrator] These are pączki. Or if it's on its own, it's a pączek. It's a Polish treat made from deep-frying dough with a stuffed sugary jam filling. And then it's covered in even more sugary icing. Basically, it's the definition of delicious. - Num. - Oy. Don't touch. We need to film it first. Warsaw's a vibrant city with a bit of a sweet tooth, and that's where pączki comes in. There are a few spots around the city to get pączki but no more authentic than here. This tiny bakery has been producing pączki since 1925. - [Narrator] Sylwia's great-grandfather created the secret family recipe, which still stays strong to this day. - [Narrator] And on Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before Lent, boy do they sell a few more. - [Narrator] 8,000 to 10,000? - [Narrator] Nor can we, Sylwia. Nor can we. (gentle instrumental music)