Getting Started with AWS SAM

[Music] service applications do not require you to provision skel or manage any servers letting you focus on rapid product innovation and delivery AWS Sam is an open source framework for building service applications and makes it easier to build higher quality applications quickly Sam provides a shorthand syntax to Express api's functions databases and events source mappings with just a few lines per resource you define the application you want and model it using llamó the Sam CLI provides an AWS lambda like execution environment that lets you locally build test and debug applications defined by Sam templates you can use the Sam CLI to deploy your application during deployment Sam transforms and expands the Sam syntax into an AWS CloudFormation template because Sam is built on cloud formation you can also specify any resource using cloud formation syntax in the same template you can even use Sam CLI to debug your applications locally just invoke a lambda in debug mode with Sam CLI and then attach a debugger to it this enables you to step through your code line by line see the values of variables and fix issues like you would for any other service after building and testing your application locally you can use Sam with tools such as jenkins or AWS code pipeline to build a deployment pipeline and automate your lambda deployments and with just three lines in your Sam template you can enable traffic shifting to gradually shift traffic to a new version of your application once your application is deployed Sam helps you debug production issues use the Sam blocks command to fetch tel and filter logs for your lambda functions from the terminal or see an application wide monitoring view on the lambda console this displays metrics for all the functions in your service application and any custom cloud watch dashboards to find in your Sam template built an app using Sam publish it to the AWS service application repository so others can use your app and leverage architectural best practices to to get started visit slash serverless slash Sam [Music]