Giant Pyramid Board Game First to the Top Wins

I'm never gonna complete hello everybody welcome to team edge this is Bobby I'm Brian and this is J Fred and today we're doing the giant pyramid board game ooh that's the board game that's bigger than the one in Egypt it's definitely fact-checked and you can't play board games on that one but before we move on big thanks to our sponsor Angry Birds and their bring the anger initiative you can turn all that anger or force for good and make some changes and to right some wrongs to change some just global issues that are going on in this world of ours so we can use our anger to win this game that's why I think I'm gonna win because I am an absolute loose cannon Angry Bird cents us these rage rider scooters here but the problem is they package them super tightly and put tons of tape and boxes all over them so it's going to make us really just angry and agitated to get inside these things the way these things operate is we have to yell into the microphone to make us go faster just like that Jordan is gonna be our host for today we're gonna open up these boxes it might take a while then we're gonna take a lap around the building first one back gets to go first in the giant board game all right you guys can start in three two what do something penalty what are you gonna do one minute there's no way it's gonna be that hard to get into this box look okay one minute yet all right no one's even time yet humming in here which is my helmet oh I'm out wait how do I release this thing ah oh that's the release just the release release oh you're missing the beak you neither beak okay hello let's get outside and do that race we're gonna have all three of these guys race all the way around our building and come back to the start [Music] I'm so exhausted from yelling so much that means that winner is going he gets the ability to pass his punishment on to whoever he wants whenever he wants and guys the winner of this video gets to go onto the rage race and compete against a bunch of other youtubers in a race on those scooters eight six six one two three four five six Charlie I love trivia all right name a US state that is exactly four letters long ten io9 one you want me to help you over when it's you're talking about baby one two you fall into the lava if you fall off trivia name an element that has two letters in it symbol helium that's correct I was really fast dude that's a history all right Brian oh that would have sounds for rage you have to make a face a funny face without smiling until your next turn oh oh you're stuck you got to hold that to your next turn you move back three spaces [Music] wine 1 2 3 hey is your face getting tired bro so you get sour cream hands rest of the video who came up with this idea let me help you out here but he's so stupid lend you a helping hand I gotta have my hands in sour cream for an hour hey Brian have you stopped making that face I have not see that's funny because I saw you stop making that face everybody the whole time back three spaces whoa whoa whoa bro four five six hey that's a yellow card trivia Brian pushed me into another space so I just stood where I am we have two letters in the word five two makes four Oh what - five four - what remove - yeah I be I'm at Envy because it's four in Romanian we're all so stupid Joey six six oh one two three go up to the next level and the person who another person to get up to the SCOOTER be the person to stick the most pieces of Bologna - Bobby's back what loser moves to the closest trivia square for your next turn ah I'm never gonna complete this scheme is stupid I don't think it's gonna stick what oh it's cold oh this is what I do on every man so Joey has to move back to the closest tribute square which is here you realize how angry I am because my back smells like Bologna but Brian gets him a perk for this you get to move forward three spaces one two three six one two four five what's a six such a good one you have to eat a spoonful of peanut butter and molasses Hey Thank You Luke give it give it be angry run you can't do it I don't like any one of you oh you got a six smell the last six three four five no that's not five I need a nap now you have to rip a book a notebook into two pieces if you don't you back the Reece pacer everything is holding my hands oh there's no way oh how am I supposed to get to the second level Matthew this is three three okay I'm chilling bro just yeah four you're gonna have to wear some shoes with gravel in it bring the shoes wait what oh gosh ow that makes me a little angry yeah 1 6 7 y'all go on faces long 5 yeah what belongs to you but is used much more by your friends and family my name bother you have to go down let me see starts the whole game over than your booty says that was epic the Bobby I start over cool alright moving on just an update for you guys do we forgot that he has a past the punishment reward and so he's gonna pass his already few sorry right but are you ready hey he already did the punishment yeah take off the gloves please oh yeah Thank You Luke thank you so much Luke oh my god oh gosh my face I really want 3 3 that means I can go to the next level if I get 3 oh come on seven hey this is the Angry Birds rage writer challenge and in this one Joey challenges the person closest to him so that beep Brian not Bob because Bobby's down here losing ya to a single breath scooter race whoever can go the farthest around the pyramid wins and three two one go [Music] [Laughter] hey stop right there and there's a hole in the wall all right Brian oh I can't even tell from gripping the thing or not go [Music] this is actually frustrating me right here hey you rock as much as possible to seven that was eight hey hey hey Bobby that was eight you gotta go back here you have to sing / yell twinkle twinkle little star without laughing or you go to the nearest red space door it goes I go who you are why you are why you are Joey you have the opportunity to compete in the same challenge that you just lost to Brian in but this time against Bobby okay I won't run into the wall this time three [Music] I'm pretty good Oh fine you're so hope you're happy Bobby mmm that's a nine so creepy let's go nine two seven Oh angry one your annoyance is that you are blinded by the light until I free you from it Oh Oh can't be good for my eyes oh hey don't try to see kids home don't you tell me about a pair this pivot down six five six huh no choice yeah against any Oregon's me all right my turn oh I can beat that easy [Music] hey I'm out of breath all right Joey oh hey quiet all right you get a for 102 three they got another rager how many of these can I have is to break four boards in 30 seconds this is Duty three all right six nine six six I'll take it shut up four five six Julie no I'm just like you know when I get a chill space oh just like this for their scooter challenge and you're gonna play a round of musical chairs but on the scooters I'm gonna die same rules you cannot move on until he completes this challenge and wins all right and three two one go [Applause] I can't see very well oh my feet ah dang it oh yeah Bobby you get to come up here oh [Applause] he's going down to the first level oh my [Music] all right moving on folks you are still on the checkered square Oh riff through the challenge again but this time with Joey Joey 11 wins boss you're just gonna win salute apart right now Joey you have to win you have to win Joey [Applause] I don't hear any music [Applause] so I get to switch out from the shoes into something else it says are your punishment is to wear Easton pads until your next turn okay Billy they have no idea I got oh I literally could not bring my arm down all right I spin right no Brian you have to do the shows you go and you get to thinking all right I want to go against Joey I will emerge a beautiful butterfly [Applause] get a 6 - excuse me three four five six so if I answer this one I win and I get to go on to the big ole Ranger II know I should probably win before I started saying all right if Brian wins this one you will move on to the ultimate rage race with a bunch of other rage riders so Brian name the decathlon event that begins with the letter J oh this is stupid this is so stupid mine to take on to the race right this is correct that was stupid you know big thanks to Angry Birds for sponsoring this video and allowing us to be a part of the bring the anger initiative guys twenty seven million children around the world are in conflict zones and UNICEF does a lot to help those children learn in a safe environment last year UNICEF helped six point nine million kids learn in a safe environment and Angry Birds - is teaming up with UNICEF to create real world changes through in-game special events so make sure you guys download the game it helped their challenging players worldwide to pop 10 billion pigs as a result of all you piggy popping there you be donating $100,000 to UNICEF's education and emergencies fun you can bring the anger yourself by playing Angry Birds - today guys click the link down below to download Angry Birds 2 and contribute to that amazing cause make sure you go check out our last edge land video we did over here that was a lot of fun there were some crazy punishments in there also go check out the this video over here that YouTube knows you're gonna enjoy and subscribe to this channel check out our merch and leave bye go proper pigs