Giant Spicy Cup Pong Whole Chicken


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[Music] [Applause] right now we gonna keep doing this intro right now okay yeah all right today we are doing spicy cut pong before doing it with a little twist instead of wings we're throwing whole rotisserie chickens right there we are going to be throwing them across the room and we have to make it into our opponents cans but the problem is every single can correlates to a different hot sauce does that make sense you guys in there hermit crab we have a variety of different hot sauces here ranging from around 23,000 school units all the way up to the last dab which is right here this one is a little bit more as spicy to your places blue we'll be throwing first let's go do I like being a hermit crab how fast you guys want us to win I want you to do your best because at least you can say that when you lose that's cold That's not me that was another was annoying give me that wing back how about that ah ah ah oh wait Lanka for I need you to flick it but when you flick you ups kick your legs out like Oh like that okay honestly if you miss practice in my backyard for two months underhand underhand why not do something that I'm in a bowling like underhand sauce but why mess with what's working because trust me I'm sorry I am your course menu card bad reason oh that says free pass I don't remember that all right so this one has actual bombs dropping from the air I'm not your coach you're gonna are you gonna listen to me decide yeah all right I want you to go right handed right now bro that's not helping me lay right handed right now hey trust her coach on your hand alone I want you to shotput and kick your leg up what did coach say Oh your hands are all greasy that one is called pain hey you know you got to shake it up you gotta make sure all this yeah firing shots the doubles all the schools come up to the top faster faster faster faster I'm actually serious that's a lot that's a lot put it into your mouth and out the ears out the ears you're not putting it outdoors right now ah all right we have water on our tables here in case someone wants to puke they can force it back down okay how many school units is this one the last dab is almost two million you can't be Oh kkkkk we go Oh show them what you're made out of Brian Sherwood oh yeah it's good you will break it started burning did not go in cuz you're making me change from right to left I can't get feel any feels so we have the colon cleaner let's go Brian freakin go enjoy a bone Appetit that thing is working on the inside hearing that in the mouth I feel that like just like that just like that the zombie apocalypse sauce this is what you take when there's a zombie apocalypse for I don't know why oh come on yes shoot I was just kidding I would say wipe some of it off why am i drooling before that smell spicy why'd you take so much oh how you doing raw I can't do much more this hot sauce is on such more mode right now mmm mmm nice cream that's his ice cream well I feel for my burger you want to remove that trash again they didn't remove the trash can whatever just go it counts that one is [Music] Brian your freaking man you got let's go Brian we took about 10 minute break for me to cry all right dude you need ice cubes okay I'm gonna cut burn my arm hair all right I'm gonna do coach I can't think give me a little shot put put your arms like this and right before he throws it go like that lovely honestly I can't taste anything I just taste I think we seared all of Brian's taste buds now Valon takes a little bit to hit you all right we're good just bad dude I think is the world record for hottest hot sauce without using extracts right to the colon immediately don't let it go through the intestines do it it helps okay I just get hotter you got hotter I thought it was over get it Brian [Applause] come on let's go did you put the chicken [Music] [Applause] [Applause] the game is over but you still have to do punishment Whitney what hot sauces you have right that was fine Oh [Music] that's one occurred [Music] you did out right on down true with it big thanks to Kevin for failing to coach me to victory go following thank you Kevin I need a new player you guys can go watch our first couple Bach video call your mom tell you lover we'll see you guys next time peace