Giant What’s in the Box Face Edition


Team Edge


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up it's a man or a woman with facial hair what's up my beloved people and fans and people who have no clue who I am today we are doing whose face is in the Box challenge we're gonna be feeling up some faces and tickling some temples all think till the end this thing gets cake in the birds all the losers gonna get cake in the birds right here the box has our alright so now the first subject is gonna pick their items my goal to cover my face so much so that they can't feel it you know Oh afro let's go with that are you listening to music you just knocked your phone down I'm all the way up I'm all the way up nothing can stop me on all that way up alright I'm gonna be feeling up my first victim and I have to decide on who it is in my head and then write it down because we're all gonna go and then we're gonna see who has it right I get one guess oh it's somebody with a wig I recognise smiles very well open up your mouth hoping up stop touching everything is done stop I'm so confused I honestly don't know who that is all right here's my guess talk so I can look why are you looking bro okay go ahead Kevin oh this is weird I can't hear anything Joey so it's a guy it's a man facial hair no it's not a man the baby they're shaking their head no oh I'm gonna say that you guys are tricking me in its Brian so just to make it more painful I'm gonna put my hands in ice now it's freezing well let me get the forehead get my temperature okay I mean I got a good idea who it is can't tell people OFF how's the weirdest experience of every battle yes thank you all right well thanks again for coming out appreciate it gunner guys make sure you go check out rekt that's the channel Gunners on thanks to gunner appreciate it gunner hey let's move on to our next human being hopefully it's the human being see I didn't realize that we were getting people from high-five see I thought I was good to you that Eric or Brian but I saw Eric so I wanted Brian we thought it was Brian yeah he had a beard and facial hair alright guys my name is Eric I'm from the vlog and today I'm gonna become someone completely different I always wanted afro so I think I'm gonna go with the fro today uh vanilla it's a little spray for me okay I don't know how this is gonna help out at all but I already have a mustache but this one is way more in line with what kind of listen let's do this let's do this there we go this is perfect all right guys we have all right spacing the bark and we start you can start now man go oh go up it's a man more facial hair oh that's it who who can it be always the first person you get it alright first Marvin no what no it's not worried who is it what rich do we get one final guest yes one finally got headphones go woods Eric [Applause] Bobby kept smacking me in the forehead is this alright for this next round all three of us are gonna be feeling somebody's body did you guys contact HR about this my name is Richie bills and I'm gonna my strategy is to just to not get felt up anywhere in this region so strictly in this area so Marmon yeah it's rich you know come on let us say rich or no [Applause] hi I'm Sam and I am ready to disguise myself I'm a little nervous because I feel like I'm gonna smile a lot and I feel like whoever is on this side and touching this dimple might see like that might give it away how many other people have used this one known okay great looks like this is a solid solid piece can't feel my nose shape so I'm gonna go with a John Cena over here well I don't know if I really want to smell like this for the rest of the day but we're just gonna do it we'll just do one of these over my ponytail okay that's a hat Bobby's on that boy am i feeling what's on the hat it's got a Barbie doll I don't see oh don't take off the stuff that's a woman's face and hold hands I'm sorry woman do that again do it again oh yeah know who it is hey yeah I know who it is now [Applause] they're wearing glasses all right can I guess who it is yeah okay Kevin what you think I say I say Sam okay all right big thanks Sam make sure you guys go check her channel out called totally trendy and it's fun because it's totally trendy so yeah make sure you watch it and go check it out what's up my name is Connor Oakes do me turn sideways for the mug shot I'm gonna use these pillows some nice stuffing and yeah we'll go from there you know okay thanks I look as well put on a wig just for good measure victory a daring woody scent that's Darrin don't that the Buddha tea a body body I'm going all right we're feeling the body okay okay Bobby we're supposed to be starting oh this is a trench I'm I'm opening this thing up oh that sucks oh thank you Patrick Cameron okay go out on the limb oh it just go out okay [Applause] all right big thanks Erica Kyle the heads of team edge vlog over there make sure you go check out team edge vlogs [Music] all right it's a face feeler or cheating Joey touching me it's a Bigfoot yes all right ride around now ladies and gentlemen we're gonna reveal who the winner is and who the ultimate loser is because the loser is gonna get a cake smashed in their face rather inside this box okay so since I took a point away from Bobby he has three points but he's not the loser yeah between Joey and Kevin all right Kevin all right for you let's do it we got you a you're a widow no okay in three Joe you're such a liar y'all thanks to Kevin for participating in this video make sure you go follow him on instagram over there also look down in the description to find Gunners Eric and Kyle's vlog channel their Channel and that's it make sure you go check out the midnight hide-and-seek challenge where we ran around in the studio at midnight trying to find each other and check out this video that YouTube knows you'll enjoy subscribe and peace