Gloves Off w Vicente Luque UFC 244 Instagram Fans QA



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so the first time I got into martial arts was really young at around 3 to 4 years old my mom is a black belt in karate so she always trained karada and from very young I would go with her washer train not long after that I started getting the G and training myself and I turned to train about until I was 10 to 11 years old I stopped with the martial arts with fighting and I went to you know other different sports I played soccer I played volleyball and some other different sports and later on but all of that in school nothing like competitive and or anything like that but after that when I was 15 I really kind of got back to to martial arts and all these kind of things and I started training Muay Thai and that's really when I decided that I wanted to be a an MMA fighter I watched the big fighters like Shogun and I admired those guys and that's what I wanted to do [Music] yeah I'm definitely I've definitely studied a lot of wonder boy style watch a lot of tape on him and mainly I'm not gonna change my whole game up for a specific fighter I think that we gotta believe in our style and what we do so my plan is to do what I what I do you know what I'm good at but I definitely make some adjustments in my game to suit that kind of style you know he's a guy that moves a lot I think that's the biggest thing he has going for him and I think I've got to cut those corners you know make him move a little bit less and put on the pressure that's something I like doing you know I like putting on the pressure on my opponents so that's what I'll keep on doing every single fight and you know I don't see a specific weakness I think Wonder Boy is a really complete guy maybe on the ground if you get him down it could be a weakness that's not something many people have explored but it's really hard to get him there he's got really good defensive wrestling so the what I think is just put on my style keep the pressure and look for an opening in the fight I believe I will find that opening and put on the pressure Oh pre-fight routine I think if I believe it starts in the morning the day of the fight usually I get a good workout in the morning just to wake up the body from all the weight cut that I had you know the previous day's so I'm fed I'm healthy after weigh-ins so Saturday morning wake up get a good workout around 40 minutes to an hour and after that just rest up for the fight you know feed well I usually have maybe two to three meals before the fight depending how long it's gonna take and get a good warm-up I'm a guy you know I need to get a good warm-up I like to warm up at least 40 minutes I have to feel like that gets you know my body going and I move I warm up with some movements that I've learned with some guys in Brazil of prachi chemo momento I think that's a good way to move your body in the beginning and then after that I go to fighting movement so I do pad work I do some ground game and some wall work just to cover all the areas of MMA and after that I'm ready to go at this moment I feel ready to face anybody in the division but if I had to say one name I would say the champion I think tomorrow is a champ for a reason so you know he's well-rounded tough on the on the ground on the wrestling the strong guy has a lot of endurance so I think he would be the toughest challenge for sure EMF Title I think and that it's a tough fight I think both guys are great fighters made and mahse with all their guys that are really tough they can take punches and they can give punches back you know so it's it's a tough fight to call but I would say at this moment I feel like Mazda doll has a momentum he has been fighting more often and he's coming you know off big wins so I believe he's gonna get you know especially in those first two rounds if you really find the distance and puts the pressure I think he can get a knockout win and you know Diaz is always a dangerous guy so the more the fight goes to the later rounds I think the more Nate Diaz is gonna grow so if that happens he might have you know a shot at getting that win but I believe miles with all the favorite yeah for this fight I've worked with some guys mostly back in Brazil I worked with Igor is a kid that is a black belt in karate he also fights MMA and he has a you know a really similar style to Wonder Boy and on my final part of the camp in Florida I worked with an Adam Adam Borges he is a great fighter and he's also a guy you know that is really quick and he can kind of simulate wonderboy style so these are the two guys I work with a lot and everybody else also I always try to work with guys that are really good strikers when I'm going to fight a guy like Thompson so I made sure that I have that you know good sparring partners [Music]