Glowing Heart of Te Fiti Melting a Gallium Play Button Rewind 8


The King of Random


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We're crushing our coolest videos into bite size pieces for your inspiration and entertainment. I'm Grant Thompson, and this is King of Random Rewind. 10. GUMMY ZOMBIE BRAINS 9. SODA SLUSHIES 8. TUXEDO ORIGAMI 7. BOILING COLA AND MILK 6. COCONUT GRENADES 5. GALLIUM PLAY BUTTON 4. LN2 COCONUT FREEZE 3. VACUUMING SOAP 2. CANDY HEART OF TE FITI 1. BANANA BLASTER What's up guys? It's Grant here. If you liked this compilation and want to see another one, click the box up at the top. If you want to see a randomly selected video for your viewing pleasure, click the box on the bottom. And if you want to be a subscriber, and you're not already in the club, hit the bomb, and we'll see you in the next video.