Goju ryu kata Sanchin Technics

thank you this little money never fight you know namaste corner will demonstrate the key point to look for when instructing balloons in the function cut up the your physician or any posture is in preparation for the cut itself will be less the back should be straight the feature in musubi dachi the hand should be focused tight in this position the breathing is smooth and I'm acting the breath travelling in through the nose around the back of the head and the spine and being concentrated in the tongue dense sigh the breath is exhaled it travels up through the front of the body in that line before beginning the cut to take three breaths in the your physician each of the three areas Juden Juden I didn't must be focused crueler than the eyes look straight ahead so awareness is forgetting all around show me a muscle you did it didn't they all know the truth at the back uses your shoulders at them yep the moon is here in part yeah pretty well hidden soul today or permit reading the floor should feel as if they are anchored to the ground like the roots of a tree you're down to Dan you know I've made it straight up each other and it's opening movement the hips first drop down within the body smoothly v think of my position slightly lower than the shoulders the in edge of the forearm is line with the out th of their throw the elbows are approximately 150 watts from the sides okay so you got that the knees are directly over the table the thigh muscles tighten the other way to the outside he or she the buttocks and anal sphincter muscles are drawn in and up having the time then is rolled up tightly the spine is erect just pulled in slightly and the eyes look directly to the front sidney-ando beautiful Lucas it has the breath inhale the elbow in a downward direction isn't yours back Wow you know sources again to the side just this movement is go by y'all like you see now watch another Thank You G we sure as soon as the punch begins his fourth motion it begins the first in was for sure here you are so usually arm reaches full extension full fist is twisted in fully when the funkiest focused as the breath is exhale yeah concentration should be focused and M and the fist at this point remains down throughout the movie this finishes directly in front of the gun curve vital point on the students own body room back do not make allies there's no motion okay do you already folks in the wrist as the arm is drawn back those do not break contact with the paw wash your night you're not there the negative the soul is the point of contact as the um throws back the shoulders must be kept and I like I see muscles so many tense yes the muscular or external strength originates in the legs and lack and history along the ass well the breath or internal strength originates in the tons and mr. kit from there up the front of the body's natural at the mouth and also along the arms to be focused in the fist up boys thank you Sooey kill the inhalation should be like to survival in order to develop Aksum empower this should be tiny Clinton strength spirals around the forearms to become great like this within a musky orange color way to be shri actual issues in the same way the spring spirals down the legs to be folks plan to the 50 what do you take trouble trouble what you eat Cheerios the shoulders must remain down throughout these movements breathing and movement and correct angle in the muscles must all be harmonized and focus together this remains a highly claims from begin with an end even as this is the palate another hundred kilograms I dunno trying to make him perform under passing I think the boys power in their forearm would you talk too much about that but I'd imagine in this position folks in the erudite and the inside forum both of the politics your Jewishness the thumb is the most important point in this movement we might remain tightly focused adored the arms pull back the latissimus dorsi muscle up in the back remain tight for you man focusing these motions you get back sonofa DD or chemically user unity does put in the same way that the arm pushes forward back inside must remain tight in your hand and is focused in this position the left hand becomes under the elbow right elbow strongly left arm begins the blocking lethal only you want to try to lock down tight in the back the thumb must be focal a nice and I promise treasure hunters at the hand push forward the edge of the corral is hard against the sides of the body as the pushes execute the left hand is only level with the clavicle on the right hand is level with the groin at the end of the cutter the ceiling exhale then makes one short but deep inhalation before expelling all the air in short powerful exhalations