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well I thought at school today what is it I have no idea gets a camp on girl shove it up their buttholes to stop babies from coming out and eighth-grader told me that I'm having a party and ya can throw a lucky stone just so random they're my best friends we did everything together doesn't meet girls at the party you know that means drama no kissing you do not want to go to Sora's party not knowing you have a kiss brick it's fine on my neighbor she's a total nymphomaniac she starts fires no she's a nymphomaniac someone who has sex on land and sea this is what happens when you don't respect women I respect women my mom is my best friend over me but that's gonna kill me chill this is how we get the girl back you're sure there's mama you took my bag oh my god there's Molly in there okay who's Molly because she's not with us Jesus here's the plan I'm gonna go to the party with the beer everyone knows that I'm cool what do you have your pants been like this ever since I was a baby it's kind of embarrassing I'm guessing you're not the popular kids in school [Music] I'm fine oh hell no if you don't get to that party I'll die party you guys are like seven pitting us like kids between Oh gummy vitamins you know how things work my parents closet and indoor swing what are you doing that swing is for sexing people do sex on [Music] [Music]