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which actor adopted a child and who had to go through hell in order to save their son from an awful disease which actress did not want a wedding yet got married to the woman of their dreams and is it true that Dakota Fanning broke Freddie Highmore heart hi my name is Dylan and today I'll be telling you about what's going on in the private lives of the good doctor actors Nicholas Gonzalez as dr. Neil Melendez and the show trouble always finds this doctor but is it the same for him in real life fortunately not however it took Nicholas Gonzales a long time to meet the love of his life we haven't heard anything about his relationship for a while besides the fact that the actor used to date Regina King we don't know when and how Nicholas met his wife Kelsey crane but back in 2012 the two already were posting pictures of themselves together on IG perhaps they would do the same even before that but IG was only becoming popular back then in 2016 he got married to kelsey at a luxurious wedding ceremony with more than 200 eminent guests invited a year before that the couple got engaged in italy and had their wedding in true italian style in an interview with people Nicholas Gonzalez said that Italy is a significant part of their love the actor also revealed that they want to have children it's all about building a family he says we're ready and excited their dreams quickly became reality and a year after they welcomed their daughter Everly Wilde Gonzalez on his Facebook page Nicholas Gonzalez said that it was the best day of his life and then later in an interview with people he revealed that he's expecting some sleepless nights and apparently the couple aren't scared of the challenges we are so in love with our new little person she is the best thing ever Everly Wilde is turning 3 soon and her parents seem to be crazy about her just take a look at these cute pictures that Nicolas posts on his IG page Willian Lee as dr. Alex Park this character had to go through a divorce and then a reunion with his wife it sounds rather complicated and fortunately it's not the same for Will Young Lee the actor had been dating his wife Jennifer Birmingham for more than four years until they got married at a fancy ceremony with 200 guests the best moment of our wedding was having everyone we loved in one place at the same time sharing our day with us Lee tells people three years later the couple welcomed their son Kash and everything seemed perfect to let the age of three the child had a stroke this awful event led to the worried parents going from hospital to hospital looking for a doctor who would diagnose their son at first cash was diagnosed with vasculitis and for about 7 months he was undergoing chemo that has appeared later was unnecessary after he had a second stroke the parents started looking for another doctor who would diagnose their son correctly after some time they met with a neurosurgeon who diagnosed cash with moyamoya disease a rare blood disorder the child had a few urgent surgeries and is now leading a healthy life Lee said his son's health scare took an emotional toll on the entire family a situation like this literally affects every crevice and crack of your livelihoods of your relationships the actor said tearing up Lee says the only reason why they managed was because he and his wife kept supporting each other it's no surprise then that the good doctor became such a special show for him it was a situation where we were in the hospital as my son was having brain surgery we came home in recovery we turn on the TV and there is an episode on with one scene and we started crying because it was about Sean dealing with this one kid said William Lee in the interview back then he turned the TV off but four or five months after he landed a role in the show seems as if fate took over Jessica Nicole as dr. Carly lever admitted when she just touched when Sean asked Jessica out we were two the actresses life story will make you love Jessica Nicole even more the actress isn't ashamed of calling herself queer and keeps telling other LGBTQIA members about our activism her road to marriage and love of course I grew up poor in the deep south with parents of different races Jessica never dreamed of a wedding either in her childhood or an adulthood the whole idea of a wedding just seemed weird to her as the government wouldn't approve of her love for women moreover even though her parents lived together for a long time they were never officially married and the actress got her last name from her mother so when Jessica Nicole started dating Claire Savage she never thought they would ever get married three years into their relationship the girls got a domestic partnership in NYC for security purposes but then Jessica landed a job in Vancouver and they soon discovered that the document meant nothing anywhere outside of New York and that troubled the actress as even though she never wanted a wedding it was important for her that she had the same rights as other couples after moving to California the couple decided it was time to register their marriage that would not only be legal in their state but around the country as well the lovebirds told no one but their closest family members and most people found out about their marriage only after it had already happened despite the fact that Jessica never wanted a wedding this day became one of the happiest in her life and she cried out of happiness at her own wedding now the actress is sharing her experience with fans and is eager to help people in the same situation in an interview with The Advocate Jessica said that people often write to her asking for advice one woman wrote to me and said that her daughter had come out to her and she had a really hard time with it this was a black woman you don't see that many black queer women in media and television or film this woman said that she was afraid that her daughter wouldn't be happy or safe Jessica supported the woman and said that everything would be all right isn't that sweet Antonia Thomas is dr. Claire Brown if you watched misfits you probably wouldn't be surprised if you found out that this actress had often been rumored to be dating a wand'rin however it's most likely a fan-made theory as the two never confirmed their relationship Antonia Thomas had often been very secretive about her love life and when she mentioned a boyfriend in an interview with pasted back in 2016 she never mentioned his name I'm very open with my friends my family and my boyfriend if I need to work through something then I'm going to talk about it although she didn't say a single thing about her boyfriend her IG said it all the person she mentioned in the interview could have been Michael Shelford a london-based photographer who the actress posted plenty of pictures with we can only guess who the actress is dating now but Antonia did say something interesting in an interview with cub adore when asked about her role on the good doctor Antonia Thomas revealed that she isn't used to pilot episodes that the USA just can't do without it's completely different in England and she kept avoiding her role in the pilot of the good doctor as she had been told it would be very difficult then one night when Antonio was at a bar with her girlfriend she got a call from her agent who said she had an audition the next morning the actress didn't even finish the cocktail and went home to learn the lines we have no idea who that mysterious girlfriend she mentioned is are they still together or have they broken up let us know in the comments if you know anything about it Hill Harper as dr. Marcus Andrews this actor isn't married but that doesn't mean that he's single in an interview with people Hill Harper said how he had made the greatest decision in his life the actor had always wanted to become a father but being a parent always seemed to be part of marriage which Hill was never a part of back in 2015 the actor felt that he was ready to become a father Hill Harper got in touch with an adoption attorney and a few months later he was informed that a woman who was ready to give her baby up for adoption is going to give birth soon although the actor was shocked that everything was going so fast talking to the biological mother brought him back to the earth I really felt like it was God telling me to do it he says and I'm so glad that he chose me and Pearce's mom and God and the universe chose me when his son Pierce was born in December of that very same year Hill Harper was in the same room and even cut the cord according to him deciding to adopt was one of the scariest decisions of his life but looking back he doesn't regret anything being a single father never was one of his plans but it became the best decisions of his life and he's not alone he gets a lot of help from his parents and his girlfriend until the last 18 months I never changed one diaper in my life and now I've changed thousands he laughs I've gotten pretty good at it who is the girlfriend that supports this single father apparently it's the composer Chloe flower who Hill has been together with for eight years already despite their 20-year age difference however we cannot be too sure of that as the two have never officially confirmed their relationship and only appeared together a few times anyway we are happy for this single father and still can't get over the cute pictures of Pearson Hill Freddie Highmore as dr. Shawn Murphy well how could we not include everybody's favorite to this list Freddie isn't a fan of social networks but despite this fact his history with girls can surprise you the first time people started talking about his personal life was back in 2006 when he was rumored to have an affair with his Spiderwick Chronicles co-star Sarah Bolger back then he was only 15 while Cape turns 16 and their relationship lasted for three years neither of them ever spoke about the reason for their breakup and they never gave any official confirmation either soon after their breakup Freddie Highmore got the press's attention again as he was spotted on a date with Dakota Fanning the two broke up the same year and we didn't hear a thing about their relationship for quite a while but seven years after that relationship he was rumored to be in a relationship with actress Abigail Breslin who we know from Little Miss Sunshine neither of the two confirmed anything either as well and soon after that Abigail posted a picture of her kissing another man nobody knows what's going on in the actors love life the scandalous newspaper star released an article a few years ago in which they wrote that Freddie had been single for almost nine years as that relationship with Dakota Fanning broke his party of course you shouldn't believe those rumors as the actor himself never spoke of his own relationships nor did he ever mention any names of his possible girlfriend's we just hope he's doing all right and is happy which story touched you the most let us know in the comments and subscribe to our Channel you [Music]