Good Samaritans Wrestle Stabbing Suspect to Ground

a stabbing suspect with blood-stained clothes and a knife ran through the streets of Sydney Australia and everyday people teamed up to take him down we just continued to chase the guy where all the people were just kind of like going away because obviously is wielding a knife I I don't know whether it's an instinct thing or what what we were as I write we just are kind of try and restrain this guy from doing any more using chairs and a milk crate several people were able to pin the suspect to the ground until authorities could arrive but anger was in the air thora teas say the 21 year old man stabbed two women one of them fatally they say he has a history of mental illness and he was found with a USB Drive that had information about white supremacist attacks all over the world but they fear his rampage could have been worse if brave bystanders hadn't stepped in I want to acknowledge those people those members of the public they got involved they'll brave and I can I can only use that word word seriously they was significantly brave people police say they believe he acted alone and there is no other threat to the public but they continue to investigate for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Merrill Montalbano [Music] you