Goodbye My Princess Episode 29

[Goodbye My Princess] [Episode 29] Are you sure the crown prince and the crown princess consort aren't just acting? The crown princess consort doesn't seem like someone who can act. Right, today the Crown Prince ignore Crown Princess. took the Zhao Consort to Yufu Temple for the festivity. I am afraid he used this to win over the Zhao family. Zhao family's power is no strong enough for us to worry. I am more concern with tha Chai Mu that is behind the Crown Prince. I am concern that Crown Prince and Princess are only fighting on the surface. But secretly he send him to Xi State. Then will be hard for us to maintain control. Father. - Second brother. Ruyi is here. Ruyi. Father, I personally simmered a gingseng broth. Drink it while it is hot. Look at this Ruyi. Even though Ruyi is the youngest among the siblings. But she is the most understanding of all of you. Father favors her more. Elder brother and I did so much for you. But not comparable to Ruyi's this one bowl of soup. That's for sure. Everyone says the daughter is a father's precious pearl. Tastes good, tastes good. Ruyi, only Father gets one? What about me? Of course I saved a portion for you, I'll send someone to your room with it later. Father, look. She's smart, witty and such a sweetheart. Second Brother, how could you? It's so late, why aren't you letting Father rest? Even though Father is healthy, he is still of old age. You can't be careless about his health. Of course, of course. You also have to watch out yourself, you are always busy with court affairs. If you don't take a break, how can your body handle it? Yes. Younger sister, you're right. Father, Second Brother. Make sure to rest early. I'll take my leave now. It's great, Father, do you think that with my younger sister's outstanding appearance, who can be worthy of her? Besides the man that owns the world, no one can be worthy of my Ruyi. It is weird, why are they avoiding me? Crown Princess Consort. - Yongniang. Crown Princess Consort, Princess Yongning and Luoxi are here to see you. They're inside waiting for you. Yongniang, do you know why everyone in the Eastern Palace is purposely avoiding me? Do you know that the Crown Prince sent out commands saying that no one in the Eastern Palace can talk to you? What? So, it turns out to be like that? Crown Princess Consort, in the future, try not to argue with His Highness anymore. If no one talks to me, then I just won't talk. Who's afraid of him? Yongniang, put these flowers in a vase for me. Yongning, Luoxi. I haven't seen you guys in so long. Xiaofeng, I heard that my brother ordered that no one in the Easter Palace can talk to you. I was afraid you would get bored, so I asked Luoxi to come and talk to you. You don't even know what kind of things have happened these days. That Zhao Sese, you can tell she is strategic and scheming. My Crown Prince Brother has such a bad eye for people. You're saying too much. Xiaofeng, today is Luoxi's birthday. Really? We should celebrate it. - No need to. Great Grandmother was going to plan a banquet, but I don't like crowds. Either way, birthday's go by every year. There's not much to celebrate. The banquets in the palace have too many regulations, of course they're no fun. Do you guys want to get out of the palace? Go out? - I want to. I have a friend who owns a wine house in the eastern market. We can go celebrate there tonight, alright? Alright, let's go. Luoxi. - Go go! - I... I also want to go see with you. That's good, then. Tonight, at the Eastern Gate. The soldiers change shift at the first quarter of haishi. (Haishi is from 9 to 11p.m, the first quarter being 9:30p.m.) We'll meet there. - Alright. Oh right, tomorrow is Sese's birthday. I remember because when we were young, she came to the palace and my mother gave her a present. What are you remembering her birthday for? Her birthday is right after mine. It's really like that? I also heard that His Highness went to the Crown Princess Consort's palace and created a commotion. The Crown Princess Consort argued with His Highness, then under frustration, His Highness ordered everyone in the Eastern Palace to not speak to the Crown Princess Consort. Those who go against his orders will have their tongues removed. For a woman, he getting so unruly! How did I teach you on a regular basis? How can you lose etiquette in front of Her HIghness? Empress, please forgive me. I don't know why but I feel nauseous after smelling the aroma of the soup. How audacious! How can you say that the Empress's soup is nauseating? I think you are a little too uptight! Empress, please forgive me. Stop. Ask them all leave! Yes. All leave. Leave. Take her to the back for an examination. See if she is still a virgin. Yes. Leave quickly. Your highness, this wretched maid is actually pregnant. How brazen. You dared to seduce the King. Your highness, I didn't seduce the King. I didn't. Not the King. Say it. Who did you secretly associate with? Don't talk? My management style has always been strict. Since such ugly matter occurred in my palace. - Wei Cheng. - Here. Drag her out for a caning. Your highness, no. No. Your highness, please spare my life. Empress. Empress, please lessen your anger. I'll talk. I'll talk. This child... This child belongs to the palace guard Chang Can. What? Chang Can? Your highness spare my life. Your highness spare my life. What do you want to say to me? Audacious, you dare not answer me when I speak to you? Aren't you afraid that I will report to the Queen to punish you? Your Highness, I don't understand. Why don't you allow the people in Dong Gong to speak with Ninth Princess? The Queen is watching her. Clearly wants to use her to suppress Sese. The less she speaks, the less trouble she will get into. As long as you follow and protect the Crown Princess, you don't need to worry. Yes. - General! - General! Necklaces! Come take a look! Owner, how much is this? This one? Yes 2 copper coins. They keep following us. We need a plan. Let's meet at the medical center. Make sure to lead them away. Look there's a shop here. They seem to be doing well. Out of the way. Out of the way. Come. Where's the Crown Princess? Don't talk. Don't blame us. Gu Jian! - Xiaofeng is not with you? - Still waiting for me. The Medical Center... Go look for her, I have something to do. Later, go wait for me at the Miro wine cellar. Doctor, recently I got hit in the head and lost some memories. Can you help take a look? What's the matter? There's no scar on your head. There are also no signs of trauma on your head. The one odd thing I found is. There are much cold qi in your body. You are certain I didn't have head trauma? Cold Qi inside my body? Ah Du, are those two people still following? I'm fine (T/N: Direct -- I don't have any problem) You said teacher Gu came? Then, you did not get him here? Let's go. Benevolent Physician's Hall. Great man, there was a young man just now. What illness did she came in for? Come in. Fill it up. Come, come, come. Young man, what's wrong? You didn't come in for so long. When did you become a little closed gourd? {Quiet} Quickly have a taste of you lamb meat. What is the matter? I keep feeling like there's something bothering me. But I can't let it go and yet can't remember it. You seem to be better off. Not worry about anything. Foolish girl, to live in the human world. Who can really be totally worry free? It's only that people used different methods. To live how we wish. Xiaofeng, those matters that you can let go of. Let it blow with the winds. Those memories you can't remember ? Don't try to recall them. Many things are already arranged by fate. Let everything be as it is. The way you are dallying with this young master, aren't you afraid that you wouldn't be able to get marry ? Lord, why don't you take me? Right, almost forgot about serious business. Today is one of my friend's birthday. Therefore tonight I want to reserve this entire shop. To celebrate for her. I already brought the deposit. Lord is so generous. All right, I will clear this place tonight. Take good care of your friends. You guys go ahead and enjoy your food. Hurry up. Get up. Get out. These masters... What are you doing? These are palace guards. All right. Clear this up. Hurry, take these away. Please wait a bit, masters. What is she singing? Change to a different song. Change quickly. This sir. That gentleman already asked for this song. When I finish, I can sing for you. Nonsense, change when I ask you to change it. Hurry up. Please calm down, masters. How about this? This song will be completed soon. If you want something else. When she finish, she will sing whatever you want. Is that okay? I want her to change right now. - Are you being... - Such a nice place Where did a group of shameless ugly toads came from? Who is the ugly toad? Aren't you asking for something you already know the answer? Sit down. What at these two? You look more handsome than the singer. Huh? Drink with me. I hate two kinds of people. One who bully those weaker. The other is those who overreach himself. Yet you are actually both of these types. As for the wine, I can drink with you. But afraid that you can't handle it. You. Masters. Please calm your anger, officials. I will get you a physician. What gangsters are you? You better scram. Get out. Master, please calm down. Hurry, chase them. Stop. Don't run. Don't run. You two go that way. Hurry. Yes. What are you doing? Careful. Stop. My God, you are finally here. You don't know how chaotic it was. I don't know what to do. Xiaofeng offended some officials. They just ran out eastward. Gu Jian, I couldn't find you before. Hurry and go... chase them. Looks like this fight is unavoidable. General Pei! General Pei! - Out of the way! Out of the way! - Crown Princess Consort. Crown what? Help me catch those people! Out of the way! Out of the way! Gen-gen-general Pei. Who was it? General Pei, I am Zhang Can, the Guard of the Left Army. Being noisy in the busy streets, do you still obey army laws? I-I know my wrongs. I know my wrongs. Since you know your mistakes, go back quickly to admit your guilt. Yes, I will listen to your order. Go! Yes. Xiaofeng Gu Jian I heard from Mi Luo that you offended some officials, are you okay? I am okay. You do not know this but just now after those officials saw General Pei, they were scared witless and ran away. Let me introduce him to you. This is the Eastern Palace's Imperial Guard's Army Commander General Pei, Pei Zhao. Crown Princess Consort, it is getting late. You should return to the palace. I know I have to go back to the palace, but today I am afraid that you will have to send not just myself back. What do you mean by this? Come. Crown Princess Consort, this— - Let us go. - Crown Princess Consort. You brought these many people. Are you not afraid that people will find out that the Crown Princess Consort secretly left the palace? If you had not beaten my people up, would Crown Princess Consort run into trouble? They were disguised so well, how was I supposed to know they were your people? My mistake. Okay, you go first. I will follow her and definitely send her back to the palace. Since you are selecting a gift for Princess Luoxi, why do you not choose something more expensive? What do you know? There are plenty of expensive things in the palace. I want to find something that cannot be found in the palace. You can find all sorts of strange and rare items by coming to our Weipin Pavillion. Your store really does have many good items. I am from Xi State, do you have any special things from there? You have come to the right place. Since you are from Xi State, then you should be no stranger to malachite stones. Yes, that is right. There are lots of these malachite stones back at home. Blue and green meet, color bright and shining. It assumes a natural texture of thick silk. Even in Xi State, this is rare and of the highest grade. It is really beautiful. Look. Malachite stones symbolize peace and prosperity. Gifting this to Luoxi is very suitable. - Shopkeeper, this one it is. Help me wrap it up please. - Okay. And then help me write two names on it. Write Luoxi on one and Zhao Sese on the other. Okay, sir. Why are you gifting one to Zhao Sese? Tomorrow is her birthday. You really are generous. Lady Zhao is quite a nice person. Ah Du, give her the money. How does your shop also have colored glazed gems? Shopkeeper, help wrap some for me. Okay, sir. What are you buying these for? Using colored glazed gems to make into belts is my expert skill. Really? I do not believe. If you make one for me, then I will believe you. Do you think I am a three-year-old child? I am not like you. Prodding me is no use. I want to get these to gift to a friend. To thank him for saving me so many times. I saved you so many times, but you are not going to thank me at all? You are my teacher. Saving me is a must. Here, shopkeeper. Yongning, slow down. - Hurry. - Slow down. - Be careful. - Hurry, hurry! Look, Xiaofeng's carriage. Xiaofeng! Xiaofeng! Xiaofeng Xiaofeng. - Greetings to both princesses. General Pei? Why is it you? Where is Xiaofeng? Crown Princess Consort wanted me to take you two. Let us go. Princess, please slow down. Crown Princess Consort is very lively and has no restraint. But you two princesses have grown up in the palace from birth and have deep knowledge on the rules of the palace. I ask that you two princesses do not go out. Are you here to take us or to stop us? I did promise Crown Princess Consort that I would take you two, - but I— - You know what your role is. You know my temper very well. As long as I wish to go out, no matter what you do, I will find a way. Yongning, do not speak like this. It is General Pei's duty. General Pei, today is my birthday. Normally aside from visiting temples and visiting my elders with my mother I never left the palace. After all these years, I've always wanted a birthday to myself. Can you grant me this wish? If you are worried, you can come with us. We promise that we'll return to the palace with you before zishi. (zishi - between 11 to 1 a.m.) If you get reprimanded, then.. Say no more, I'll be responsible. Either way, there's 5th Brother. Let's go. Don't worry. Here, the good wine. Drunk kitten. How can you gget started before the guests are here? Hurry and go to the kitchen to bring the dishes forward. Wait, wait, wait. You. Princesses. Xiaofeng. - Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng. - Xiaofeng. -- You're finally here! Luoxi, Happy Birthday. Do you like it? It's pretty, this is a peacock stone, only available in Xi State. Why didn't you give me a present? I did. How can I forget about you? I don't know what you like, but I'll carefully pick one when it's your birthday. As long as it's from you, I like it. Xiaofeng's friends are here? Introduce them to me, what kind of people require General Pei to escort? This is my good friend, Miluo. This is Luoxi and Yongning, my best friends from the palace. Hello. Luoxi, look how pretty Xiaofeng's friend is. Miss Miluo, I've already heard Xiaofeng speak of you, she said that you are her best friend. Now that I've met you, you really are generous, hearty and charming. It's the first time a girl has praised me like that. Here, let me introduce the wine I have here. Alright, let's go. Here, look. These are my private collection. Men like the stronger wine. But for girls, a more fruity flavor is easier to drink. Look, I have Tusu wine, Autumn Dew Spirits, Misty Mellow wine, Spring wine, Lotus Bud wine, Cold Sandalwood, Thousand Mile wine, Apricot wine, Golden Sand, there's also Hedong Wine, Cinnamon wine, Pearlized Mineral wine. Pear Blossom and Ruoxiachun wine. The names for the wines sound really nice, I've never heard of so many of these. What types of wine do you usually like to drink? I never drank before. No way, you never drank wine? Then for your birthday, we will drink our hearts out. Let's go. Miluo, you can't. It's her birthday and I'm treating her to wine, what's wrong with that? She's not like you. What isn't the same? She never drank before. It's because she never drank before that she should drink. If a woman has never gotten drunk then how can she learn how live sober? It's alright, I can drink. Great, Let's go. This is a good drink. Yongning, this wine is very strong. Do not drink anymore! - Drink no more! - Cheers! Cheers? - Ah Du, take it away from her. - Cheers. Cheers. Yongning! I am a small bunny. A small bunny. I want to shut myself away. Yongning! What are you doing? - Small bunny, small bunny. - Let us go back to the palace. To the palace. Yongning, let us go back! Get up, get up, we are going back to the palace. I am not a small bunny, I am a bird! - A bird! - Why are you... - What do you want to do? - A bird. Yongning, what are you doing? - Yongning - Fly, fly, fly! - I am flying! - Hurry, hurry! The candles! The candles! - The cups! -Yongning, slow down! - Flying! - Flying! - Slow down, be careful! - Flying! - Stop flying! - I am a bird! - Yongning! - I am a bird! - Get down quickly! - I am a bird! Hurry and get down! Flying, flying! Yongning, hurry and get down! Flying, flying, I am a bird! Fly, fly. Stop flying, stop flying. Fly... Raising my cup! I seek the bright moon and turn to my shadow. We now become three. In life, accomplishments must bring complete joy. Do not allow an empty goblet to face the moon. Moon, moon...Yongning, what is the next line? - Bird! Bird, bird, bird. Bird. General Pei How about I recite poetry for you? Red beans grow in the Southern lands. When Spring comes, they grow a few branches. I wish for you to pick more. These are what one yearns for the most. I-Let me recite more poems for you. The moon grows full over the sea, brightening the entire heavens. It brings to separated hearts the long thoughtfulness of night. Slow down slow down! Xiaofeng! Xiaofeng! Let me tell you, this is the happiest I have been while drinking! - That is right! - Yes, happy happy. You must not tell Imperial Father, do not tell him. Do not tell-do not tell Imperial Father. This horse's head has a flower on it! A flower! I want one too! I want a flower as well! I want a flower! - Look. - A flower! You two getting drunk is just too scary. Look, a pretty flower! - Crown Princess Consort, you have finally come back. - Yongniang Crown Princess Consort, I ask of you to give us the death penalty. Have I not come back? Hurry and rise! Crown Princess Consort, tomorrow is Zhao Landi's birthday. You must not forget to prepare a gift to be sent over. I have already prepared something for her. Remind me to send it to her tomorrow. Crown Princess Consort, wait a second. Hurry and help Crown Princess Consort wash and dress. Yes. Crown Princess Consort? Crown Princess Consort? Instruct the imperial household's kitchen to prepare a bowl of longevity noodles and send it over to Zhao Landi later. Tell Zhao Landi that Crown Princess Consort especially had the imperial household kitchen make it for her. Yes. Landi, Crown Princess Consort really does not take you seriously. You only have one birthday in a year, but all she sent was just a bowl of longevity noodles. From what I can see, she is likely jealous of you. She is jealous that The Crown Prince cherishes you alone causing her to be haughty and sneer at you as Crown Princess Consort. It is best if you do not eat these bowl of noodles. Let me dispose of them for you. No, since it was rewarded by Crown Princess Consort then I must eat it. And I have to enjoy eating it. What are you doing? What are you looking for? I am looking for something you hid. What thing? - Give it to me! - What is this? What does it matter to you? It must be something you use to hurt others. This is what I have to give to someone in a few days to make a protection bracelet. I have to give it to them in a few days! If I lose one, I will have you alone answer for it. You are still able to sit still? Why would I not be able to sit still? Zhao Landi ate the longevity noodles you sent over and is now suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. How do you explain that? When did I have someone send noodles to her? You dare to act but do not dare to admit? I did not do it so why do I have to admit? Xi State women have always had magnanimous conduct. But you, do not clearly investigate a situation and are not comforting your Zhao Landi and are instead indiscriminately and violently criticizing me. With your brains you are still fit to be Crown Prince? You still dare to speak to me this way? Do you believe that I will not abandon you? - So what if you abandon me? - Your Highness, please forgive my sin. This has nothing to do with Crown Princess Consort. This-that bowl of longevity noodles was sent by me. But I really did not do anything to it. I just thought that today was Zhao Landi's birthday and if Crown Princess Consort did not reward anything to her, it would be-it would be as if... But-but Crown Princess Consort had not yet woken so without permission, I acted presumptuously as master and ordered for someone to send a bowl of longevity noodles. But I did not think that Zhao Landi would vomit and have diarrhea from it. I would never hurt Zhao Landi! I will properly investigate this affair. This is all because I acted presumptuously. Please confer upon me the death penalty. Since we did not do anything, her having diarrhea has nothing to do with us. Yongniang, do not always go around asking for the death penalty. Hurry and get up! You kneeling this long makes me tired. Crown Princess Consort, that word is a taboo. You cannot say it. ♫ The night has yet to fade ♫ ♫ The cold moonlight shines on the window ♫ ♫ Matters of the past life ♫ ♫ are carefully being considered ♫ ♫ A long dream ♫ ♫ Yet always gathering and separating into uncertainty ♫ ♫ Watery eyes are wishing for your return ♫ ♫ Wounds have frosted in my heart ♫ ♫ Can't forget your image in my mind ♫♫ Looking back to our first meeting ♫♫ That first moment when we saw each other ♫♫ Can't hold onto the fingertips that you’ve extended ♫ ♫ Looking back to our first meeting ♫ ♫ That first moment when we saw each other ♫ ♫ Can't hold onto the fingertips that you’ve extended ♫ ♫ Parting shattered the heart ♫♫ Useless tears for the person isn't coming back ♫♫ The River of Oblivion ♫♫ Silently gazes unto the troubles of the mundane world ♫♫ Time reverses ♫ ♫ Useless tears for the person isn't coming back ♫ ♫ The River of Oblivion ♫ ♫ Silently gazes unto the troubles of the mundane world ♫ ♫ Time reverses ♫ ♫ With a sip to forget love ♫ ♫ If we meet for the first time again, who are we returning to ♫ ♫ Parting shattered the heart ♫ ♫ Useless tears for the person isn't coming back ♫ ♫ The River of Oblivion ♫ ♫ Silently gazes unto the troubles of the mundane world ♫ ♫ Time reverses ♫ ♫ With a sip to forget love ♫ ♫ If we meet for the first time again, who are we returning to ♫ ♫ Fall goes and spring comes again ♫ ♫ Dream and awakening are just in cycle ♫