Gordon Ramsays Guide To Pasta Gordon Ramsay

[Music] when it comes to the sacred italian staple you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more than pastor supremo antonio sakamani i love pasta so much i have to eat it at least once a day he's been selling perfect pasta in london soho for over 35 years and eating great pasta for a lifetime we make the best pass in the world italy takes away the past in italy and the people died you know and that's it for a good very good pasta you need two ingredients you need a good egg and very good flour and that's it this is a durum wheat flour look at that it's so soft does it cooks so quick a couple minutes in a boiling water this thing like this couple minutes it's cool this shop is not it's not big enough to store all the type of pasta this is the famous spaghettoni albronzo this is penne different shape it's called fusilli antonio's right there's a mind-blowing array of incredible pasta types that are great to keep in your store cupboard here's my quick guide to some of the different shapes and sizes and how to use them small shapes like farfelini are perfect for making simple stews and soups more substantial and add an extra texture to dishes like the classic italian pasta soup minestrone short tubes like penne are great for thick cream or tomato based sauces as the rigid edges hold more sauce for an incredibly flavored packed mouthful long and thin like the store covered essential spaghetti the classic shape was invented in naples but every italian region has its own spaghetti dish from bolognese to carbonara or my favorite a lavongale which is spaghetti with delicious steamed clams flat noodles shaped strands like fettuccine are perfect with a simple drizzle of olive oil or in rich buttery dishes as a little sauce goes a long way coating the pasta evenly stopping the strands from sticking together then pass the sheets not just great for lasagnas but amazing rolled into tubes and filled to make delicious cannelloni or used in quick supper dishes like my mushroom and leek pasta finally speciality pastas like this spaghetti made with squid ink has delicately sweet taste and an amazing jet black color great for when you want a delicious dinner that's a little bit different whatever shape you go for always look out for the pastas that have been bronze cut it means the dough was pressed through a bronze cutting dye which has a subtle rough texture which helps the sauce stick as well as all the dried types pasta also comes fresh which is brilliant for tv dinners because it cooks super quick and tastes incredible too in this shop we make pasta every day look at that that's beautiful it's sad to eat it this pasta is really really yellow because we use good quality of eggs you can smell the eggs they come through it's so good so fresh you can even eat it raw like that it lasts in a fridge two or three days you can even freeze it and you want chain taste whether fresh or dried pasta so versatile and quick to cook is the perfect tv dinner so go out stock up on new shaves and you'll soon be turning out dishes that would make pasta pro antonio very proud he looks so nice so good so healthy you know and that's it it can resist making your enochy is so simple to do yet the results are absolutely stunning and it's a great way of using up leftover baked potatoes you can make noki just with flour and eggs however the potato gives it a nice light sort of creamy fluffy texture cut them in half take your spoon and scoop the inside of those potatoes i'm using leftover baked potatoes but this really works as well with leftover ball potatoes two choices you can get a fork and sort of mash the potato and get it nice and light and fluffy or this little gadget is called a ricer i suppose it's a posh word for a potato masher just squeeze gently you can see how nice and light it is almost like fluffy little strands of potato you can do this when the potatoes are hot it'll go through the rice so much quicker just slice that off there now a nice spoon of ricotta ring a little touch of salt and pepper it's really important to season the mixture as we go along otherwise the nokia becomes really bland flour over the ricotta sieved so there's no lumps one delicious egg give that a little whisk now make a little well in the center you want a nice soft pliable ball of dough give that a really good mix get some thyme flowers in there and this time is light fragrant and it's just a really nice herb and with the ricotta it tastes brilliant just pick the little tips the time flowers next flower your hands generously and knead the mixture into a dough fold in and push and basically what it's doing is get it nice and smooth as it starts to get a little bit wet and just add a little touch of flour we want something really nice and soft now don't overwork it it stops the nokia from expanding when it hits the pan that's exactly what i want a nice sort of soft fragrant ball cut the ball in half lightly flour the hands and just roll it gently just think of a a big long cigar the mixture will start getting a little bit sort of wetter but do not add lots of flour now lightly flour the knife so when you slice the gnocchi it doesn't stick cut the dough into bite-sized pieces just take your finger dip it in the flour and push down why i want my knocking to look like a pillow and for most important part there is that not one of them are identically the same shape water on bring up to the boil little touch of olive oil in there lightly flour your hand lift up the nokia in to the rolling boiling water turn that pan to stop them from sticking at the bottom and let them simmer and they start to sort of tell you they're cooked when they start floating get a pan on get that nice and hot now they're just starting to come up to the top and you can continue cooking them like that i like blanching them in the water taking them out and then frying them to study the gnocchi heat olive oil in a frying pan gently lift up and look they've doubled in size drain it get rid of the excess water and straight in to the hot pan [Music] this is where they start to take on a completely different texture nice crisp sauteed texture on the outside nokia loves fresh pepper so pepper in you can see as i start turning them i've got this really nice little sort of brown color and they're almost popping up now like little parcels so i want them nice and sauteed both sides but light and creamy in the center fresh garden peas in and the butter gives it a really nice sort of bernoulli flavor on the end beautiful a little bit of fresh thyme over the peas and then finally i want to lift it up fresh lemon zest the lemon over [Music] smells incredible and then finally seal the deal with a touch of grated piles and cheese give your veg some attitude and you'll get amazingly elegant dishes on a budget that are always guaranteed to impress what more do you want from great cooking cheap to make easy to cook and absolutely stunning first up pasta with tomatoes anchovies and chilies [Music] for the spicy sauce slice anchovies and garlic [Music] next dried chilies great for keeping in the cupboard add a hit of heat on demand then add the anchovy oil to a hot pan and fry the chopped ingredients add half cherry tomatoes chopped black olives and salted capers cook to combine the flavours [Music] in a separate pan boiled dried spaghetti another great store-covered staple when the pasta is tender but still firm drain add to the sauce with a splash of the water it's full of starch which gives a great silky consistency then season with pepper and topped with basil packed with big bold flavors and ready in under 20 minutes pasta with tomatoes anchovy and chilis farfally with ricotta pancetta and peas [Music] start by frying lardons in a large pan these smoked chunks of bacon have a delicious deep salty flavor that makes them perfect with pasta when the lavender start to brown add finely chopped garlic and turn off the heat next add farfeli to boiling salted water [Music] named after the italian for butterflies this bow tied shaped pasta has a large surface area great for sticking to sauces just before the pasta is ready add frozen peas to the boiling past the water then when the pasta and the peas are cooked drain and add to the lardons and the garlic spoon in creme fraiche and dot with lumps of creamy ricotta cheese [Music] season then serve ready in just 12 minutes farfeli with ricotta pancetta and peas a delicious quick and easy supper that's ready when you are [Music] my next pronto pasta dish is taglitelli with quick sausage meat bolognese [Music] first boiled dry taglitelli and salted water these long thin ribbons of pasta come curled up in nests and take around 10 minutes to cook then add olive oil to a hot pan and fry finely chopped onion thinly slice garlic and sweat until soft [Music] next remove the meat from your sausages by cutting open their skins and crumble into the pan fennel or sicilian sausages are perfect for this dish but any flavor sausage will do when the meat has browned add half cherry tomatoes season and add a few spoonfuls of the pasta cooking water as the starch thickens the sauce and helps it stick to the pasta drain the teglatelli and add to the sausage meat sauce [Music] finish with freshly grated parmesan [Music] perfect when you're really busy but still want great tasting food fast my amazing taglitelli with quick sausage meat bolognese [Applause] my final pasta dish that's ready in a flash and packs a real flavor punch a spaghetti with chili sardines and [Music] oregano first for the crunchy topping heat olive oil in a frying pan add chopped garlic and breadcrumbs [Music] cook over medium heat until the bread crumbs are golden season and drain on kitchen paper for the sauce add the oil from your sardines to a hot pan fry finely diced chili and chopped garlic next cook dry spaghetti in boiling water then chop tin sardines into chunks and add to the chili and garlic tin sardines are a brilliantly versatile ingredient to have in your cupboard packed with protein full of super healthy omega-3 oils and delicious next drain your pasta and combine with the sardine chili and garlic mixture add leaves of fresh oregano and mix in handfuls of rocket to serve pile high and top with the crispy garlic breadcrumbs [Music] ready in under 15 minutes spaghetti with chili sardines and oregano healthy hearty and full of flavor perfect pasta in moments my delicious mushroom and leek pasta this fantastic fast and simple pasta dish made with everyday ingredients just goes to prove you can eat good food whenever you want really important put the water on first so you can just have it gently simmering away ready for the pasta while the water comes to the boil start the sauce by slicing mushrooms first off fingers one in front two behind up and down then add olive oil to a hot frying pan [Music] i want that nice color on the mushrooms off the heat literally 10 seconds and when you toss something really important you get all the ingredients at the end of the pan push down and pull back that noise that that's all the water coming out of the mushrooms next finely chop a fat clove of garlic then prepare your leeks just take your knife and go down through the center turn it over and again into quarters see all that opening up and then just rinse the top of that to get rid of any potential dirt or sand it just breaks up into nice little quarters add all that leek into those mushrooms beautiful and now the secret is to get rid of that water inside the leak as it cooks down all the water's gone you just left that really nice intense flavor garlic nice and crispy now we're gonna add a touch of chicken stock in there beautiful lasagna sheets just gonna drop the sheets in to the water lasagna sheets are an unusual choice for a dish like this but they work brilliantly although any type of pasta you've got in the cupboard will do and just twist that pan that stops any pasta actually sticking to the bottom of the pan chicken start to reduce down by half and it's almost delays the bottom of the pan basically washed all that wonderful flavor off turn the gas down and add a couple of tablespoons of cream this just enriches the dish bring it back up to the bowl and let it simmer for three to four minutes now the secret with the pasta is just taking it out a little early so you've got that nice texture hold up the sheet and just nip it and you can feel your fingers in the center it's ready turn the sauce down and lay these beautiful sheets of lasagna into that sauce i'm just gonna turn the gas off now and let the pasta sit in there and absorb that amazing sauce finish with chopped fresh tarragon it's a delicious herb that goes brilliantly well mushrooms and leeks just let that sit and almost sort of infuse to serve i'm making a quick bruschetta by toasting fresh chipata bread two nice slices drizzle that in olive oil a little bit of garlic just rub the bread the crust as well crust is what really takes that garlic now pan for the bread little touch of olive oil as it starts to smoke bread in [Music] but look at the pasta now it's been stained by that amazing sauce to serve i want a nice spoon of my mushrooms leeks and cream then i'll take my pasta just twist it and let it sit on top that tarragon has just lifted everything bread on and that's the beauty about something so simple they can be done in 20 minutes with everyday ingredients a stunning pasta dish adding easy and versatile dishes like this to your repertoire is what cooking at home is all about so you can always make great tasting food at the drop of a hat