Gourmet Chef Tries To Make Junk Food Fancy




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- It's dessert time. (upbeat music) I'm James Briscione, Director of Culinary Research here at the Institute of Culinary Education. Today, we're taking your candy aisle favorites and making a gourmet dessert. Let's do this. First thing we're gonna do is take some candy, cookies and ice cream and transform them into a beautiful tart. We're gonna start here just with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Had that out to soften up a little bit. Might be a little runny, but that's alright. Don't worry about it. And we're just gonna take that, mix that that up. It's very soft, but we should be OK. We're gonna throw a little bit of candy and cookie into there. We're gonna take some of our cookies here, chop them up, throw them right in. Some of the Reese's Pieces, my personal favorite, chop them up a little bit and they're going to get mixed in here with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Get all that good stuff in there. If I were sitting at home, no one else watching, I'd be on the couch with this bowl. Done. But, we're gonna do this up. More cookies here. They're just gonna make the base of our tart. None of these super fine, they're kind of light, they have a little bit more texture, you get some of those creamy bits, you get some of the cookie bits. And we're just gonna take those and spread them in to the base of our little molds here. So we're set with that. Then I'm just gonna spoon that ice cream mix right over the top to settle in all those little nooks and crannies. And then just level the top, then here's where you can have some fun. We're gonna take these candies and just start lining them up across the top, you can make any kind of pattern or shape you want. May have gotten myself in trouble with this idea. I was thinking monochromatic but it was gonna be way too long to pick through all those. You can do this with any type of candy, you could use M&Ms, now if you wanted to go Skittles for a little more color you could, but these ones with a nice crisp shell like this, tend to do the best. OK, I made it. We're gonna take these off to the freezer. Let them set up. And we'll get back to it. Every great dessert needs a sauce. So we did here is we took a little bit of heavy cream, some bourbon and strawberry fruit roll ups and just simmered those down so it was a nice thick creamy sauce. You kind of get a strawberries and cream thing with a little kick of bourbon. I'm from the South, I love to throw a little bit of bourbon in there. But look you don't have to have it at all. Just your fruit roll up and a little bit of cream and you have a beautiful sauce. So we're gonna take a bit of that sauce, drop it right here on the plate. Get all the extra off the spoon and then give it a little. Perfectly sloppy. So that sets the frame for our plate. We're gonna come back to that ice cream tart out of the freezer. I'm just gonna run this around. Lift it up, set it down right there. Looks fantastic, you've got all those Oreo cookies on the bottom. That's actually beautiful exactly as it is. But we can do better. I'm gonna take some fresh strawberries and just kind of arrange them around the edge coming down one side. We've got our Twinkies. Tear it up into some little chunks, kind of tuck it in there with the strawberries. You've got a like a little strawberry short cake thing happening. Get that in there. Looking good. Bring it home with our mint. Just a couple nice fresh leaves right in there. And there is it. Gourmet dessert out of the candy aisle. You guys may think it's junk food, but you can have a lot of fun with this. Put your own spin on it. Plate it up beautiful, let's see what you got.