Govt recommends use of antiviral drugs for COVID19 treatment





South Korea has unveiled a set of treatment guidelines for Ovid 19 it consists of administrating an anti HIV medication twice a day this is a nation's first treatment protocol for those who show severe symptoms Kim Jae has our top story infectious disease experts in South Korea have agreed to the use of antiviral drugs in the treatment of severe coronavirus cases senior patients and those with underlying diseases on the other hand it was concluded that young patients or those with mild symptoms seem to have improved after 10 days and without any antiviral treatment young and healthy people have mostly shown improvement without any special treatment for older patients or those underlying diseases or in need of the medication from an early stage experts says this difference in treatment depending on a patient's age is actually quite normal most viral infections tend to heal even without any treatment thanks for our body's immune system but old age in itself can raise risks and many senior patients have underlying diseases so it's recommended that they undergo antiviral treatment the government's guidelines recommended lettre an antiretroviral medication used to treat AIDS for a duration of seven to ten days chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine a medication used to prevent and treat malaria can be used as an alternative but experts says while the government's announcement may sound promising it might not make much of a difference to current treatment methods there won't be a significant difference in the treatment methods it's an antiviral drug that we're already using and its effectiveness has not been fully proven it's still just a recommendation but the expert is optimistic saying that the recurrence rate of the novel coronavirus is low it seems unlikely that a recovered patient will catch the virus again in fact there are very few reports of patients being reinfected when they've recovered from other coronavirus diseases such as SARS or MERS he added that all seven of the patients who have made full recoveries in South Korea had no serious underlying diseases and are unlikely to be infected kim daehee Arirang news