Gravitas SpaceX Space Station mission New era in space exploration

SpaceX has made history with the arrival at the International Space Station many firsts here it's the first private spacecraft to put Americans into the Earth's orbit it's also the first aircraft flown by NASA astronauts in nearly a decade as a report three two one zero ignition SpaceX founder Elon Musk must have been a nervous man he was at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida US President Donald Trump was there too the privately built SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket stood upright ready for launch after two delays due to bad weather come the time of reckoning 322 Eastern Daylight Time on May 30th the first commercially designed and built spacecraft took off in triumph Elon Musk was overjoyed after a 19-hour journey and a tense automatic docking sequence the capsule attached itself to the International Space Station as the portal opened the two NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were welcomed by the station's crew station this screwed mission has created history it's the first time a commercially developed spacecraft has put Americans in space for all these years space was the hegemony of NASA in the u.s. now Earth's orbit has welcomed a private player in SpaceX also it is the first spaceflight with NASA astronauts that took off from US soil in nine years since 2011 NASA astronauts have had to hitch rides into orbit on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft naturally the US president was all praises for the successful all-american mission we have created the envy of the world and will soon be landing on Mars and will soon have the greatest weapons ever imagined in history I've already seen designs and even I can't believe it the United States has regained our place of prestige as the world leader as has often been stated you can't be number one on earth if you are number two in space the last time NASA launched astronauts into space aboard a brand-new vehicle was 40 years ago that was at the start of the space shuttle program for Musk the launch represents another milestone it is the first time a reusable rocket has been deployed for a space mission it makes spaceflight less costly and more frequent and could pave the way for civilians to hop a ride into space for now the two NASA astronauts have begun their month-long stay in the orbital laboratory we sure appreciate that certs obviously been our honor to be just a small part of this we have to give credit to SpaceX the Commercial Crew program and of course NASA it's great to get the United States back in the crewed launch business and we're just really glad to be on board this magnificent complex beautyreport we on world is one [Music] [Music] [Music]