Great King of the Tomb:Unicorn Skill S01E07 English Sub

Translated by Gemini Imps, Editing&Timing Dipipegb, raws GM-Team Soulmate smiles Snow burns Drunk with cloudy wine Love and hate circulates How many lovers Cannot see in the world The Fall lasts long The wind is blowing Dangerous journeys A path filled with sorrow How many corners of the country are there Unsolvable from ancient times Sword in the sleeve Blade at the finger-tips Cannot cut off the affections of the world Water of WangChuan Flowers on the other bank Cannot stop The marriage of reincarnation of thousands of years of cultivation The cocoon of love The sands of time Cannot break My longing for you Missing you Thinking of you Be with you Care for you Favor you Attached to you Love you For eternity Great King of the Tomb:Unicorn Skill Episode 7 (Three years ago) From ancient times, the heroes' weak point has always being lecherous Wise choice, Mr. DuGu Princess Lin of Ink-Attacking Town was born to be a goddess And a legend Didn't know you were here, young master I've had people looking for you for days Turns out... You're admiring the goddess at Ink-Attacking Town Mr. DuGu, I assume that you already know... ...why I came to you Young master, you want me to practice the Unicorn Arm And reopen the gate of Taniko Tomb? I was wondering... ...if you would agree or not Young master Please pardon me that I can't agree with During the year when my father had broken his arm He had forbidden his offspring of Unicorn Family... ...of practicing Unicorn Arm ever again Humph If the Unicorn Family didn't have the Unicorn Arm Then how could they be called the Unicorn Family? Today, the position of the Unicorn Family at Town of the Tomb King has suffered a disastrous decline Don't you want to revitalize your family's popularity? Yes I do But due to father's order I have no choice but to obey Please stop pushing us, young master Mr. DuGu Is an obedient son I'm impressed A shame, you're going to miss this marriage I was planning In the name of tomb City For Mr. DuGu, I'd like to propose a marriage to Miss ShuiYao But it seems that's not necessary anymore If I can marry Miss ShuiYao Then I will do anything, even sacrifice myself for you, young master Please rise, Mr. DuGu You got it It's just... To practice Unicorn Arm... I need 3 years of closed-door practice... ...with the body as a child Aren't you worried that princess Lin can't wait that long? Ha ha ha You don't need to worry about that During those 3 years of your closed-door practice I'll let princess Lin wait for you in the Taniko Tomb And the day you're done Will be the day of your marriage Which is a win-win situation for us I'll follow your orders, young master Ha ha ha You have the antidote? Yes I have Can we kill master Qin now? No Not until QianLuo Han has consumed it And practiced poisoned blood Then we'll do it A shame QianLuo Han, that little b**** Has escaped with the Tomb Raiders We have her mother in hand She'll return eventually But what worries me most now Is the Unicorn Arm of Mo DuGu Indeed Don't know if he's finished or not If he's finished Then tell Man Feng Lou to do it If not Then subdue ShiQiu Luo Town of the Tomb King has ordered again That the Unicorn Lock must be activated tonight And the Tomb-Breaking Order must be obtained! Yes Sir Congratulations to Mr. DuGu 3 years of closed-door practice And now you've succeeded And I'm here to thank the young master Has helped practice Unicorn Arm My Unicorn Family has also experienced a rebirth Great That's great! After 10 years of waiting Our Town of the Tomb King has finally obtained the Unicorn Arm again Yes 10 years ago If the treacherous Akuma Mu hadn't broken my father's Unicorn Arm... ...while he was practicing Then the place of my Unicorn Family at Town of the Tomb King Wouldn't have been lost either But now, Mr. DuGu, you've practiced Unicorn Arm skill I'm sure you will revitalize your family's popularity Now we need just one last step Don't know... ...if Mrs. Chu has practiced poisoned blood or not 10 years ago I was hit by Akuma Mu's stinger soft nail poison accidentally Although I had kept the poison on my hands via internal power But my poisoned hand skill will never reach Ninth-Level again 3 years ago While I was in closed-door practicing Mrs. Chu said Once I've relaxed the bones of my Unicorn Arm A person with poisoned blood... ...will then assist me to accomplish the skill Ease up, Mr. DuGu We've got the antidote And the person with poisoned blood is also in the tomb Someone just reported QianLuo Han and Man Feng Lou are heading toward the Magic Hall Great Mrs. Chu Don't worry When this is over QianLuo Han and her mother's lives Will be for you to decide I will keep my promise Humph If it wasn't the order of the Town of the Tomb King I would have already crushed those two b****es to pieces So I can vent all my anger! ShuiYao... Where's ShuiYao? That wife that you tricked into guarding the tomb for living beings Has already ditched you, and joined those kids from the Tomb-Attacking Faction From the map Left passage leads to Magic Hall Right passage leads to Holy Hall They're on the same floor But both halls must be taken over... ...before the tomb gate to next floor can be opened Let's split into two groups I'll go raid the Magic Hall While you go raid the Holy Hall Then we'll rendezvous No Man Feng Bell-Demon is a vicious killer Her martial art skills are too strong for you to imagine I'll go there My lord You think I can't kill Bell-Demon? I have decided Don't argue anymore And I have decided also The Bell-Demon will be mine! Mr. Luo Please don't blame Mr. Lou He's just thinking of your safety He does this every time Every ****ing time! I'm not a loser OK?! How about this I'll go join Mr. Lou at the Magic Hall Sister ShuiYao You stay with Mr. Luo OK Go for it What are you looking at? You never saw a handsome dude before? Sheesh Handsome won't get you anywhere... ...if you're a loser How dare you call me a loser!? I... You you you You what? If you're tough Then release the acupoint yourself I'll go take over the Holy Hall myself See if you have enough dignity left to be the lord of the Tomb-Attacking Faction I'll do it myself then! Imma kick your *** when I'm released! I'm now a Tomb Raider Shall I say something before I enter? Oh, yes! We only raid, we never steal Skill accomplished, good as real ShuiYao Lin from Tomb-Attacking Faction Is here to raid the tomb! Hey! Anybody in there? Reply if you're still breathing! If you don't Then I'm going in! Who's there?! Don't you even think about scaring me Because I didn't grow up being scared! ShuiYao Don't be afraid It's me Mo DuGu Stay back OK, OK You, you Are you alive or dead!? ShuiYao Don't be afraid I'm alive, I'm not dead Listen to me These 3 years I've been hiding behind the Ink-Pond Temple I was on closed-door practicing for Unicorn Arm And I just completed it today So I came for you right after Liar You ****ing liar! ShuiYao I know I've shamed you But I had no choice If I want to practice Unicorn Arm Then I have to have a child's body You have no idea 3 years ago, when I saw you walk inside the Taniko Tomb My heart is full of pain and self-blame But I promise you From now on, I'll repay you a thousand times over And I won't let you be aggrieved ever again Liar I'm gonna kill you today! You want to take out your ex-husband? Then leave it to your current husband!