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[Music] introducing the all-new alien gear grip tuck universal holster an innovative new design that grips to the inside of your waistband with or without a clip for almost any semi-automatic firearm the grip tuck Universal holster is well trained in versatility wear this holster at all of your favorite traditional positions for 33 o'clock appendix cross draw or anywhere inside your waistline featuring our alien skin texture and edge binding your handgun will be wrapped with durable long lasting materials our handcrafted base wraps around your handgun with ease completely protecting the trigger for enhanced safety purchase the grip tuck holster in multiple sizes for most of your handguns ranging from micro to full or with additional room for light and laser attachments we've also included an optional belt clip for added security and positioning you'll find extreme ease of use with our patent-pending quick adjust clip system which offers three distinct ride height options just insert the clip upside down then turn 180 degrees to lock it in you'll experience near limitless options for the perfect can't angle and ride height the exterior of the grip tuck holster is wrapped in a specialized and functional material for exceptional all-day contact against skin and fabric of all kinds you'll feel it the moment it's in your hands it works by utilizing this unique texture to grip to the inside of your waistband or pocket we believe in no mag left behind so to go hand-in-hand with our grip tuck holster you can purchase our all-new grip tuck mag carrier this mag carrier is made from the same unrivaled combination of textures to create a seamless transition from concealed to confident with the same optional belt clip system and can't options you'll be carrying back up in no time as with all of our other products the alien gear grip tuck Universal holster and grip tuck mag carrier both feature our ironclad guarantee 30 day test drive and forever warranty try them now at alien gear holsters dot-com [Music]