Grow Your Own at Home with Alan Titchmarsh Episode 46

whether you have a windowsill a tiny patio or a big garden if you love food now is the perfect time to grow your own it's getting to your plate within moments and that is what all this is about so join mrs t and me uh my wife doesn't think it's clear so i should be doing that again and the love your garden team in our gardens nearly everything here is edible as we reveal the secrets oh it looks jazzy i'm growing your own [Music] this week who likes barbecues we're going big on flavor and goodness planting crunchy mouth-watering veg that's perfect for the grill absolutely delicious filling our gardens with fiery flavors this is why you should grow your own chillies they look so beautiful and beautifying our beds with delicious nutritious treats they are absolutely packed full of antioxidants it's the height of the growing season and my garden is exploding with color [Music] these all the mental alliums are glistening as though they're cut from metallic foil and over in the veg patch things are growing like wildfire [Music] but i've been watering watering watering to keep them growing just look lettuces red cabbages protected from the pigeons and runner beans which are already starting to go right up the pole most exciting of all is that some crops are ready to be picked i sewed these just five weeks ago and look already lovely big fat radishes and when they're this big they're ready for pudding take this in the house rinse it here's one i've rinsed and then hot crunchy white flesh beautiful and now my lettuce leaves are ready to pick too they're coming beautifully now and it's a case of coming out and picking the odd leaf off and this is where throwing your own really comes to the floor that was a mistake pick all the way over and you'll realize instantly the joy of having fresh picked produce rather than something from a shop and there's still room for some new crops for some time i've been wanting to get more fruit into my kitchen garden so i've got a rather neat solution and that is by using these little beauties these are called stepover trees i've got two pairs and two apples and what they are are normal pears this is a variety called doyen ducamis which is succulent the best bear what stepover trees are a fruit tree is grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock now this is the rootstock and this makes sure it doesn't go into a socking great pear tree the beauty of these is they take up very little space and they do give you a reasonable crop lot of my bum i haven't room for a large tree in my bed so by adding a row of four stepovers i'll have my own micro orchard what i am doing is making a sort of dish around the base so that i can keep this well watered if it just has flat soil it'll all run off i'm planting the trees about a meter apart and i'll prune the side shoots back to encourage them to keep forming fruits in future years soaking in so i now have a lovely little fruitful boundary to my veg patch and i'll be eating apples by the autumn look at these i'll wait a bit longer for the pears but they're definitely step over even for those with a relatively modest inside leg there you are grow well little trees in a rather windy yorkshire katie's discovering another of the pleasures of growing your own i have been on a mission to try and sneak in as many delicious edibles i cook with into the garden as well as inside the house her next project is her most ambitious yet a new container garden full of super healthy foods that are super pretty too the first plant i'm going to pop in is a blueberry now these are huge family favorites in our house and they're really a fabulous plant as long as you plant them in erica's compost which is acidic they'll be very happy blueberries are rich in vitamins and minerals that are believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol [Music] to enjoy fruits this summer buy a self-fertile variety that's already in flour it'll need a sunny spot to maximize fruit production the nice thing about them is as a plant they're really attractive we've got these pretty pretty flowers on and then they're absolutely packed full of antioxidants so really good for you from deep purple blueberries i'm going soup green with parsley now parsley is brilliant herb to have fresh in your garden parsley is packed full of flavor and goodness and is actually full of vitamin k which is really important for healthy bones [Applause] [Music] next katie's planting two of the kings of healthy veg and each of them only needs a half metre square container now i've made these basic wooden planters they're really straightforward it's a treated timber you can make them out of old pallets if you have all pallets hanging around i'm going to clap them in slate i've got these from the roof when we have the roof done i've made the planter so it's the same size as two slits on top of each other and that way i don't have to cut them i could just glue them straight onto the sides thank you my glamorous assistant as with blueberries things that are dark in color are usually a really good health indicator and so is the same with this which is purple sprouting broccoli and it's one of my favorite vegetables i absolutely love it [Music] rich in vitamin c which is good for the immune system purple sprouting broccoli can be harvested through the summer and on into the autumn [Music] and when everything else has died down in the garden this will come into its own and be a big beacon of gorgeousness in the borders of a winter but what it doesn't like funnily enough is strong winds um you and me both broccoli katie's final option really delivers on value for money when it comes to both goodness and good looks kale has a bit of a goody goody reputation doesn't it of like health freaks but i love the stuff not only is kale packed with energy boosting vitamin b it needs little space to grow and the leaves make a stunning display the wonderful thing about it is you can harvest it for 10 months of the year there are not many other crops you can say that about it's absolutely bonza so there you go my four superfoods all super healthy super good looking and super tasty [Music] one of the pleasures of growing your own in mid-summer is that crops you've been growing from seed indoors can finally be planted out the tomatoes i planted in the greenhouse just a few weeks ago when they were only that big baby look at them now these youngsters here because we're well into june we can plant them outside [Music] tomato plants need a sunny spot and will continue to grow so i've assigned each of them a stake and left 50 centimeters between plants by sinking a flowerpot in alongside the tomato plant i can water into the pot and it will go straight down to the roots where it's needed rather than just running off the top there we are you can even grow outdoor tomatoes like this on a doorstep if it's sunny or a patio in a growing bag or a large pot and by the end of the summer you will be getting a crop if the sun keeps shining the joy of anticipation and the slight postponement of gratification [Music] next francis transforms part of her narrow garden into a miniature chili farm do not bite into that unless you know what you're doing and david kicks off the summer season by growing barbecue favorites that's gorgeous and we're not the only ones getting our hands dirty [Music] over here we've got some peppermint i do like my herbs hi alan we've taken up some of the lawn to create a bit of a vegetable patch here when temperatures soar we brits love to cook outside the nation's barbecue market is now worth 1.8 billion pounds and growing your own veg guarantees you'll always have the freshest flavors for your grill you better not be in that strawberries david's traditional veg patch for feeding his young family has been expanding by the week and it's starting to bear fruit what you got there alice look at that do you want to eat any of that should we go come on who likes barbecues [Music] we've got so much growing here but now i want to grow something specific for our family barbecues creating a barbecue friendly veg patch is simple to do and doesn't require much space i'm actually going to put it straight on top of the lawn david's two new raised beds are made from recycled plastic and don't need tools to assemble i'm going to use the old cardboard box as a liner at the base so it will stop the grass from growing and eventually the grass will die off turn into compost and so will the cardboard as well he's chosen veg that'll grow fast at the height of summer don't need much space and almost no preparation before they go on the grill we love having peppers on the barbecue we grill them they're really nice now there are a couple of options there's a bell peppers but there's also the long pointy ones that's the ones we like i put them on skewers onto the barbecue now this one's called marconi it's a faster growing one midsummer is a perfect time for growing pepper plants when they start producing flowers you can feed them once a week with dilute liquid tomato feed and within weeks you'll have crunchy veg that's perfect for the barbie and that's it four plants in this particular bed will go about a meter tall and they'll produce loads of those really sweet flavors of long pointed peppers in full sun pepper plants will happily grow but adding a poly cover it's not a it's not a doll's house over there keeps the heat in and encourages even faster growth there we go [Music] david's next choice courgettes are great value for money one plant should generate enough crops to feed a small family and the flowers are edible too now the secret is is never to let them grow too big harvest your courgettes when they're about 10 to 15 centimeters so i'm planting just one this big one right in the middle of the bed so it can have pride of place he's also found room for another barbecue favorite munch two peas if you pick them young they're fantastic that crunch unlike the majority of peas that need to be shelled you just pick the whole pod they're a perfect instant pick and cook option like any pea plant they need a bit of support as they grow it looks a bit enchanted with these lifeless twigs but when they start to grow through it it'll all become green again with some added protection from the local bird life that was a bit urgent this barbecue veg patch full of fast-growing easy-to-cook crops is complete there's no reason why these two little areas here shouldn't keep the barbecue stocks all the way through july and august lovely thanks to the long summer days the team's gardens are bursting with new crops some already happening some to come that's what veg growing is all about and there's still time to grow new things hey there you are hello hello how are you you're all looking sort of exhausted actually too much gardening my indoor planters that i made have done so well i mean the lemon balm is like three foot tall in the kitchen i can't drink enough gin to flavor it with because we got the opportunity of being at home a bit more what did you think you'd like to have a go at anything i've always wanted to try growing as many different chilies as i can all different flavors and heat hot stuff like it wow i'd quite like to have a go at hydroponics bit techy so growing without soil just growing in water yeah well you are in yorkshire we've got plenty of it up there normally indoors are outdoors indoors yeah indoors i like the fact that you can have things all year round like strawberries in winter so alan what's on your list then well i've always liked melons i thought so i'll put you down as a melon you know that you have to get bras to hold them when they when they grow well that should keep us all busy francis has already turned one side of her narrow garden [Applause] into a pretty fruit and veg patch remember my gingers that i put in pots and they had just tiny shoots on them we'll look at them now i'm so pleased with that and she has the perfect spot for her pet project and down at this end of the garden i have a tucked away corner that i want to turn into a huge flavor experience i'm actually going to turn this whole space into a chili farm it's quite a challenge [Music] francis is planning to grow 11 different varieties of chili from seed and plants when growing them from seed it's best to start them off in a greenhouse or as francis is doing in a cold frame now i'm going to make four holes about five millimeters deep into that compost and i'll just put one of those chili seeds into each of the four holes i've made there we go cover it with soil and firm that all down it's quite a good idea with seeds and cuttings to water from the bottom so put that pot into the tray with water and just leave that for a few minutes to soak in in this lovely warm weather i would expect them to come up probably within four days maybe a week francis is also experimenting with seriously scorching chilly plants the thing that we all associate with chilies is their heat what causes the heat is the chemicals actually in the chili people always think it's the seeds that give the heat but actually it's not it's the pith and anything that's near that pith is extra especially hot some chilies are so fiery that a measurement known as the scoville scale has been created so growers can differentiate between the hottest and the mildest something like this which is called trinidad perfume and that has no heat that's naught to 15 rating on the scoville scale and the strongest go up to really high numbers it's just something like this which is trinidad scorpion that is over a million do not bite into that unless you know what you're doing we all know somebody who likes to have a bit of a show off and eat the hottest chili they possibly can i'm giving a very easy visual guide to how hot these chillies are by just painting the rim of the pot black is well you'd only be stupid if you ate one and green is it won't do anyone any harm at all it's completely mild chili plants need lots of sun to thrive and like most tomato plants need feeding after a few weeks and a steak to support them as they grow this is why you should grow your own chilis if you can because there's so much choice about how they taste like this this is aki red and it actually has a lemony flavor as well as being fairly hot but also because they look so beautiful [Music] it's always good to try new things or things you haven't done for a long while and i haven't grown melons in ages melons are one of my favorite summer fruits but they're also one of the trickiest to grow to make sure of a harvest this summer i'm growing them from plants and in the greenhouse right that's my framework done to support oh definitely smell gorgeous cantaloupe melons are the best ones to grow in the greenhouse i think it's the flavor the fragrance all the the orange fleshed ones this is what it's going to look like this is what my plants look like but behind that little tiny flower down there is a round blob and that will be your melon once the new plants are established good watering melons are greedy because they're just about 95 water in their makeup my next challenge will be to pollinate the flowers on the plants as they grow to encourage the formation of fruits each plant has both male and female flowers you have to take the male flower and rub the pollen from it onto the female by hand the male flower and the female flower easy to tell apart female has a little melon behind it the male doesn't one male will do four females i'm saying nothing as the melons grow once they're too heavy to support themselves they'll need to be hung in a net you can fasten these nets to the framework and hold your melons until the smell gives away the fact that they're ripe this really is the ideal time of year for growing your own carrot now you want a carrot now let's let them grow up a little bit more first and if you keep it up the best bit harvest time isn't far away till the next time bye-bye oh love did you want one sorry catch harvest season on the way we're testing our skills to the limit i'm going to actually turn this cold frame into a hot box cramming every last inch of space with crops get whole new plants free both outside and inside like something of a starship enterprise the summer of love is about to start next tonight over on itv2 let the coupling up begin in love island australia and next on itv it's another chance to see up after winning drama as the mystery around dany's death deepens in broad church you