Gwen Stefani on Her Fans Las Vegas Residency

[APPLAUSE] - How are you? Hey. This is so fun. It's very good to see you. Everybody is excited. You seem to look better and better every single year. It's really miraculous - Thank you. Wow. Thanks. I think I first saw you in concert in, like, 1995 or something, down in Orange County. That sounds about right. And here you are. I'm still living at my parent's house. Your crazed fans seem not that crazed, actually. She seemed nice. She was normal. Are your fans rambunctious or are they pretty well-behaved, in general? I feel like-- it's hard-- it's-- you know what's amazing, is when you go through your life and you're just me, you don't really think about it much. But going on tour, and then you see the actual humans that bought the music and lived through my life journey. Like, that's when you really feel like, wow, it's all over the place. Last time I toured, which was like two years ago, there was a little boy that had-- it went viral. This little kid, his mom had brought him to the show, and he had been bullied. And I guess-- I mean, he was like my kid's age. He was tiny. And I was like, how does he even know my music? But I guess he listens to it when he's sad. And she, like, stood, you know, in line I got him there way, way early. And he was right in the front. And he had this sign, and I brought him up on stage. And so it's like all kinds of people-- - Young, old, you name it. - And I'm so grateful. A lot of moms that are like my age, bringing their kids for the first time to their first show, and-- - You like that, I bet. I love it. [APPLAUSE] Because you're a mom and-- Now, are-- are children going to be allowed in Vegas? Is that going to be a-- They have-- you know they let children in Vegas. Well, I know they're allowed in the city in Vegas. I grew up there. It would have been a problem if they hadn't. But-- but I guess-- but to the shows themselves, I don't know. I don't think children are allowed in there. Really? Yeah. I feel like-- I feel like they're going to let them in mine. Maybe they will. Maybe-- you're in charge. I'm going to tell them to let them in. It's your show. You can probably do whatever you want. I mean, it's going to be a family-friendly show, like all my shows are. Well that's good, because you don't get that always in Las Vegas. That's true. That is true. So there'll be no, like, burlesque or-- I'm not going to take my show to the next level, no-- - You will not? - --as far as that goes. But you can go see other shows there if you need that. But mine's going to be really just-- it is the next level for me, because it's going to be very theatrical and very-- like I-- I started in a band with No Doubt. Like just in a band-- [APPLAUSE] We didn't have anything. Like, I did my own makeup, I made my own clothes, like, nothing. So we didn't have props or fancy clothes or anything. I'm just excited about-- Tigers or hypnotists or anything. Nothing, none of that. Now we're going to have all of that. It's just fun to be able to get really girly and theatrical and take it to another place that I've never got to go before. What's the first time you went to Las Vegas? Do you remember? I can remember going one time with my parents. Which they are, like, so conservative, like, you know. Not into that. Not really, no. But, I mean, they never even had alcohol in our house. Like they were very Catholic Italian like-- Not even wine? - No. - No? Not really. Now, now they do. - Oh, they do? - Yeah, now they do. I wonder why-- what happened that they-- - I don't know. - --eased into that? I don't know, I don't know. But my grandparents used to go to Vegas. Because my grandpa and grandma married brothers and sisters. I know that sounds weird. Their own? No. Two brothers married two sisters-- - Wow. - --in Detroit, Michigan. - Wow. - Italians. And so whenever the brother and sister, my aunt and uncle, would come over, they would go on this bus that would take them to Vegas and do the Vegas thing. And then my grandpa would give us the coins, and it was like, whoa, silver dollars. - Yeah, right. - Yeah, back in the day. Take a picture in front of the million dollars at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas. But for me, I think it's like just the No Doubt like, you know, in a van. We have our per diems and we're going to Vegas for the first time. And it was just all about the $4.99 breakfast. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? Like, just so exciting to have, like, a lot of food for really cheap. But they don't have that that much anymore. - Well, we do, but it's not-- - Downtown, maybe? --as cheap. Yeah, downtown you can find it. They have good food there now. Growing up, you'd get the $0.49 shrimp cocktails when I was there, and they were really more like sea monkeys than shrimp. Like tiny little, like pencil erasers. Sea monkeys. More than anything. Are you looking forward to-- because one of the nice things about Las Vegas is you-- whereas you would go on tour, the tour kind of comes to you. The people from all over the country come to Vegas. It's true. And even when you are on tour and you go through Vegas, it's quite a challenging show, because you're competing so much with just Vegas, you know? The night and so many choices and so much pressure people put on themselves to have the greatest time of their lives. So even-- I can imagine-- this is-- you know, usually you're like, OK me in Philly! And it's like this, you know, culture and you. This is going to be cultures from all over the world coming. It's quite small from what I'm used to, and it's going to be really intimate. How many seats will be in the theater? I feel like it's under 5,000, so, yeah. OK, yeah. And it's just-- it's-- it's just going to be so different for me, because I feel like that's going to be challenging for me, in a way. Like, it reminds me a lot of the beginning when I would be like, I'm going to have to slap you around right now, because I know that I can get you guys to have a good time. To really fire people up. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] There's something like-- I don't know why I need to seek that kind of attention and approval, but I do love doing that. I don't know why. Because I want to win them over. I want to win them. I want them to love me. Even if you have to yank them out of your seats. I remember, one of the last times you were here performing on the show, you climbed up the-- like 40 feet in the air, you climbed up the-- I don't know what you call that stuff. Sometimes when I play "Just a Girl" I try to, like, prove myself. I don't know why. But-- Yeah, no. It's dangerous. I like doing that. It is dangerous. I like doing that, though. I won't be doing that in Vegas. You will now be climbing up anything. They don't have, like, big ladders there. - You could climb-- - Maybe I should do that. That's a good idea. - You know what you should do? I have a great idea-- another, yet another great idea for you. There's a hotel there called The Stratosphere. - OK. - OK? Climb the outside of that thing. What about-- Pink already did that, remember? Didn't you see that performance-- She climbed all the way to the top? Not that one, but she did do a performance on the side of a building. You could go much higher than Pink, I think. Yeah, no, yeah. Pink risks for life with almost every performance as well. I know. You definitely don't want to do that. You have children now. You can't set that kind of example. No, I can't. Are you going to allow them to experience the city of Las Vegas while they're there? You were going to tell me all the child-friendly stuff to do, right? There is-- believe it or not, there is child-friendly stuff to do in Vegas. I took them this weekend-- I took them to the country awards, and I had my premiere opening announcement. And they were there, and you start seeing Vegas through different eyes when you have your kids there, and you're like, Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Like the ele-- just in the elevator, ah! [LAUGHTER] Keep them out of elevator. We had to go through all of the, like, kitchens-- Bad things happen in the elevator. Yeah. Son, this is a hooker. Oh, my gosh. They're going to learn a lot. They really are. - I can't wait. - It's going to be-- - It's just what they need. It's going to be a great education for them. No. I think that it is, it is fun for them. Yeah, of course it's fun for them. I mean-- You're ruining everything for me right now, OK? - Are we cancelling the show? - Yes. Stop. No, we went to the aquarium. OK. That's good. That was really incredible. Saw a white alligator, saw an octopus. I mean, have you been to the aquarium lately? It's so incredible. The one in Vegas. Any of them. Yeah, I was at the Long Beach Aquarium. - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah. I saw an octopus there, too. Isn't that great? And delicious, too. $4.99. All you can eat. Well it's very good to see you. - Thank you. The show is called "Gwen Stefani, Just A Girl." It opens at the Zappo's theater in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, June 27. Gwen Stefani. NARRATOR: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" weeknights at 11:35, 10:35 Central on ABC.