Maranda welcome to another we done go ahead my New Year's Eve party is coming up really soon so I have lots more people to invite and I'm really really excited about it and today I thought it would be fun to invite a really cool youtuber over who has actually had a lot of scam it might be good if he comes to my New Year's Eve party because it'll be all over the moon so I invited James turns over and I'm gonna have him do my makeup and prove that I can do my makeup better than he can for my New Year's Eve party I gotta get ready for him so I invited him over at new city comp which is really good so I just can't wait to have him come over right now and did we make up something fancy guys he is a beauty overall and I gonna step up my game I went through my closet now go find something good and then he's coming over [Music] hey guys alright so I convinced James Charles to come back over here last time he was here I made him read all his hate yes thank God you really saved my career yes Thank You Miranda James claims that he knows how to do makeup so I thought we would do a challenge right now I'm having a big New Year's Eve party later this year yeah and I need to look Grammy to the Tami what we're gonna do is I'm gonna do half my face for the New Year's Eve look he's going to down there not my face and we'll see you doesn't Barrett this is a challenge ladies and gentlemen and I'm gonna kick his petite oh that's your body and oh I'm gonna use my trusty Crayola box are we doing first I'm gonna add a little bit of a contour to your face because this make was going on for pretty long time I really bring the lifetime well it's not bath time yet so good bath time is on Saturdays New Year's Eve is a really big deal I feel like I need to go fun and festive on my side of the face I'm not gonna focus all over this part I'm gonna focus on my eyeball New Year's Eve I think sparkles I think the ball I love balls so balls not that but I also love you do but also be included in my side but I think yellow for lights so I just use it with me tingling like things okay just grab this back palette that's just skin of color they put this right in the crease and go good that is not going the Queen you're gonna put things in my crazies all right so my wife's looking better than yours no fan [Music] Unida stop talking about my private sense well the creases in the outer v s-- don't been damned always being young - wrong Oh it's not my fault your island our precious couple 80 years old I am eyeliner brush that's for eyeliners well I guess you could use it for brows too I use it or something very different oh it's moving jeans on Charles or sister of all three Oh sister James Charles you said I don't have a lot of broad chance mine I was I have linked on Cervantes so I decided I needed some glitter glue to give me some oh my god maybe you're something why not oh look at that you know you can have glitter like the glitter ball wow you're a scientist looks like the color of poo and mine action are looks like mirrors damn well thing X someone to do a nice red color see this is it i'm swatching right now so you put that under your eyes to accentuate the eyeball oh I got glitter on my fucking number and I need to do a winged liner on use I need you to be so still okay ready I think that was the most all anybody's ever run for Wayne land you can move now when you say you're gonna put wings on me I'm going to deep it up Miranda outer crease because she's month trial Anderson I need to make it look like she didn't smell Shriner so I'm gonna pull my own Island or on but I don't mean a fucking eyeliner pencil I just use my finger so you just rub it in this is a new technique no it's from ancient days oh I like to be organic and natural cuz wearing that hair come from you're killing probably a person to get those hairs on the brush well I think these are synthetic be another paintbrush synthetics are people too okay I need to put on bigger eyebrows cuz I want a very bold walk so I'm making my eyebrows take off you don't need braches ladies and gentlemen just use your freakin finger smokey look I don't smoke well me either smoking zone legal against the lineman this side I'm gonna rub in since he's rubbing in and smudging I'm gonna do that tipsy walk I can rub it in - yeah I love that look you know what the new trend should be what I done it before it's a really good one so if you look up close and personal what you do is instead of putting the makeup on your eyeball you put it in your eyeball over this no see looks nice does not look good but now I'm blending it in by rubbing my eyeball so now it'll make my eyes look really big and bling so you don't need blue contacts you can just put in blue eyeshadow oh that's a good tip if your I'm on a diet you can just eat what other people's bones right I mean YouTube Mountains is pretty bad right now so anything we can do to save the money yeah it's true so please click the ads on this video and someone please make a paypal for me and give them money you'll get your period um I don't you're still too young mm-hmm look down you said look up so you cannot die you I have the footage I have the proof replay the clothes you're being very impatient thank you since brighter does not have a highlighter but I have um dry erase pins or as highlights go wherever you want to put it really I'm gonna put mine right here you put in here yep see it works on mice I can see it on my son I can't really seen on yours okay well I think it's time to do your lips now they're done well I'm just gonna add to make em better they can't do it better but you can try you don't gonna make it worse thank you then yes now I'm making all the colors I'm using this color no it's not the my house mm-hmm no please don't touch my side extra on my side okay so now we blend we blend it blend and good all right I think that you look incredible did you finish with what I have I think so you did oh here's the to science James his sign looks like things you see stuff I'm James Trent I don't film and this is my side ready to go to the ball ready for that ball to drop come over here my mouth is right for the ball tonight itself right back off when it's easy enough because it's so much I did yeah so here's this sign here's this sign I think your site is horrible you didn't use any creativity my sign I mix all the colors and blended them in I'm just saying you did not do a good job this sign and grumble this sign disgusting oh this is the van engine lock I'm James is terrible at his job so do not subscribe to him do not check out his ching and all the links are below don't check it out hood don't click them at all do not - memorably the only sister alright so one last question for you James um can you come to my near Z party am I invited yes what an honor I will be there sister okay great so James has coming so he'll be here everyone will be here it's gonna be huge I made sure to subscribe to see who I invite tomorrow we're gonna do makeup for it no I'm doing my own you just whom do you can't do it so I'm gonna do myself trying to see who I'm fighting to Iannuzzi party tomorrow I don't think eyes next time [Music]