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okay everybody coach Stan here strengthen mobility coach at human 2.0 I'm going to go over some hamstring exercises for you to focus on strengthening your hamstrings a lot of us are very quad dominant especially in our deadlift and our squatting okay so I'm going to show you a couple simple bodyweight drills all you need is a slider and you don't even have that you can use a tea towel or something like that at home on a hardwood floor okay so the benefits of this like I said a lot of people are really weak in the hamstrings really strong in the quads so we get something balanced there so we're gonna try and balance that out and I think you'll find these a lot harder than then okay so I'm gonna start it I'll show you a couple of reps here the shoulder bridge leg curl okay so I'm going to get into a nice good shoulder bridge pull my shoulder blades back as far as I can you know crushed down into the floor you know focus on squeezing my legs together I'm going to extend it out squeezing my glutes keep it like it's hot and I'm gonna fall back in okay all the way we don't want to cave in the hips and keep the but only an inch off the floor we don't want this we want to stay in a bridge if you can't do that we'll just do a negative all right so we start in the starting position we do it all the way drop down bring it back in okay and drop it okay so if that's too hard which for a lot of people it is too hard okay what we can do is scale that to a single leg glute bridge okay or a double leg glute bridge depending on where you're at injuries imbalances are different for everybody okay so single leg I'm going to again raise up I like to start in the top position I'm going to try and keep my knees in line with each other so that my hips stay in line and stopped properly all right I'm gonna dip down tap the but not using shorts and come back get down come back alright one different progression for this as well you're the most of my foot was flat on the ground okay if we change it so it's just my heel on the ground you're gonna feel that much more of the hamstrings and the glutes okay again shoulders knees in line dip down down come back alright so this is a really good warm-up drill the bridge Lake Colonel is a little bit more intense so you're looking at that as forum accessory work for any squatting deadlifts all right and that's the hamstring exercise