hey guys it's me Miranda sings the famous singer actor dancer model legit Jean storm I have very exciting news I'm going back on to yes it's true I've been touring for years and years and years but this is the best tour I've ever even done there will be seen there will be dancing there'll be magic there will be laughter there will be tears there will be diapers and there'll be one lucky Moe Fanta because listen up folks I'm not just going on tour to just sing and dance for y'all no no no I'm going on tour to give away my child and I know what you're thinking oh you're such a bad mom I'm not a bad mom I just don't make it anymore so make sure to get tickets it is an all new show all new everything Miranda sings stop comforting kids get in now before it's too late it sells out because it always does cuz I'm freakin famous see you want to Arbonne hey guys it's me Miranda and today I'm really ticked off because today I'm stuck to this kit for 24 hours so yes it's true we are here come together I don't even know how this freaking happens she just woke up like this this morning and so now we're stuck together and it's gonna be a really good video I see lots of people doing but I don't know having to eat it off so I guess we're stuck like these don't be annoying today okay and ever want to do so don't be mean I don't hurt my own alright first things first we have to put on our lace tank let's go freaking kidding me this way this Milan scheme you can get around simplistic calm I have my own Renly's think it's very beautiful I'll give you your own I don't share hold your tongue you don't have rank with this on the velocity think somebody don't see nothing really sneak don't know about the Sicilians small you're pulling me I'm trying to get a good show mini Miranda stop you have some on your team [Music] excuse me what do you call these um you just shared all my drones so enjoy my disease okay well this is my favorite part of the day is the part of me where we sit right [Music] [Music] it also makes trust gain on my town today you hear that crunch you got a good crunch in there I mean you look at thanks we how much RAM is in a bunch of my pictures freakin fun with my daughter so we need to get new room Tony you this is me holding my listing he knows this is wrong oh I'm sorry is this not fun for you is he's not fun for you Parker to to place this is my list for two dues of the name number one ain't cuz I'm freaking starving oh I'm starting for breakfast nice to not be healthy for breakfast today so this one is mint chance so means is a vegetable from us in healthier [Music] Cheers dick don't like jeans need to we shoot something out don't worry we have a snack in an hour all right time to practice nursing unit dancing because I'm going on tour very soon I get the point 1 100 gone so I have to practice I'm going on tour in October and I sing Stockholm to get your tinking Hey Baby where my legs don't move if anybody ever tries to bully you you say painters bags oh your mind tells you you need to clean your world it'll say painters Bank Oh gonna have to wait to rehearse this later because you're bringing my time Tory may think you hard everything we need we have stickers give tape the most importantly we have a date so we're just gonna take some of this hair don't anything yours go love arts and creams need some hairs okay so we got to get here okay you have to freakin chain off okay so not some tank did you want to give us some more heat yeah she loves to share her hair she loves to share all her hair's all right all right thank you cards this is very important for me I'm trying to these give me my way you can't speed off it's Miriam trust me okay here we go this me thank you card it says you want amazing you're incredible thank you for being the best possible Elena so I love this car so much so it's ready to give to the person so Brenda what a thing you want amazing incredible do you mean the best boss oh that's so sweet of you thank you thank you well I'm so generous now you're hurting me and you're ruining my moment I just love this thank you card I'm so grateful for myself did you finish your thank-you card are you coloring your can hear or see white color good idea you're white hmm you oughta carpets at your amazing and it's for you oh how beautiful no they can't hear you are amazing oh how gorgeous thank you wait oh we killed the paint I [Music] really can't believe we just killed my paint I thought we were just getting some of its hair but I mean we pulled too much of it out rusted piece all right I've had enough of this I'm done me too okay I got the key yes finally [Music] yeah [Music]