HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS to make easy paleo recipes




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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video i'm sharing with you guys some delicious healthy breakfast recipes these are going to be the perfect healthy breakfast ideas for you to make we have some sweet ones and some savory ones they're also delicious i don't even think i can pick a favorite it kind of just depends what you are in the mood for but definitely make them tag me on instagram so that i can share them and let's go ahead and jump right in so the first thing we're making is this chocolate grain free granola guys it is delicious we're starting off with a little bit of maple syrup for some sweetness a little bit of vanilla which brings out a nice wonderful flavor to that i'm adding coconut oil which gives it some wonderful healthy fats that are going to make it nice and satisfying as well as a tablespoon of almond butter but you can also use any kind of nut or seed butter nuts and seeds are full of things like a vitamin e in magnesium and zinc then we're adding some buckwheat buckwheat is actually not a wheat or grain it's actually a seed similar to rhubarb some nuts you can use any kind of combo of that and then some protein powder and some cacao if you don't want to use protein powder to boost the protein of this granola you can definitely just do cacao for both of them and then i'm also going to add in some unsweetened chocolate chips so these don't have any sugar in them which are good and then we are going to mix that all up and you can use whatever blend of nuts that you have i did use a combo of slivered almonds and chopped pecans but you can do cashews walnuts whatever kind of combo that you like just keep it the same measurement so just gently fold that all together until all of it is nice and coated and then i am going to put that on a parchment paper sheet now definitely make sure you either line your baking sheet or grease it really well because we don't want our granola to stick and then i'm just spreading it out in a nice even layer i'm not spreading it out too much because when we bake it i want it to stick together so that we get these nice clusters and after you're done and you allow it to cool you can break it up a bit i like to serve mine with some chia pudding i will leave my chia pudding recipe down below in case you want it you can also do it with some great dairy free yogurt you know fresh berries also with the chocolate granola really gives you that like chocolate covered berry feel it's a super quick breakfast to have once you've kind of prepped the granola ahead of time and then i'm finishing it off with some mint because it adds so much flavor and i have a mint plant in my house right now so it's super delicious with the mint the chocolate the berries and the creamy chia pudding for a delicious healthy breakfast next up we are making this egg witch so i got these two little round silicone molds from amazon they did leak a little bit i will say so if you don't have them i would try using a mason jar lid instead so that they don't leak out but basically you just crack two eggs in the center and then break up the yolk a bit i'm adding in some sun-dried tomato but you can also add green onion or whatever kind of little fixings that you want in your eggs flip them over so that they are nice and cooked through and then we're gonna assemble it on a plate i'm adding some smashed avocado kind of in between it and we're using the egg kind of like a bun you can also add in some nitrate free bacon here veggies kind of whatever you want lettuce would also work well and then you have this super quick kind of low carb keto friendly breakfast sandwich for those of you who really like all of those keto friendly recipes and then we are making pancake muffins guys i don't know why i didn't think of this sooner so i'm using this pancake mix from birch benders it's paleo you guys know i am a big fan of paleo if you don't have a pancake mix that you like that is grain free i will leave my paleo pancake recipe down below because you can definitely do this recipe with that batter so take your favorite pancake batter mine just needs water so i'm just adding water to mine and we're going it to just whisk that together until it's nice and smooth the great thing about this is that you do get like the fluffiest muffins and it's a really quick way to make a muffin without needing a bunch of ingredients so i'm adding in some frozen raspberries but you could add in any kind of berry that you like or even some sugar-free chocolate chips and then you're just going to scoop it out into your muffin or cupcake molds i like using these silicone ones but you can definitely use a regular tin for them this just makes it really easy to pop out when you use silicone ones and so once they are baked you just pop them out and you have these wonderfully fluffy easy muffins perfect as a grab-and-go breakfast or even as a light snack in the morning all right guys i hope you enjoyed this video let me know down below which one you want to try first i think tomorrow i'm gonna have some of the chocolate granola again it is so good and i'm definitely having a granola moment lately and if you like healthy delicious food like i said give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe so you don't miss any future videos because healthy eating can be so delicious and that is what this channel is all about is eating healthy food that also is delicious and good for you so i hope you guys are having a great day i will leave my last healthy breakfast video here on the screen to watch after this to get lots more healthy breakfast recipes and i will see you in my next video bye guys