HOW IT WORKS Stereo Turntable

almost like playing two different tunes on the same violin at the same time to understand how this can be done let's first recall how regular one track recording is accomplished sound waves reaching the microphone are changed into impulses of electric current increased and strength on the amplifier they flow to the cutting head moving it back and forth and cutting from side to side in the groove of the record to play it back we substitute a stylus for the cutting head the tip of the stylus wears back and forth side to side in the groove bending the ceramic bar to which the stylus is attached when a ceramic bar is bent tiny impulses of electric current are produced these impulses of current again strengthen by an amplifier are carried to the speaker where they are converted back in the sound the same sound we have at first now let's compare a regular record groove having only one sound track with the revolutionary new living stereo group having two separate soundtracks the sound track made by one section of the orchestra is on this side of the groove while the sound track from the other section of the orchestra is on the other side to play it with a special stereo pickup develop design and most important manufactured by the radio and patrol of division of RCA in this pick up the stylus is fastened to T ceramic bars instead of one as the tip of the stylus moves to the right it bends the bar on the Left producing impulses at current as it new to the left it bends the bar on the right again producing current now let's take another look in our living stereo record groove with its two separate soundtrack impressions one on each side in cross-section it looks like this a v-shaped groove 45 degrees on each side let's put our living stereo stylus in this groove as the record turns the right side of the groove reproduces the sound from the left-hand section of the orchestra the left side of the groove reproduces the sound and the right-hand section now both at once two totally different soundtracks coming from one groove on one record with one stylus this is living stereo while hurdy growth phase brilliant and beautiful Grand Canyon suite is being played you are going on a ride a ride on the diamond tip of RCA Victor's new living stereo stylus as it plunges down through a canyon of sound where music is made you