[Music] down here not appear and we're looking for you boy oh here I just got one piece my mom made me go all the way them in short means we've been missing a handsome and mom just having a really bad week do not leave any comments about me here you don't win here rates don't leave any bad comments if I see one comment about my hair is shorter I swear you're wrong I will find you and I will delete it wink the moon freaking ground just because I cut off my hair it's such a freak eater no it's like oh yeah I'll get you Bank so every time she says women was temple bathe I never even took aunt Concha so I call about my gun but then it's farewell kaput freakin pika a game oh good means stolen painting look this goes mean Quasimodo I'm sure air and pink-eyed the same for you tonight hmm missiles ding there's just been a really bad week for me old man Shawn Mendes a camila cabello didn't even gaze at the VMAs I really wanted to see that the gong cools like we're gonna do it we're gonna do it they didn't even do wait so I think I just need to run away from home everything's sticking me off no I'm thrown off the freakin Wi-Fi I have been able to be online she wouldn't even get me a super-sized a McDonald's showing up my regular size what she want me to starve today basically crippled at this point and she's treating me this way inches don't be only please like on an infection this week to most I'm talk about my other and fit Jean because God is listening it's just so bad do anyways I just wanted to make this video I stole my uncle's freaking camera I just want to make this video to update you guys like yes I want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers but my mom cut off all my freaking hair as you can see look like freaking out so I think I'm just gonna wait so I've been thinking about what two different plates as I could go to one way to leave a comment please do not call me about my hair I don't even you ain't only comment what place I should move I shouldn't go with my freakin don't see any garments [Music]