hey guys it's me Maria dot now before you say anything let me you trying to say I know what you're thinking yes I did my hair different today I slept in a brain so it's more crinkly please hey guys so today I thought it'd be really fun game did teach you how to be a sexy Instagram wonder woman everyone knows the most popplers people in the world these days besides myself it's in square models so I thought that I would teach you guys how to be the sexiest one there is but while being modest i'ma go Christine though oh also I have pink on e so on before we get started with how to be a sexy Instagram model don't forget to get tickets to my tour I'm coming all over California and rizona Utah when probably gonna add once more so make sure to get tickets Marie Singh Stockholm before they're sold out alright let's get started with the meeting okay so the first thing you gotta learn how to do if you want to be Instagram model is you have to learn how to have a sexy face so I can do that is use the smiles like Tyra Banks taught us which is when you squint your eyes really good that's why I always do that when I smile just slow regular smile is like this but a model smile is like this you know what the freak if it stings by the way before you say anything about ain't no I did not seek pump in my iron when I said I got pinkeye everyone said I stuck the poop on my own and did not do that even my mom's like oh well maybe if you washed your hands after you go to the bathroom or maybe if you wash your hands after you change your baby's diaper you wouldn't get that in banking but listen I'm trying to save the earth we're literally losing the ocean at a rapid rate have you heard of climate change and literally not gonna waste water by watching my hands so I didn't touch any poop okay anyway so one thing about Instagram models is they don't just model with their face like me they actually model with their body and most Instagram models are really in public but I'm not gonna be like that because I'm a Christian I'm not gonna be like that because I'm a modest lady modest is hottest gentleman so I have waist immodest if you guys saw my Coachella video you saw that I know how to be modest while still being sexy at the same time so watch out here at home okay here we go I have this outfit that looks like you're naked but you're not actually meet me and this outfit no it's like you're naked but you're not actually Nike and they love to show their butts those Instagram models so those outfits will be great I'll say I love to show their tummies so I also have this fanny pack that looks like a tummy so we're gonna try these out and see how they look and I'll model them for you here we go okay I'm almost ready but of course they're always wearing their panties or a freaking bikini in those paint jars so this is my most Ciencias panties that I have um they're stripes if you can see most panties are just plain white but I like living on the edge so I got white with pink stripes so I'm gonna use these for my panties also the Instagram models like to have it up there but new are tongs normal panties now if you want the fanny pack look looks like a little belly button you can wear it lower hider or you are there now I'm look like Instagram model because they're always wearing this amount of clothes so you can when I said C jacket with beads and have someone take your picture for Instagram where is the info they always do a kissy face within ombre to meet a candidate later then once take the picture showing off the booty so I'm gonna do that one now it's usually from a downer and Goldstar butyne looks a little bit bigger some people can't afford to buy their butts like a lot of the famous people out there so you have to think it till they make it that's where face tune comes in so I'm gonna take a couple pictures and show you how to phase 2 in the bond alright so I'm just gonna send up my camera right here and send enough to take the booty picture so on the timer and there's the booty shot okay so now I'm gonna face two knees pictures we're gonna find the best one so we have the one with um and we have the one without the phone now see this is a really great way to fit in with all the other Instagram models but you can still be modest and not lose your walls here is the one with the phone so you can see it looks pretty good but we want a badonkadonk like the Kim Kardashian like the Gabby hang on like the tan among the new like the jeans Charles so we're gonna just make this look a lot better in Photoshop song so you're just gonna team Heat and you're just gonna stretch it tight look at these before after before after before after now here is the picture with the modest panties as you can see I'm looking very well at joints but we can make me even look more of a lot of joints so we just take the booty and you just stretch it out stretch it out make that booty nice and me send when you zoom out you have a nice big booty isn't that nice before before so that is how you get an Instagram model booty shot while still being a very good goal and not being totally naked for real just pretty naked one really popper thing Instagram models do is they like to hold hands with an invisible person so someone behind the camera so um since I'm the only one in my room right now I have to find something oh here's a good one this doll I'm gonna hold her hand to take the picture with um because that's what the Instagram models do you stone some people might not like little hands um some of you might have a phobia of that and so if you do have a phobia of little hands number one I'm sorry I hope you fast forward it through that I hope I didn't trade are you but also I don't know how you ever watch any videos of our president all right so this is if you want to do your own hand you can use your own hand like this and then hold on to it and they're always laughing like oh we're having so much fun all right so that's how to take the hand-holding picture hope you guys like faint so there's one final thing you have to do if you want to be an Instagram model and hear any ads hair-growing gummy candies all you have to deal with the candy and her hair grows like Rapunzel weight loss - all you have to do is drink hot water to get skinny powder water who knew all you had to do to get skinny was drink powder water a skinny bounce who knew all you had to do was weren't about to get skinny my teeth whitener can't it'll make you have whiter teeth quick cook I just mix these ingredients and I'll get a delicious Dino's look at my amazing watch it tells the time if you buy it you'll get a watch ding dongs if you buy these you'll be able to eat a big old them so there you go that's how to be a sexy Instagram model send your Instagram sexy model poses on but no inappropriate ones please I only want the modest people I'm off in a forum so anyways love you guys I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to leave a comment tell me which was your favorite Instagram model picture and have a wonderful day don't forget to get to get to my tour and please pray for my eye maybe it's a look I'm going for Coachella 2020 one side Wet Ones my nothing give me to eat and don't forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram Instagram all those times teens and I'll see you guys next time thanks for watching Oh it was a hair in my water my relief in hurts