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[Music] hey i'm leaving in five is that cool okay i'll see you soon bye [Music] let's go anthony gaines girls get the squat rack ready [Music] what is going on everybody jesse james west here i hope you guys are having a fantastic start to your day or finish to your day wherever you are in this world i love you listen today we're sipping on coffee and we're heading down to south jersey and we're going to meet up and collaborate and lift and hang out my boy anthony mantello the man is killing it on social media right now so definitely check him out we're going to lift later i think we're hitting chest and i'm super stoked we're also going to see my boy stelios if you guys don't know him he is literally my best friend but he's never in my videos so it's kind of weird but you're going to meet him if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that like button turn on your post notifications and join the family by hitting that subscribe button i truly appreciate each and every one of you thank you guys today i'm going to take you through my entire diet my entire day so let's get started [Music] so you guys are probably wondering why i don't have french toast right now as that's normally my daily breakfast and listen i am deciding to have it later in the day i was creating this horrible cycle of addiction to french toast and maple syrup so we got to cut back just a little bit okay the caffeine though not cutting back on definitely not my inner puerto rican was calling my name so i had to grab some tortillas toss some eggs on there and have a dark black coffee my friends egg whites on the side it's all egg whites by the way fire hmm although i kind of want french toast so for this breakfast we're looking at 45 protein 37 carb and only three fat now unless these tortillas are lying like every guy lies about their height i am 511 in shoes my friends it's low calorie last night best bite mother oh yeah so a big portion of my day is revolving a lot around e-commerce and online work and editing and all that stuff but one thing that i have been working on which i'm so excited to launch it's not launching till about december um everything's just getting in the works communicating with manufacturers and all that the big message of it is helping people become more confident because when i was younger i was not always as confident as i am now and i noticed that when i started putting things into place and doing certain habits and taking care of myself my life completely changed and i really want you guys to experience that it's taken me to better places it takes me to a higher mentality feeling better about myself and i really want to get that message to you guys so i hope you guys are ready for it because december when it hits you guys are gonna love it thank you all for the amazing support so we're gonna get some work done and one of the biggest things a little tip if you want to get a lot done make lists and check it out throughout the day because you won't forget anything and you're gonna get a hell of a lot more done than if you did all right guys we're about to cook up meal numero dose now listen i never made it past intermediate spanish so if any of you guys want to teach me spanish i'm totally down to learn we're gonna be cooking up an amazing meal it's totally new totally different in fact i'm gonna be breaking abstinence from french toast because i'm craving it now the biggest reason that i'm actually having french toast right now is not one just because i want it that's a huge factor but i want to have some simple carbs that are going to digest pretty quickly that way i don't have anything full in my stomach while we're training and we're going to be doing some photo shoot stuff and getting some dope content so obviously i don't want to be bloated and everything i found that when i have my french toast it's definitely light enough on my stomach that way i can look a lot leaner even though i'm eating the same amount of [Music] calories [Music] you know guys all i can do is say i am truly addicted to french toast and sugar-free syrup there's nothing that beats it besides single moms i just change my tinder profile and i change the age range from 25 to 35 cause we gotta find some single moms the reason it looks like i'm eating pretty similar every day is because i am consistency is king make your own diet plan you don't need a diet plan from anyone else you can put it together find your macros and stick to it and eventually you don't even have to track your macros if your diet's that similar it's really a perfect way to get consistent and make progress a secret ingredient that i recently found is you take this spray butter it's zero calories toss a few sprays in the syrup toss a few sprays on the french toast toss a few sprays on your girlfriend doesn't matter sweet and salty all at once do i even need to say i am full i need a chaser do you guys see the aesthetic of this outfit i mean bam code jesse rise link's down below let's go we're going to go meet anthony now hi welcome to doc hi can i please get a medium iced coffee we're looking at 14 carbs three fat and one protein for that coffee i really don't log my coffees unless i get them from like a dunkin and if i do i only get one pump of the flavor because if you get multiple pumps you're gonna be having so much sugar and so many calories for no reason if you can't tell we are made to anthony mantello's house hey hey there it is we're here okay great to see you when i see you too bro how's everything it's been good enjoying life now yeah ho show the last time we saw him he was super sucked in nearly on his deathbed and uh the man is back anthony mantello give it up for him thank you thank you we can eat we can do whatever we want now we can do this with your restrictions all right sugar free syrup inside you want to go inside and we went all the way to ohio and crashed my car jesus and then it was really fun it was really worth it every like dollar spent was totally worth it who's your favorite collaborator definitely brad yeah yeah just cause dude tristan my man i know you might be watching this but you're the man and that kid is so shredded i wish i could see him personally it's actually like it's more insane in person but i like brad's because the storyline that i kind of made it where it's like i watched i literally was trying to find him and then i actually like like tristan didn't connect me to him or anything like i literally got in his dms because my followers tagged me so if there's girls at this gym we're 100 talking to them i'm not joking a single mom hottest girl ever like a real single mom like a single mom like late 20s are you are you a single mom guy you like seeing moms i'm 18. yes guys stelios hasn't seen me in a long time you guys some people are asking saying people don't know who i am they don't know who you are but they also are thinking they're like are you friends with stelios anymore i talk to this kid the most that everyone is just not anymore in the videos anymore it's whatever but he's back all right guys we're gonna be heading over to iron revolution it's a super dope gym we went there last time with anthony we're gonna be grabbing our stuff and then getting in brittany aka his car what are we naming my britney name my car down below and if i pick it i'll uh i'll show you guys out in the next video [Music] that might look weird what do you think weird we're patting our leg to get our brains to be he's like thinking he's fire here i can't remember oh i have a story to tell you i can't place on the camera i have a story telling the car oh yeah before some of you guys asked we're related no we're brothers actually no oh okay we're brothers and greg you such our dad brad's our our uncle it's a great genetically gifted family yeah britney take us to the gym [Music] all right it's leg day apparently anthony told me was chess day just so i'd come there's a video i have literally only leg session i had with kyle i cried it's bad yeah i mean i can yeah yeah okay i don't have knee sleeves but it's actually leg day god dude i was convinced i actually was really really scared dude my heart races when i hear like i had to do it with kyle it's bad this is my [Music] that was the single mom ladies and gentlemen it is time to get into the workout i don't know what we're gonna be doing we're gonna be following anthony's coach's workout it's coach kyle okay you guys known for the last time probably gonna rip my my chest off we're in a good place for a good time all right let's get after it what are we doing first cable flies [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the yeah baby guys it's just it's the rise joggers it increases the testosterone it goes straight down to your calves we just finished up warm-ups yes that was a warm-up now we're going into the first exercise incline barbell bench press this is where the boys become men let's get after it come on come on thank you bro i was worried today we're not practicing safe steps no protection today no clips [Applause] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] everybody flipping them all right [Music] he wants to do the same show this guy's like a vet i'm like kyle would be in the middle me and anthony in the front and then and then you you know [Music] turns out for the boys [Music] moving on to the accessories of chess we hit the heavy compound now we're gonna be doing a benching machine tarps off for the boys and the single [Music] moms all right here we go hold on wait wait wait wait i need something [Music] let's go baby [Music] good job anthony may had done half of the work he was doing rows i was doing the bench press all right guys last exercise of chess that these guys are kicking my ass right now drop sets till death we're going to do some flies we're going to stretch and then we're going to be hitting some biceps because i mean buys for the gut damn it curls for the girls [Music] so [Music] all right moving on to biceps now this is the best part tarps are back on because it's a bit too cold in here [Music] are baby coming back [Music] bye [Music] [Music] i nearly just fainted i bent over stood up and went i'm okay kyle's looking small today [Music] oh hey what's going on guys let's finish up this workout what are we doing now going to eat food and that is a wrap my friend anthony mantello thank you for a good chest day of course any time i was scared about the legs but you know what we persevered here we go all right guys we are going to be heading to bubba coos burritos i'm stoked my glycogen levels are at zero and i need to refuel let's get some burritos i was drinking so much water because i gotta get one around you oh i don't know what you get i'm hungry i get a bowl ladies and gentlemen we have the feast in front of us nothing's meaty last time we were here he got literally nothing this time he's got a massive burrito the size of my head now i have a giant bowl right here it's that is the size of my head kind of it's leaking awesome double chicken so the reason i like eating this after my workout one it's a lot of protein two it's a lot of calories but i can actually track it i just use the chipotle tracker and i'll add a little bit extra of each thing because they put a giant bowl together but it gives me a rough estimate it's all about memories over macros you don't have to eat perfectly if you're not on a diet or if you're not trying to get leaner we're trying to make memories because we're friends friends forever we're gonna make a friendship bracelet we're gonna dive into this and i got something i want to talk about [Music] you guys know the rules last bite best bite baby so good all right meal was fantastic but i want to give you guys a little bit of a message before we move on with the day and something that's been kind of crossed my mind and definitely anthony can relate to this is that when it comes to growing up obviously it's hard to go through high school and you feel the pressure of a society but be your classmates and stuff and i know a lot of you guys are gonna relate to this the fact of just being who you are and being what you want to be and not conforming to what other people want to be is so important and i'm sure like you fully embraced who you are now like we don't do essentially the norm by filming ourselves and doing bodybuilding and doing shows and you know it's an awesome lifestyle that makes us really happy but it's it's it can be a little bit difficult for people to understand it literally i hung out with some school friends yesterday i haven't seen a while around college and everything but a story came up literally like freshman year where i started bottling posting on instagram for the first time of literally me flexing which is abstract seeing as like a freshman flexing posting his muscles so people like funny they judge you you want to be a bodybuilder yeah you're small you look whatever and then literally staying like to your goals and sticking to what you want to do and then proving those people wrong and like it's just like going against it it's how you can reach like your full potential of happiness and then now they look and they're like wow congratulations and you look great you did so good exactly i can't believe we you know said this about you in the beginning and it's just like literally so like my message to you guys is just be true to yourself be true to the people around you don't judge others and just be happy why am i knowing everyone here this guy about to come out i life guarded him excuse me sir do you remember me how have you been i'm pretty good but yeah just keeping the positivity going guys literally one day at a time if you guys are going through anything hard just keep your head going straight stay positive and know that you're doing something right for yourself we're looking at 95 grams of protein 90 grams of carbs and only 25 fat super solid meal we got like one maybe two more meals left in the day oh i don't know what to say yeah okay at least two weeks what other months can we do i can it's either gonna be mid-november mid-december or for a month in january i'll be down okay let's go anthony mantello hit the link in the bio subscribe to him follow him on instagram same as well jessie's will be in my description subscribe to him appreciate this let's go man it's fun this was very fun it's always good to come down january january what happens we might be cooking up some stuff that's all i'm gonna say all right guys we're heading home and i'm on the way home i'm gonna have a kind bar 200 calories i'll catch you guys back at the house all right everybody for dinner we are gonna be having sweet potato grilled chicken and some sauteed mushrooms toss some g-hues there we go gus give me some of that and then to top off the night we're gonna have some arctic zero low calorie ice cream that's my best buy baby ladies and gentlemen we are looking at 216 grams of protein on the day 331 carbs and 42 fat around 2500 calories perfect right below my maintenance level if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button turn on post notifications hit the like button if you're feeling generous i just want to say thank you all for 180 000 subscribers truly appreciate each and every one of you i'll catch you guys in the next one make sure you guys stay relentless [Music] peace [Music]