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[Music] what's that review on my name is Alex Kosta and the more comments I read here on my youtube channel or on my Instagram page the easier it is to see that you guys worry you're worried about a girl or are you worried about a test coming up on school or maybe it's an event that's coming up like a wedding or prom what do I wear what do I say what do I do these are questions that you probably ask yourself on the daily I used to be like that but not anymore you know why because when you worry less you live better you spend less time overthinking things and more time enjoying life in being products so here are some tips for you guys who are worrying a little bit too much lately number one write a to-do list and be realistic about it don't write a bunch of stuff you wish you could do because if you do that then you're gonna look at that list and you're gonna see that you're not getting everything done which will make you worry even more I actually like to write mine at night before I go to sleep so that way when I wake up in the morning I wake up and I know exactly what needs to be done that day and being prepared and organized who always make you worry less number two let's talk about savings I know I don't talk about money and financial advice here on the channel but it's honestly one of the most important things you'll ever have to learn one thing that I learned early on is that having money set aside is one of the best ways of worrying less and that's because now you know that you have something saved up for a rainy day ideally you're not gonna spend this money on a new leather jacket okay this is for that surprise bill that you definitely were not expecting it definitely didn't want to get like a parking ticket or a cracked screen on your phone if you have the savings it's gonna be so much easier to take care of these things when they come up by the way I'm definitely not saying they need to save up thousands of dollars all right it really is dependent on where you are in your life for a teenager for example it could be 50 bucks 100 bucks 200 bucks that you save up in two to three months you know what I mean so that way you have that money if anything comes up when you do that you're gonna worry way less about money trust me next up protecting your online identity we see these big corporations being hacked all the time Facebook was hacked just last week and 50 million users had their identity taken right their username their towards our emails that is scary working at Google for so many years I definitely learned that I had to have different passwords for different websites and backup codes and recovery access and different devices but still that is not enough that's why I was really glad when today's sponsor expressvpn reached out you don't know about expressvpn already they are a Virtual Private Network company that encrypts your data as you browse the intranet if you ever go on a website and check out a product and then when you leave and go on another website you see an ad trust me it is not a coincidence you are being tracked and I wonder what people who find if they looked at your search history or your browsing history I'm sure you want to keep those things private your cable company and your cell phone providers they all track what you do and what pages you visit and a lot of them actually sell that information to advertise expressvpn masks all of my sensitive data and hides my IP address to conceal my online activity and it is so simple to use as well just one click on your device and boom it works in the background like magic your information is now protect it was voted the number one VPN service provider by tech radar and other outlets so it's something that you could definitely trust the best part about it is that it's only seven dollars a month so you can actually keep your information safe from only seven bucks a month and if you're part of the YouTube family which worry if you're watching this you actually can go to expressvpn comm slash Alex and get three months free I'm gonna leave that link link in the description right below the video here next thinking about the worst thing that could have something that I do a lot and it works really well for me just think about the worst possible outcome for that scenario for example you go to a bar and you want to talk to a girl there's ten hot girls or you know talk to one of them what you're worried about what they're gonna say right they're gonna say no so then you decide to not talk to them and you go home and you end up regretting that decision think about the worst that could happen you go up there you talk to her and she says no I don't really want to talk to you that's not bad at all that's not gonna change anything in your life you will be fine you should actually be proud of yourself and be happy that you went over there and that you try then you go and talk to the second girl and she says sorry I have a Boyfriend you say all right well it was nice meeting you that's not bad like I said the worst possible case scenario is actually usually not that bad why worry about it so much to a point where you're too scared to try the worst that could happen is she might say now now just to make sure you guys in a sentence I'm talking about everyday situations yeah okay if I'm on a plane I look outside and the wing is on fire then yeah I'm gonna be my pants okay because the worst that could happen is I could die and that's not good worrying about a girl prom or a speech have to give in class tomorrow those things should not be taking a lot of your headspace instead you should use that headspace to do one of the most important things you can do before a speech for example right practice if you're talking about fashion for example then learn more about the latest trends right watch some videos go do some research because the more you know the less you're gonna worry you're going to prom for example and you want to learn how to dance and you don't really know how to yet then just watch some videos get better learn a few steps because then you're gonna worry way less when it's time to ask somebody to dance the more you practice the less worried you're gonna be because you're gonna feel a hundred percent confident in what you're about to do so worry less and live more guys don't forget to check out expressvpn to get your three months free of service it's gonna be linked in the description below follow me on instagram at Alex Kosta and subscribe to become part of the YouTube family I want to miss you now when I get to 2 million subscribers as soon as possible thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again soon peace