HP DeskJet 3636 AllinOne Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer UNBOXING and OVERVIEW




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I was looking for a printer which can print the images of your loved one directly from your smartphone without much hassle then look no further today we are going to talk about the HP Deskjet three six three six all-in-one he advantaged wireless teleprinter so let's begin [Music] so guys this will start with unboxing for the HP Deskjet 366 island would think advantage wireless color printer the first thing that you will notice inside the box for this one is the careful packaging that has been done in order to ensure that the printer does not get damaged during concert and the second thing that you will notice is that it's quite heavy this is because it's loaded with features you will get the documentation on the inside the warranty card and few other things so what can you do with the HP Deskjet 3 6 3 6 printer you can easily do all in moon actions which means you can do print copy scan fax all with just one single printer it also supports wireless connectivity with your smart phone where the HP smart app and that makes printing your favorite pictures and other documents lot more easier and convenient talking about what's on the inside you also get an extra black cartridge free with the printer so if you're looking for a print now the first thing that you will ask is how many pages do I get from this one what's the gift for the printer so the yield for this one is 480 black and white pages and 150 color pages so if you do some rough math calculation it comes to around 1.4 rupees per paper for black and white and 4.5 rupees per paper for the colorful prints which means all in all it's a really economical printer for anyone who's looking to print a lot of stuff and the added extra black cartridge also helps if you have further bought what weight sizes are supported for this printer then it can print a 4 B 5 a 6 and a lot more different pages like angle up size as well you get a warranty of one year from the date of purchase and if I talked about the connectivity options it supports Wi-Fi USB and also where the HP smart app if we talked more about the features of this printer it also comes with an optional white mode which allows you to decrease overall noise generated by the beta and that makes for a more convenient printing experience talking about the build and design for this printer it features a flatbed type scanner and it weighs around five kilograms overall it has a very sturdy design and it's suited for small offices homes for anybody who's looking at clewd it's a compact all-in-one printer which can be placed anywhere it can be placed on your desk near your shirt or anywhere is where you need it if you talk about the print speed for this printer it supports up to 8.5 pages per minute in terms of the black paper or six pages per minute if you are going for it color output the input tray for this printer suppose up to 250 sheets so guys who should buy the HP Deskjet 3 6 3 6 wireless color printer anybody who's looking for a small workplace set up or for home use it's an ideal product for them so we can you get the HP Deskjet three six three six all-in-one ink Advantage wireless color printer you can easily buy it from Amazon so guys this will I cannot refer mean spider eyes dot-com and as always thanks for watching