HUGE WWE Network Relaunch In September Hardyz To Vacate Belts

[Applause] hi guys I'm at a World Warner from what culture and I'm the inspirational Andy Murray from what culture and remember never be a try-hard but always try hard going up news on another departure from WWE we have a story on a potential WWE Champion being forced to vacate their belt the latest news on the backstage feat for Leo rush and WWE's original plans for Kofi Kingston Kevin Owens and the WWE title this is the news so Story number one and it is a pretty exciting one as always because we don't report on boring bollocks this one is all about the WWE Network and a yesterday of course WWE's latest set of financial reports came out now they were not the sunniest set we saw declines in income revenue viewership live event attendances merchandise all kinds of stuff but one little interesting positive nugget in there was the WWE apparently plan on relaunching the network later this year now Jorge Barrios who talked about this on the earnings call followed the reports as stating the while he couldn't really give up any specifics WWE are looking to implement a bunch of features that a lot of people have been asking for for a long long time while he couldn't give a precise date as to when it would happen the relaunch will go down sometime this year so we can probably sit here and speculate as to what those might be considering the stuff like this has been reported before there was talk of a $15.00 price point at one point with all kinds of extra features including indie wrestling content fan contests all kinds of stuff Adam Wellborn what do you reckon I am mixed emotions about this because they know everyone's been sort of concerned about this price hike 999 to figure they're tied for ages and for some people it depends not what they can have a tiered scale like the seed with this suggestion yeah but some people this is great if you want more and more wrestling in your life you'll be happy to pay a little bit extra and for others if you just happy with what you've got now that's good but I think we do need a little bit of a Reebok revamp of the network we had it for quite a few years now and it'd be nice to see some sort of element some sort of improvement or do you think yeah no absolutely couldn't agree more the thing is the network is a wonderful resource there is so much stuff on it woods of incredible content you could sit there and watch network stuff for the rest of your days and not run out of things to watch there is an absolute pile of content but there are some really basic things that are still wrong with it I mean the layout is kind of ugly the search facility is absolutely pathetic and there's no way of like say you want to go and watch some incredible bret hart matches if you type in his name we're gonna get a bunch of undercard nonsense from like episodes of Superstars and stuff it'd be nice to have like more comprehensive user-friendly experiences with that regard so hopefully that's what mr. Barrios is talking about and personally I have no use for things like fan contests and early access to tickets and so forth but you know if the price point does go up to 15 and they add things like what we just spoken about that would be a good thing it's good business really because some people can pay this amount and be happy before they have if you want even more the problem is if they start taking things that used to be on the 999 tear and throw them into the 15 that's when you're gonna have a lot of issues with discontent and so forth so let's just hope they don't do that it's a very WWE thing to do foe isn't it for more episodes of swerve demint moving on there's no your thoughts on in the comment section below moving on now another departure from WWE as dean malenko has quit as road agent for them this has been reported by Justin Barroso of Sports Illustrated this sort of is in keeping with some well several backs they change different obviously with on Anderson getting released we've had Road Dogg go on hiatus but it appears yeah he's his role as a road agent is no longer gonna be involved in WWE at least speculation he might be going to aw yeah this is this is a cool one like as Michael hand flip in the world culture office pointed out this morning like there's so much out people backstage with people like Road Dogg going on hiatus Arn Anderson leaving Rd Evans is left there's loads of other ones as well and it feels like nothing is really happening because there's no outward signs of like chaos or anything but something is definitely going on yeah like this is a strange set of upheaval particularly from people like Anderson and Malenko have been with the company for so long like Malenko has been working backstage for ages he was a Road agent for the past eight years of course now when you look at the original report it does kind of say that aw would be a good landing point for him given that his you know Milenka was a very technical wrestler and stuff that might be more in line with a Wu's philosophy it does mention that apparently his biggest strengths as an agent were involving smaller wrestlers which almost suggests that he's just kind of looked at a picture of Dean Malenko and given hey that's a shirt gasps and address these high grass sling as well yeah so Tony that I do you read yeah don't eat that so maybe the aw thing is just putting two and two together but by the same token like you know we've seen you aw Hoover up guys like Billy Gunn and Christopher Daniels to help out backstage Dean Malenko is 15 years old he has a wealth of experience very very well-respected professional I can see it happen yeah absolutely and there you've seen obviously with with aw picking up those guys to quite old-school guys and he'd be another great addition to the the team on the brain trust yeah yeah there's already a wealth of knowledge there let's see if it expands anyway speaking of variants of well not quite on the same level Jeff and Matt Hardy they are currently the SmackDown tag-team champions of course but they've kind of been absent for the past few weeks since winning the belt against the Usos this is down to an injury suffered by Jeff on a Wisconsin house show he hurt one of his legs only 25 April this has put their tag team title ring into doubt unfortunately so Dave Meltzer is reported to that Jeff will have a decision made on what WWE how they're gonna progress with this thing sometime later this week now there are two schools of thought currently doing the rounds backstage and WWE number one is that it's just a small knock and you should be able to work through it and if that happens there's obviously no need to really do anything you can just come out to TV the second is that unfortunately he has suffered a rather serious right knee injury and he'll need to go under the knife and that will mean the end of the Hardy Boys latest rating their first in two years we hope to ever really getting going that would be a big shame yeah it's been very frustrating because it did seem I remember writing about when the Hardy Boys won the titles about them not just necessarily holding these titles and passing them on to the next up-and-coming tag-team on the blue brand at the next possible pay-per-view but you know bringing some prestige back to them it's been they've been a great set of tag-team belts on Smackdown we've looked at all the teams that have competed for them and really made them feel important compared to the raw type team tasks for example and I was really hoping yeah we just get a bit of all your bloody love a bit of nostalgia a bit of that for parents as we establish another team to take on the Hardy Boys but this would be a real shame fingers crossed it's not as serious as it's being recalled yeah absolutely particularly given the lack of babyface tag teams on that brand I mean once you get the hardy boys out of the way who are we talking about here well the heavy machinery lady nods right now man BT Marlon smart Dino so yeah that's a thing cool maybe we all know and let's talk about some more backstage feeds for Leo Rossi seems barely a week and go by without yeah Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer mentioning yes they said he still has internal heat and Leo Roche has taken to Twitter to well put his side of the story across he tweeted the 24 year old piece of gold days this girl the fact of the matter is no matter what you do in life no matter what route you take you'll always have people out there that'll try to tear you down try to tell you you can't be or do something try stomp on your name and hot your success the fact of the matter is he goes on to explain me he loves this business yeah he is a young hungry and humble husband he is a passionate african-american male in America who takes his passion seriously and will do whatever it takes to change his and his family's situation he's overcome neglect suicide anxiety depression and everything else at a very young age at whom human of his current age should never have to go through he's being all those demons and you know some people say that he's arrogant he's overconfident backstage but no I'm inclined to agree with him is one hell of a poster I think you know it concludes the back to them out of those that you don't always know the facts and that's okay so he seems to suggest that some of these reports may not necessarily see the bigger picture but it's really confusing because half the time you hear reports of w/e going come on have some that's some belief in you yeah and then the moment someone comes in I think Leo rush is one of the best promos in the game you know reason why they put in with Bobby lash he's an annoying little toad loves his joy was and you know if this was the Attitude Era if you didn't have someone like that backstage then they wouldn't be getting out yes Oh like I love that post thing he's made there because it's not just him going issue they do keep rolling stuff it's just basically him speaking up for himself and like this is kind of what wrestling used to be these days everyone's been so ground down that we just expect like this army of shrinking shrinking sharking violets whatever backstage and it's it's good to hear him kind of come out like this because like wow Luke wheel Rush has done some silly silly things and they cool Emma I wasn't ready for asking all that nonsense the other year that was dumb but he was also like 22 years old at the time and people make mistakes and you've got to let them grow and so forth so Dave's latest update in the observer says something along the lines of rush things the heat and perhaps he should be a a top guy on Raw and he isn't shy of letting people know that now whether or not that's true remains to be seen you can judge yourself as to whether or not he has ideas above his station but you've got to have a degree of confidence if you're gonna succeed into anything so good on him for speaking out it's it's a really good Twitter post it's not our groveling sniveling little wine fest good on the your rush if you don't want to be champion why are you here now I'm not saying he's going to be champion but at least have some kind of a nationally so he is a 24 year old piece of gold baby and I think he deserves everything they get and not to drag this on and on but look at where he is today compared to where he was 12 months ago 12 months ago he was in developmental limbo he wasn't getting on NXT TV with any degree of regularity and even then he was being used primarily as a jobber today he's bobby lashley his manager he is about to become a focused star on 2 or 5 live I know it's 2 or 5 live but it's still technically main roster television counts guys doing really well for himself he's 24 years old he's already a compost boat loads more than 95 percent of people who step into that business ever will so good for him good response let's hope he keeps on pushing anyway our final story of the day is actually quite a big one at Kevin Owens Kofi Kingston they're probably gonna wrestle the double W championship at money in the bank we saw Kevin Owens turn on Kofi on this week's episode smart down any brilliant angle the match itself will would be an absolute banger yeah but this wasn't WWE's original plans apparently before Daniel Bryan was injured WrestleMania 45 they were gonna do the immediate rematch of that instant classic match in New York at money in the bank Kofi Kingston Daniel Bryan - obviously Bryan has been injured that is no longer on the card there's more to this after Bryan was injured they were considering guys like Samoa Joe Randy Orton those were the two main guys from Smackdown he default could step up and maybe feed for the WWE Championship they even thought about going to Raw and drafting over drew McIntyre or my man Baron carbon as like a fill-in opponent and ultimately they went with Kevin Owens and this led to WWE scrapping plans for a long babyface push for Kevin Owens following those everyman vignettes that we saw a few months ago so Daniel Bryan's injury has had a massive massive impact on what the writing and knowing that it's kind of amazing that the Kevin Owens thought maybe it's not going so good yeah per but they come off really well and this is like a last minute rewrite yeah it's very good to credit where it's due for wev for pulling this out of the bag because um usually saw those vignettes and I always sat her I always want to see Kevin Owens be against yeah he's the best get on the roster in my opinion and yes he may be deserved a bit of a change segment maybe deserved a bit of a baby-faced run I agree but he's so talented if you if you're looking around your or something and who can we suddenly hotshot into a title feud he is your guy and I know some people said or maybe they should have continued the poly poly stuff when the indeed a new day a bit longer no he got we got where he needs to be got in position he gained their trust and the moment there they least expected it meant when they were all distracting which is gonna come on rusev boom kick super kick Kofi Kingston ends up pop-up powerbomb Xavier woods onto the apron I think this is fantastic I think old also sort of arguably works in their favor because it would've been weird to have Daniel Bryan challenged again with the WWE Championship presumably lose but then just not have him appear on the Saudi Arabia show works with this injury take him away and then bring him back for a big feud a couple of months down yeah absolutely it saves immediate rematch syndrome which is a big big problem even with most anticipated matches it's been good content so far I'm sure the match will absolutely rule and there are great mashup characters Kevin ones as awesome Kofi Kingston is awesome this whole thing is really good it's alright let's move on to a question at welcome to WWE fans ask them first question comes from the fat man on client who said W we didn't put a celebrity in the Hall of Fame this year but what are your thoughts on Andy Kaufman being an injured induction into the celebrity wing hashtag if he met who should have been in there decades ago absolutely should have been the angle with Jerry Lawler is one of the most important in wrestling history it's kind of absurd that he isn't already there isn't it I think so I think he be straight waiting for me him and pitbull he any complaints for me the greatest artists of our generation next question today comes from a ditch of savant who says the way Ricochet lost clean to Bobby Roode our guest W to read has cemented his place as a jobber just as him as potential championship material what do you think just wins dislike mine restless just to suggest that he may and I need jabbers a little bit too far like it wasn't a jobbing he just lost a match like competitive it was competitive like a job is like two minutes done no offense you just squashed and that's not really what this was he just lost he was gonna hit his finisher Bobby removed how do I show them into the ringpost hit them fantastical him yeah Lori's DDT and one so they decent back yeah but it got hit no complaints for a rematch on Raw yeah they'll probably do that and yeah you know I wasn't necessarily the biggest fan of the outcome I think that if you wanted to give Bobby Roode a victory you probably should have done it over someone else because if you want to present ricochet is a bigger deal then having him lose at the moment is an ideal but I don't think there's any kind of grand disaster and I think they can recover from it now exactly and they're just gonna use him as the big flippy guy in the money the bank lad imagine and he's gonna come off great and be really over yeah big fantastic next question violation today comes from Superboy slick dick a home drifter what don't you who says with this year's WrestleMania where everyone we liked won the gold and next year's WrestleMania is pirate-themed and parts are known for being bad and taking the gold IDing the heel we'll win the gold at WrestleMania what are your key player pirate invasion I'm all for that angle yeah no like I are very going out of Nicholas's pointed this out on several videos and stuff and yeah get get used to like several more years of WWE just taking away all the nice things after what happened to Wrestlemania 35 because that's gonna happen a bit yeah we certainly are he's given us what we want that will do for the next half decade and until then it's gonna be all kinds of poop oh well maybe they'll give Baron Corbin the big belt for five years I think I quite like it not necessarily that could direct opposite of this year's WrestleMania but you do need some heels winning that's arguably in next year's WrestleMania you need Kyrie saying involved in almost everything and most importantly of all forget everything else Paul Burchill hosting wrestle my guys invested in Macy's he cashed his chips in now remember when they were gonna do an incest that sister but let's move on to today's and finally and to me actually got sent to me last week but I didn't get to mention it because I was away on my stag do and I want to mention Tom Welles who sent me this photo from Smackdown a week or two ago you've seen this I have seen you so we've made it over now again we have made it thank you so much to Tom Welles saying that saying that doesn't whoever it made that sign please tweet at me so I can send you thanks all we need now is a push on WWE's just just make it happen look how happy it might be oh just a vitalife image of you and bang Corbin just best mate NEMA pol big bar we already kind of look alike yeah see me out wedding I wear his ring attire so yeah any future sod you are taking to WV show 7 to them we will we will lavish you of his praise let us know your thoughts on that and all of today's new stories in the comment section don't forget to like share and subscribe and send us 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