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English Subtitles: Rotaract Club of Ankara Kavaklıdere [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] [Bell Ringing] [Running with Noise] -What are you doing guys? -Agh! -Guys, no girl can resist to my wild charm. - Şaban! - What? - What did you do this time? - What did I do my dear Stubby? -You hurt a girl’s feelings again! - No way. - Yeah! -Did I? -Yes, I do! Hhih hih hih hi! -And you got the poor girl knocked up. [Rising Noises from Behind] Woow... - She has left fruit of your love and gone away. - What fruit? - Your kid, man, your kid! - What, a kid? - Where is my child? - Look! Here. [Laughing] -Looks just like the father, right? -Admit it Cow, This is your child! -Stubby, I will kill you this time... ...you cannot get away. -Guys! I need you to help me... ...to kill Stubby, go! [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -Stubby, you traitor! -Let me go! Don’t stop me! -Don’t you stop me! -Cow! Your son is running away! -Let him! Why do you care about my son? -I’m choking him this time, now he’s dying... - Don’t do it Şaban! - Guys, Nuri teacher! -Look at yourselves, you jackasses! -Is here barn? Go to your seats! -Ready! Set! -Rascals’ Class is ready for your attention with 39 members, sir! -What kind of a report is that! Sit down! -Take out your papers, you have an exam! -Oh no! Where the hell did it come from? -My dear Stubby, do your trick so that we can get rid of this exam. -Okay. [Ready to Cry] Teacher! -What? -My honorable teacher! -Say it, boy! -What’s wrong, son, Why are you crying? -Mahmut teacher will do an oral exam... ...what else do you expect. -Didn’t you study? -I did, of course? ...I memorized the whole book. ...But I couldn’t learn the battle of Dumlupınar. -And I’m a child of soldier. -Don’t cry boy! -Who else should cry if not me. -I said don’t cry, you will make me cry too. - I will teach you. - Teach me teacher. -Yeah, you should. Or he will cry! Hhih hih hih hi! [Şaban’s laugh] -Agh... Agh! ...Those were the days! I never forget. August 26th, 1922. ...The day was Saturday. We were on the battlefield in Kocatepe. ...Just like that. ... Fingers on triggers, eyes on the horizon... ... waiting for order to attack. ... Canon fire started with the dawn. [Together] Boom! Boom! Boom! -And we start to move forward to the hill by crawling ...Like this. [Warison] -All of a sudden warison started. ...Here it is! -I, Mülazim Evvel Nuri, took my sword out... ...and ordered to my team. - “Bayonet on, Attack!” [Together] Allah! Allah! Allah! Attack! - Head to Kocatepe! - Attack! - Drive the enemy into the sea, my boys! Ooh... Mahmut teacher! -What’s up teacher! What are you doing? -We are attacking. I’m teaching the great battle of Dumlupinar to my students. -Sir, aren’t you a physics teacher? -Yes, and I was going to hold an exam. -Take out your papers! -Oh, teacher! Shouldn’t you do it in class. -Well, isn’t here the class? -No! Teacher’s lounge. -Well, what am I doing in teacher’s lounge? -I am wondering that too. -Where was I this summer? [Şaban Mumbling] -How should we know! -I’m asking you, where was I? - Şaban! Tell me, where was I? - Ughm, maybe you were in Kayseri. - No! - Malatya? - No! - Gaziantep -Kahramanmaraş! -No, my boy, to this side. -Edirne? - Okay, go outside. - Alright teacher. -Well, that was easy. -Stop! -Go outside from the border! -Huh! - for example, France. - Huh! - Walk. - Spain. - Huh! Go through the sea. - I can’t. - Why? - Well, I don’t know how to swim... ...I’ll be drawn. - Idiot, then fly! - OK, I will fly. - Huh... Where did you come? - Where? - Tell me. - You tell me. - Come on... - Come on, come on. -Idiot! Go to your spot. -I was right there! -In Montreal. -At the Olympics! -Thank God! He finally said. Hhih hih hih hi! [Şaban’s Laugh] -Yes, I was there. -And... I returned with broken heart. -Think about it... Every national anthem was played... ...but ours, ours... ...Our flag wasn’t raised. [Cries] -Don’t cry teacher! You’ll make me cry too. -Man, he is crying! [Şaban Is Crying] - Wasn’t our flag raised? - No, it wasn’t. -Hey! You, moron! Why are you crying? Because you are crying. It is touching. - Go to your spot! - Okay. -But, I understand that... ...it won’t be solved by crying. -Why wouldn’t one of you become an Olympic champion? -Why not? Huh? -You can make it. You can make it, but... ...by only working a lot. -Guys, this is called trampoline. -You will bounce and jump. -High! Higher. To the highest! -But... You should know how to stop. -For example, I can’t stop now, I can’t. -I can’t, stop me. -So, what should we do... -We should well arrange to stop. -Come with me. - Şaban! - What is it called? - How should I know. - Javelin. - Oh, javelin. - Throw it! - Why, don’t we need it? - Throw it! - OK, I will. - Back off. - Back off, back off! -Any moment, you can lose your eye. [Javelin Goes with Noise] [Laughing] -Ha ha! Why couldn’t he throw far? Because he doesn’t know how to. -Actually, no one knows In the whole world. -Today, we will try a new way... ...for throwing for the first time. And history will write my name. - I will throw the javelin by turning. - Oh boy! -Just like this. -One! Two! Three! -Hi! Hi! Hih! Hih! -Which shameless threw This javelin inside? -I did! -I’m sorry Mahmut teacher. There’s been a mistake. Hi! Hi! Hih! Hih! This year I will teach Literature to your class. My name is Zühtü. ...I don’t like the word “new”. ...Especially in literature. ...Literature means divan literature, ...and divan poetry. ...And divan poetry means, verse and rhyme. ...There is no poem without rhyme. ...some poets made up some bullshits called vers libre. >Yes sir. [Şaban Speaking] But we won’t read them. We won’t. [Şaban Speaking] -I won’t ask them in essays also. Don’t forget, the best, the biggest, the rightest poem is. - The best, the biggest, the rightest poem is... ...saying nothing under the coercion of the reality of a guide. -What language is he talking? >Yes sir. [Şaban Speaking] -So, it is divan poetry. - What does Zühtü teacher say? - I swear I don’t understand anything. It’s something like Chinese. - Teacher! - What? -Our literature teacher before you, Ms. Semra... ...taught us modern literature. -No way! Nothing “new”. You will forget all of them. ...Where were we? ...Divan poetry, meaning patterns ... ...meaning rhyme, look at this fluency. Listen. -Haste makes waste. -You! You you, stand up! Repeat it. Weist taste... ...paste. [Laughing] -Shut up! You, impertinent. -Aren’t you ashamed! Sit down! -Look, this is another nice sequence. -Do not flirt with me with your twinking eyes. - Yes, who will repeat it? - Me teacher. -Read it. -Do not funk with me... ...with your dancing lies. [Laughing] -Sit down your arrogant hypocrite, you rascal! - Teacher is right, you are a rascal. - Get out! - You, the one who talks. Get up! - Is he talking to me? - Repeat what I say. - I will teacher. -They say your face shine like sun. - Oh my, let’s run teacher! - Why? They gave gun to Fevzi's son... ...If he catches us, he'll shot both of us. [Laughing] -Look at me! [Explosion Noise] -Oh my God! What is going on? Don’t worry teacher, new chemistry teacher... ...is conducting an experiment in lab... ...this kind of things happens a lot. I was afraid first time, then I got used to it. Very well. - Mr. Şevket, are you feeling well? - Fine fine! - What happened, what happened? - Mr. Şevket Bey explode again! - What did he do? - Chemistry laboratory, boom! - Good good. -Ms. Hafize, can we change this coat? -I can, I can but... ...we won’t have any coats left at this rate. Here you go! - Is there much damage Mr. Şevket? - Unfortunately, all the tubes... -Let’s see how we will tell principle this time... -Gosh! I still can’t understand how it happened. - This is sixth one. - No, seventh seventh! Here you go. -I think I couldn’t put right amount of potassium. ...But still, it was an experiment. ...Not experiment my boy. Experience, experience. -I don’t understand! How don’t you? The science of chemistry... ... is all about a positive surface which consist of experiences. Yeah! -Mr. Mahmut! I cannot understand sayings of... ...these new generations. -Why sir? -Look, I can’t understand what this person... ...who is doing descriptive science. -To be honest Mr. Zühtü, Sometimes I cannot understand... ...what you are talking about also. [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -I miss you so much. I never stop think about you in army. ...In fact, my military duty is easy. -Oh, my boy! Being in army suits him. Wonderful! ...I stayed in troop as typer after my boot camp. ...I will come and visit you as soon as I get my first permission. -Come, come and I will make the foods you love. ...Oh, my boy! My soldier. -What the hell are you doing Şaban? -Cigarette with gunpowder. To kill Stubby... ...I have a plan. -You will write my response in evening. - Okay my dear Stubby? - Okay. - What is it Şaban? - My dear Stubby, help me... ...to climb this tree, come on. - Fine, come. -Up! What will you do up there? - There's no escaping from Mahmut teacher anywhere else. -He cannot catch me up here. -My god, Şaban, You are the smartest cow ever. -What a relief! I will smoke outdoor... ...with pleasure. - Şaban! - Yes! -Give me a cigarette. -No way. -Don’t be stingy, Come on my dear Şaban, give me a cigarette. -Fine, come on. But this is the last time! -OK fine fine, last time. Come on, give me that cigarette. -Here you go dear. -Let your lungs be delighted. -Here. Light it up! [Explosion] - Stubby, did you scare so much? - You, despicable cow, I’ll show you. -Hih hih hih hi! [Knocking] Come in! -Mahmut teacher! -Yes. -Did you recognize me? -Of course. -How could I not? -Let me kiss your hand. -Don’t mention it. You became a grown-up man. - How fast years gone by. - You didn’t change at all. -I did, I did. How is your father? - He passed away. - Oh! I’m sorry. -Come on, sit down Ahmet. -I’m surprised to see you all of a sudden. ---Your father passed away, huh! ---Ahmet, what grade were you in... ...when I left? - 3rd grade sir. -Yeah! Could you continue after that? -After my father died, I left high school. -Right! It’s hard to study without a father these days. -I liked your father very much, he was a very nice man. -He was. He liked you a lot, too. -Well, what are you thinking to do now? -I came to you. I said Mahmut teacher would help me. -Of course, I will. What job do you want to do? -Whatever, I would even be janitor. - It’s my father’s job after all. - No way! -Besides... -You need to keep on your education. I wish I can, but how? -Let’s see, let me talk to the principle. -Mr. Mahmut, are you out of your mind? -You know our situation, business is slack already. ...We cannot afford to educate someone for free? ...We just go out of business then. -But he is so talented. -It will be shame. And you will do a favor. -Don’t be ridiculous Mahmut teacher, life becomes more expensive every day. ...Do you know how this business is going? -Very well. Then I will pay his installments. -Mahmut teacher, are you crazy? ...Who gives money to someone else in this time? -Let me make that decision. -You should think it well, it doesn’t matter to me... ...client is client. -You’re right. -Oh my God! Oh my God! -What a sucker! -I’m coming, My dear teacher. -Tell me! Philosophers of primeval era. - Philosophers of primeval era... Primeval era, actually, consists of lots of philosophers. ...There are a lot of them. -Name them, son, name them! Who is the most important one? - Who? - Take it you cow, page 20! -Page 20, right? Thank you my dear Stubby. - Eh, tell us! - Look now! [Stubby] -The most important one is brown swiss. There is also Crimean cow. ...It gives 27 kg of milk. These cows are very valuable. - These cows actually... - What cow! You, impertinent man. -You gave me biology book instead of philosophy, you Stubby! - You jackass! - Go to your place! -Enough is enough. I will talk to your father. ...Or else, you cannot take my class again. ...And I will fail you. Don’t come near me until you bring your father. [Bell Ringing] [Bell Ringing] -Teacher, the bell is ringing. - Bell is ringing, sir. - I heard. -Good. -You destroyed me, you Stubby. -My father will kill me if he learns. What will I do now? -Don’t worry my dear Şaban, I will take care of it. -Will you really? -Of course, my dear Şaban, am I not your closest friend? -Oh dear, come here. -Guys, sit down for a moment. Come Ahmet, come. -I brought you a new friend. - His name is Ahmet. - Ahmet. -He is son of my dear friend. ...He is well-bred, smart, and polite person. ...Don’t you dare make him like you. ...Besides, you cannot succeed. ...Also, I hope you won’t make the same unpleasant jokes... ...that you did to new comers, to him. -Is it understood, right guys? -Come on, meet with your friends Ahmet. - Hello, I’m Ahmet. - We heard, they call us Rascals. - What? - Rascals, man, Rascals. - So, you are acquainted with Mahmut teacher? - Yes, I like him a lot. -Look friend, we don’t like him. - So, you are very talented, huh? - No. -Look at him, he is as sharp as a tack. -How wonderful, he is well-bred. - Do you have matches? - No. -Then you don’t have a cigarette too. -I don’t smoke! - What? - Agh! He doesn’t smoke. Look here, this is called Rascals’ class. Everyone who came here smokes. And cheats. And skips school. I cannot do these kinds of things. You can do, You can do it my dear, you can do it. Come on, light one up. No, I don’t smoke. Look, we don’t always give people cigarettes. - Right my dear Stubby? - Yeah right! - Take it. - Thank you. But I don’t even know how to. No way, whether you smoke, or you will go. - This is it, you will. >- Yeah, or you will go. Fine, what else I can do! How should I smoke? Look, I won’t smoke again. Very well, fine. Go and sit down. Sit down, comfort yourself. Light it up. Light it up. Don’t be afraid, OK. What is going on? - What are you doing Ahmet? - Smoking sir. - I see! - He is an addict Mahmut teacher. He couldn’t do without it. He’s having headaches without it. He says so. I know who are the addicts. - Why did you smoke? - First time sir. I know. Look at me, don’t you try to make Ahmet like you. You cannot even if you want to. Don’t let me catch you again, Ahmet. Don’t you punish him, sir? Where is punishment? Actually, the ones who need to be punished is not Ahmet, but you. - Come on Hafize Mama, please. - Don’t push me, I said no. >- Don’t break our hearts. How can I be a teacher? Come on, what’s wrong with that. Come on Hafize Mama. You will be a history teacher for one class. What do you want from him, huh? Gosh! We will make a joke. Right? Sure. Did Ahmet know you? Has he ever seen you? No he hasn’t. It’s good. When you walk in, we will stand up. He will suppose you are a teacher. We will laugh at him a little. Hih hih hih hi. [Laugh of Şaban] How can I be teacher in this clothes? Come on Hafize Mama, what are your holiday clothes are for? Gosh, what if Mahmut teacher will catch us? How many times should I say? The class is idle. No one even knows. Hih hih, come on hi! - What is this class? - History. It’s Hafize the hard grader. - How is she? - Terrible, she scares us to death. Shh, she’s coming! Sit down! Put away your books and notebooks. Take out your pens, take out your papers! I’ll make an oral exam. She is an unknown quantity. You see, she’s starting like she will make written exam, then decided to make oral one. Don’t speak! You cannot fool me. I’m not like anyone. - You! What are you talking about? - I’m not talking ma’am. Look at him, he’s lying too. Stand up, go to the blackboard! - Come on, go! - Sure teacher. - What’s your name? - Ahmet, ma’am. - What is your number? - I don’t know ma’am. What do you mean I don’t know? Are you stupid? I am new, they haven’t given me a number yet. You cannot fool me, tell us. What should I tell? - What should he tell? - History. - History! - What history ma’am? Look, what history he says. You ask. Talk about Fatih Sultan Mehmet. - Talk about it. - Yes ma’am. - Fatih... - Who the hell is Fatih? - Sultan. - What sultan, jackass? Ma’am, you told me to talk about it. What’s that, did you raise hand to me? - No way ma’am. - Shut up! Şaban, stand up, talk about Fatih. Well done Şaban, sit down. Look how much he studied. It’s written all over his face. 10! Zero to you. Mr. Inspector, We are trying to get this children... ...better education, with everything we can. That’s why, we make our staff perfect. - I’m sure. - Thank you, sir. Don’t you want a coffee? Don’t bother. I want to wander among classes. Very well. Mr. Mahmut will help you. Come in Mr. Inspector. I will make you pay if you don’t know history! You cannot pass this class! I’m not like Foolproof... ...Akil, Or bald Mahmut. Oh boy! Sit down guys. - Mr. Mahmut, you said it was idle class? - Well, I was wrong sir. What does this lady teach? History, Mr. Inspector. - History? - Yes. Continue sir. Continue to what? - Where are you? - Is this a joke? We are in class. No sir, Where are you in history? - Where are we? - Balkan War. - It was Balkan War. - Yes... - In year 1912... - In 19 what? - You asked me? - No I asked him. - In year 1912. - 1912 he says. Four Balkan countries were in battle. Four Balkan countries all in battle. - Teacher. - Yes Mr. Inspector. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask a couple of questions. Well, OK then. Yes, yes. You! - Get up. - Me? - My dear boy, what are these Balkan countries? - What are these? There are numerous rumors about it. Actually, it is uncertain what countries these are. - Teacher, what is he talking about? - It’s not quite certain. - What is uncertain? - Balkan countries. - These countries happen to be pretty wide... - How many? A loooot of. There is maybe 30-40 of them. Teacher, he says 30-40! No way sir, I told there are 100-150 of them. Sometimes it reaches up to 200. - What is he talking about? - He’s talking very well. Well done Şaban. - Come to the war! - What’s up, does the war break out? God forbid, I go and get bread. - Boy, Balkan War, Balkan! - Oh! Balkan War. This was a great war, there was blood bath. Wounded people groan bitterly. Poor fellows, at least someone take them to a hospital. Leave the hospital, continue to fight! They left the hospital and continue to fight. Children are miserable "Dad, dad!" they were screaming. Oh my children. All of a sudden, horsemen start to come at children. - Get the kids out! - I can’t, horsemen are coming. - Who put those children into war? - I swear I didn’t. Didn’t I say that don’t get children involve into war? Look at them Mahmut pasha. I mean... Pasha Mahmut. Well... Teacher Pasha. Pasha, my pasha... In this Balkan War, kids a Pashas are all mixed up, Mahmud Pasha! Well... Mahmut. Oh boy, I’m feeling sick. Whenever I came here, something happens to me. Excuse me. If you abuse Hafize one more time, I will fire her. - Don’t be tempted by them. - Yes, sir. Now, go. Thank you. Teacher! Let Ahmet come here too. Why isn’t he standing on one foot? Because he is not irresponsible and impish as you are. But... It makes our blood boil Mahmut teacher. You rascal. Where the hell did you come from, you little jerk! Don’t laugh, get out! Man, don’t you stay on your two feet? If I catch you, I will hang you from your feet. That principle is inventing something new every year! And now he says that we should distribute our own food. God knows next year he might even ask us to wash the dishes. What would I do, son, I can’t catch up all of the work too. - You’re right, it’s all the director’s fault. As if Mr. Director would go bankrupt if he hires one more janitor. Boy, the soup is delicious. Drink, Ahmet, why are you waiting? If it’s few on salt, put some salt on it. No, thanks. Ay, ay! - What happened Ahmet? - I got wet. - Why did you do this? - Are you humorless, son? - It’s a Rascals’ joke. - Get used to it, Ahmet. Get used to it. Oh, potato looks good too. Man, it doesn’t have any meat on it again. It’s the director’s stinginess, what else. - Everyone took it, right? - Yes, yes. Alas, only Ahmet left. Ahmet, your fortune is bad. Alas, look, there is only one potato left for you. Here you go, it’s yours. >- Have a nice meal, Ahmet. It doesn’t matter. I hadn’t hungry much anyway. What’s going on, Ahmet? Why aren’t you eating? There isn’t any food left for me, teacher. Why are you lying, son? Didn’t you just say "I didn’t like the food.”? Yes, he said that he prefers to watch us instead of eating. Isn’t it true, my brother? Isn’t it? Understood, See you in the evening. What did Descartes say? "I think!", therefore I am. [The Door Knocks] - Come in. Dear Stubby, he looks just like my father. Who are you, what do you want? Sir, I am Şaban’s father. You called me. Sir, I am too much complaining about your son, Şaban. Why sir? I wonder if he acted mischievously? For once, he is lazy. He never studies to his classes. Aaa, how come? Şaban, come here quickly. I’m coming, dear father. - Let me kiss your hand. - Come, I’ll kiss you too. - Dear Şaban. - What? - Look what your teacher says? - What he says? - He says that you aren’t studying to your classes. - Am I not? - Isn’t that a shame, my beautiful son? - It’s a shame, of course. - I’ll pull your ears. - Ah, what the hell are you doing? - Shh, shut up, he’ll suspect. - Huh, right Teacher, are there any more impishness of this slacker? - They are countless. - Hi... Look, I am getting angry... Don’t be angry my dear father, oh. - I get angry! - Ah! - What the hell are you doing! - You rascal, you! - Look at me, behave yourself. - Ssh, keep it low. Shut up, shut up, shut up... - You, impertinent cow, you! - Fuck I’ll show you! Oh mister, don’t get angry as such. - Don’t meddle! - Don’t meddle, teacher! - Don’t come between son and father! - Yes! - Whereas you called me here... - Yes! - You slacker, you! - Don’t hit, fuck! - I struggle that much to make it possible for you to ... – Why are you hitting, son of a bitch! - And you’re doing impishness, ha! - Behave yourself, fuck! - Fuck, all these years... - Fuck, I would beat you so bad! - ... cows would be men, son of a cow! – Look at me, fuck! These kids would make one go mad. What happened, sir? What else, students of an ex-striker, like me... ...playing football like that? God, it’s a shame! - Agh! - Penalty! Yes, penalty. I’ll throw it. Hih hih! [He Laughs] - You’ll throw it when I say. - Alright, teacher. Spread so, friends. Be cautious, Stubby will die soon. Hurry up, fucking cow! Throw it! Ah! Move aside! Look at me and learn how to throw a penalty! He’ll crash me. Why are you roaming! Move aside! Get out! Ah! And thus, we have learned the alcohols. Let’s see if you have understood? - You. - Me. Give an example to Polyalcohols (sugar alcohols)? Yeni Raki! Might be Altınbas. Or it might be Vodka or Cognac. Of course you didn’t understand, why? Lack of experiment! As I always said, chemistry without experiments is impossible. In order to teach you better, let’s make an experiment. - Where is my assistant? - I’m here, teacher. - The tubes? - The tubes. Chemistry means experiments. And this experiment means Stubby’s death. Why? I’ll put gunpowder inside the tube. Then the Stubby will explode. - Shavings? - Yes. Shavings. I’ll mix the wood particles which I put inside the tube... ...with acid... - ...we’ll obtain gas and methanol. I’m starting, attention! [It Explodes] [They Cough] -Even I didn’t understand why did it explode this. -I didn’t understand too. Hih hi! -Look how he eats shamelessly? -He is privileged by Mahmut Teacher. -I’m starving. -Teacher, that’s not fair! - Why, son? - Will we be starving? Why would you? Didn’t you eat much at lunch? - You even shared Ahmet's meal. - But he himself wanted that. And this time, I want that! Come on Ahmet, come on! Let’s eat. Teacher, while my friends are hungry, I don’t want to eat. Don’t worry, they are familiar to hunger. Thank you Hafize. [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] Fuck, I’m almost about to eat the toothpaste because of hunger. Gross, you lose a lot of weight in just one night. Really? No shit! Yeah, I became fairly thinner. Guys, a weird noise is coming from my stomach. - What is that? - What might it be, son? Hunger, hunger! Why are you tampering my goods? Hell, we aren’t eating your pickup. - My dear Şaban? - Yes, my dear Stubby? What is that, my dear Şaban? It’s an utter butter. My father sent it, from our country. Please, give me a bit? No way, don’t desire it. You can’t even get a snack. Would you die if you give it? What kind of an obstinate man are you? I said no! Don’t touch my bread! I’m coming now. If you would also be prepared against Mahmut Teacher’s hunger penalties... ...you wouldn’t draw a blank. - I hope that it will stick in your throat! - Fuck! Wow, Mr. Ahmet! I see that you are full up and in good spirits. It must be, son, a full person won’t understand a hungry one. For the life of me I couldn’t even eat it, as you saw. - Whoops, don’t speak that tragic. - You’ll make us cry. Stop acting! You guzzled the pastas... ...within our eyes! What would I do, Mahmut Teacher forced me. - Hey, look at me. Look! - Okay. Alright. Ah! Oops! Ole! - Are you mad? You shattered the bedstead! - It’s a tradition of first night, son! The newcomer’s bed shall be shattered. - You will be get used to it. - Oh... Sure. So... I will sleep on the ground too this night. - Won’t you be disturbed? - I won’t. We always sleep on the ground at the village. - Is it okay, Necati? - Okay. Open. - Slow down, he shouldn’t hear! - Okay. What’s that? Hafize Mommy made that. It’s a potato paste. We will put this instead of Butter. You cow you... [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] > What happens in life? > I want that dream to become true. > I want that when it’s morning and we get up... > Everything would be same. > I thought that he forgot me! > But when I look, I see that he’s there. > I understood that I was very much mistaken... < In fact, I learned that he loves me. > His voice, just his! - Came back. > Without you, he says... - I can’t live... > It must be love. > At the darkness... - At the streets... > A flower in his hand. > He calls me... - He asks me... > I hope that nothing’s wrong? Hey! > What’s happening in life? > I want that dream to become true. > I want that when it’s morning and we get up... > Everything would be same again! - I would say long, but it’s not long... - A road is in my presence. > A road is in my presence. > I would say green, but it’s not green > A white dress > I would say silver, but it’s not silver > With a golden ring > He looks at me > He smiles > I hope that nothing’s wrong? Hey! > What happens in life >I want that dream to become true > I want that when it’s morning and we get up >Everything would be same [Inhales with Fear] What’s going on here? We saw you in our dream, Mahmut Teacher. I hope that nothing’s wrong. [Voices of Spoons] I’m starving. Fucking Stubby. Where did this butter come from? Keep it low, Şaban. We stole it from Villager Ahmet's cupboard. - You don’t say! - Yeah. It seems that he eats secretly at nights without giving it to us. Bastard! Fickle Ahmet. What happened? I didn’t think much of you so, you, shameless guy! You’re hiding your butter from your friends, huh? Fucking mutt! [He Slaps] What butter? What hiding? Shut up! Look at the mutt, he still talks. Don’t get angry, Şaban. - My dear Şaban. - What? You would understand. What kind of butter is it? This is co... a thing’s butter. What’s butter? An animal’s butter. Which animal? A large animal. So which? Cow’s, son of a bitch, cow’s! Cow, huh... I’ll choke you. [Laughing] Gross, let’s play egg fight. >- You. Okay, hit. [Voice of Crash] - Are there anyone else? >- Ahmet, let’s play with you too. I don’t know how to play. Honey you’ll hold it, I’ll hit it. If yours would be crashed, you’ll give your egg. Same for me. - Come on. [Voice of Crash] [Heehaws] Son, these copies will be on you. But I don’t cheat. >- “Nobody’s Fool”, wouldn’t suspect from you. I’m sorry but I can’t. And don’t speak with us again. - Don’t speak with us then. - We huffed, you hurt us too bad. Alright. Alright, alright. Don’t be hurt, give it. God, help me. He’ll help, my dear brother, don’t worry. What’s going on! Sit down to your places. Take out your papers and pencils. You can’t fool me. You couldn’t be able to cheat! Never! Write: Question one. Digestive system in mammals. Question three. The structure of ectoplasm. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Start! No looking to right. No looking to left. You! Look in front of you. You! Don’t move. Teacher! I can’t write. Lazy guy. If you would have been studied, you would be able to write. It’s not because of that. You’re on my hand a bit. Oh, I see. Oh, this guy is on my paper if not my hand. You! Don’t move. You! Don’t look. Don’t move! I don’t be fooled. What happened? Your pants have teared, teacher. That kind of accidents might happen. You shall continue. Don’t move! Necmi, come here. - Yes, teacher. - Call Hafize quickly that she shall stitch this for me. - Okay, teacher. - Don’t move! I don’t be fooled! - Mahmut Teacher. - What? With your approval, I want to say something to Hafize Mommy. Say it. Nobody’s Fool calls you. He said that you should go there with needles and yarns. Did something happen, Necmi? Teacher, there was a little accident while he is doing exam. [Hafize Mama Laughs] Don’t move! No looking to right or left! -> I don’t be fooled. I don’t! -Hafize, my pants teared. Don’t move! - I see. - Come, take and stitch it. -Don’t move! And you shall not grin, go to your place! - I’m going, teacher! -I would hide the dais but I miss nothing. - Hurry up Hafize. - I’m stitching, teacher. -Ahmet, Ahmet, give that copy. - I’m fearing. - Don’t fear, hell, don’t linger, give it. -None of you can cheat. I don’t be fooled. Understood? ...I don’t be fooled. Mahmut Teacher, welcome. There was a little accident. Don’t move! -I see, sir. That’s tough. -Ahmet, Ahmet, son. -You. What are you doing there? - Nothing, teacher. - Get up and come here. ...Come, come, come. Quick, quickly come here. Empty your pockets. ...Hurry up, empty your pockets. Quickly! -What are these, huh? Look, Mister Mahmut. ...Look at these. It’s like an arsenal. He’s the best cheater I have ever seen in my life. ...It doesn’t get passed from me, it doesn’t. You can’t fool me, I would even catch without the pants. -What were you doing with that copies? - What would I do. I couldn’t resist to my friends. -Why did you act like them? But they’re not speaking with me if I don’t act like them, teacher. I want to be one of them. - All of them are very good boys. -Of course they are... But still, you should give up on being one of them. ...In fact, I suggest that you shouldn’t even get near of them. - But sir. - Enough! - Promise me that you won’t act like them again! -Alright teacher! -Dude, will you undress or not? -I can’t, guys! I promised to Mahmut Teacher. - Understood, dress up guys. - Give your hand to me. - Alright. So we will go to the match, and Mahmut Teacher will fire us! -What are you doing? Stop. -We’ll escape. We’ll lay our lives in order to go to Fenerbahçe’s match. -What if you ask permission from Mahmut Teacher? -Humph, Ahmet, as we said, he won’t allow! -And if I undress now, how would you escape? -Son, with trampoline. Whoever jumps will surpass the wall. -And then, directly to the Fenerbahçe-Trabzonspor match... -I wish you wouldn’t escape! Alright, give me your dresses. - Long live, Ahmet, you’re brave. - Look, I’m doing it to make you not be fired. -Brave Ahmet. Let’s get these suitcases and go outside. ...Wait us near the wall, okay? -Veysel Master, could you open the door? -What’s up Ahmet, where are you going? -I’m taking my friends’ dresses to cleaner. -Okay, you can. Look, if anyone else from the Class of Rascals would came, I would never open the door. - Why? – No need... That rascals could do anything! ...You don’t know them. They play both against the middle. - Well done, did you study? - We studied, teacher! - We studied a lot, teacher. ...We can even pass that wall. -Well done! You, let’s go... [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -Well done! Look, he passed the wall. - I can pass too, teacher. - Really? Let’s go... ...Well done. Look, it can be done when you try hard then. Come on, everybody shall try it! [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -Bravo! He passed too. Only you have left, let’s go! -All of them have passed! I shall try too. -What’s up, teacher, are you doing the class alone? - No, the children were just here. - And? -They improved quite well Mister Mahmut. All of them have passed the wall but they yet hadn’t come. -Understood... - Ah Trabzon ah. You finished us. - We can’t defeat them. - Open the door Veysel Master. - For God’s sake when did you go out. [Laughs] We do, Veysel Master. - Thanks to Ahmet. -You made him like you too? [Laughs] Look at me guys, Mahmut Teacher is in his usual place. - We are struggling with two things in life. One of them is Mahmut Teacher, the other one is Trabzonspor [They Laugh] - Hello guys. What about the match? - Don’t even ask Mahmut Teacher. – We have been defeated! - Really. What a pity. – Teacher, for God’s sake give whatever penalty you wish. - We’ve been dead already, teacher. - Don’t worry, your penalty has cut. [Voice of Lightning and Rain] - Mahmut teacher hasn’t any mercy left. - Look, we look like bolognas. -What’s going on, teacher? What’s happening with these guys? -I adore Mahmut Teacher’s discipline perception. -Good penalties, Mahmut Teacher! [Laughs] - Look, he came again. - Are you a trouble, fuck? - Shall I give you an umbrella, bro? [Laughs] - Get oud, kid. - Go along. - But you are getting wet. [Laughs] - Who gets wet? -Ah yeah, this rain won’t make you to get wet. It’s light drizzle. [Laughs] -He he he! [Laughs] [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] - Look at our situation. - Even my shoes are full of water. - Ah Mahmut Teacher ah. – We said that he is our teacher, we liked him. Is it fair? - We become bolognas. - I’m so sorry, guys. I said to Mahmut Teacher that I am guilty too and asked him to punish me too, but he didn’t listen me. - Oh really? – Believe me, I would want to be with you too. - Would you want it too much? - Of course, look, how much you got wet... It’s easy, dear Ahmet. If you want to get wet, we’ll sprinkle you... ...won’t we, guys? Come on, sprinkle him. Oops. What are you doing? Don’t. [All Together] Ooops. [They Laugh] -Sit down! Ahmet, what’s up to you? -Teacher, he couldn’t get that we got wet in rain. He threw himself to the pool because of his sorrow. - Is it true, Ahmet? - Yes, teacher. -Really. [The Door Knocks] – Come in. - Mahmut Teacher! - Ismail! - Let me kiss, teacher. - Kiss then. - Welcome. Lazy Ismail. - When I got leave, I wanted to see you ...and my friends together. [He Laughs] - You’ve done well. Go, sit to your old place for this lesson. - Alright, teacher [He Laughs] >- Come, come. [They Talk with Noise] >-Brave Lazy. -My little Lazy. [They Laugh] - So, tell us. How’s military service going? [He Laughs] It’s great, teacher. I have comfort. ...It doesn’t like the school. There are no classes, no studies, no books. ...Smoking is free. Also, our commander is not as harsh as you. - Really. Then you’re happy with your life. - Indeed. [They Laugh] - Teacher, with your high permission, I’m leaving. - Where are you going, Şaban? -To military. [They Laugh] [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] [Upbeat, original movie music continues in the background] -I was keeping watch at the midnight, I got asleep. When the sergeant slipped me, I woke up. - Are you playing Poker? Winner gets what? - Beans. [They Laugh] - Alright, where will I sleep then? - Don’t worry about that! - Ahmet. - Yes? - Get up. - Why? - What do you mean by “why”? Where will our guess sleep? - I don’t know? - Aaa. You are behaving shamefully now. Do you act like that to your guests? - Yeah. - But, where will I sleep on? - Don’t worry. Come on. -Look, we’re even preparing your bed with our hands. What else would you want? - Don’t forget that favor. - Thanks. - Come on, let’s sleep. - Thanks. - Good night! - Good night! -Dear Lazy...Come here! I won’t allow you to sleep before eating this butter. ...My father sent it. - My lion Şaban. [He Laughs] - My golden-hearted cow. - Don’t mess up. He got jealous because I didn’t give him. - Eat. - What’s that, Şaban? - Utter butter. - Come on. Your father ripped you off. ...it’s utter mash. [He Laughs] - Let me see... ... Yes, it’s mash. Treacherous father. - Şaban, it’s time to tell the truth. - Your father is innocent, Şaban. - Really? Then, who is guilty? -There he is, it’s Ahmet! Don’t be deceived by his innocent look. He stole all of your butter. - He told us that it’s his butter. - What a bastard he is! - I hide the truth in order to prevent an accident... Please don’t kill him Şaban! - I will. - Don’t, Şaban, don’t kill him. - I will kill that bastard. - Don’t, Şaban. - Don’t hold me. Don’t hold me! - Don’t, Şaban. Please Şaban behave yourself! - Hold me off! - Don’t Şaban [They Laugh] Treacherous guy. You stole my beautiful dad’s butter, huh? ...You prick you. That was my beautiful dad’s butter, son. - What butter? - Son of a bitch, thief of butter, huh! [Sad movie music starts in the background] - Let it go. Don’t come to the door. - What’s it to you, we’re walking! - Lazy, you’re leaving huh? - What to do son...It’s time. - When will you be able to come again, brave soldier? - I don’t know. If I would got leave. - If they won’t give you permission, you would escape. - You don’t say! It’s military, son. Not Rascals’ class. - We’ll miss you so much, Lazy. - Me too. -Those were the days here. One understands better when he leaves. ...Look at me. Know the value of this school and your togetherness. ...I would say that you should study but, I know that you won’t listen. ...Goodbye, Rascals. [Sad movie music continues in the background] - What the hell are you doing? - I’m cheating. [They Laugh] - Dear Stubby. Why all of us are drawing a fish? – Son, isn’t today the 1st of April? - It is. - Hadn’t we decide to prank Mahmut Teacher? - Yes we had. - So, we’ll disrupt the lesson with a 1th of April joke. ...Come on, draw that fish. - Wouldn’t be okay if I won’t draw a fish? ...Would it be okay if I draw a pear? - Dear Şaban. - Yes? - You should draw cow instead. -Yes. Yes. What? You son of a bitch! >-Shh! Mahmut Teacher! - Good morning. - Good morning, teacher. -Sit down! - Teacher, with your permission I want to say something in behalf of the class. –Say it! - We were studying history for a week to fix our grades. - We are studying history. - please do an exam. - Yes teacher. Please do an exam! -So you studied hard huh? ... [Loud Talks] - Okay. I will. - He is going to do it, okay. -But it’s going to be verbal... ...Şaban... Get up. -Okay but teacher... ...We studied for a written one. Am I right lads? -What’s the difference. So tell me, Tulip revolution. -Hmm... In Tulip Revolution... There were tulips. ...These tulips... Were sold in Laleli (A city named tulip). ...Ah ah... Where are those old tulips! Right Stubby? ...Actually there was a song for that. [He Starts to Sing] ...Tulips... Tulips, Tulips. ...Laleler... Laleler, laleler. -Sit down! Zero. -Necmi your turn! -I agree to Şaban teacher. I have nothing else to add. ...I mean we are not going to mention cabbages in Tulip Revolution right? -Sit down! Zero. -Is there no one here that can talk about Tulip Revolution? -We only studied for a written exam teacher. -Understood. All of you gets zero! -Kids, What’s the date? -April first teacher. -Then this exam is your April first gift kids. -Teacher, you tricked us all. We even made a fish for you. -I guessed it. -But I have some news for you. And this is not a joke. -Unfortunately you will be joining the knowledge competition ... ...As you are the winner of the last year. [Cheering] -Hey! -Then we should start preparing the stage. -No. This year there will be no wires, Mics or speakers. - But... If we don’t mess with stage, we would fail. - We would be shamed! -That’s better. I want you to be shamed. [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -Where were you? -I was out to get these. -What are these? -Walkie talkies. -What? Where did you find them? -Isn't my uncle a traffic police? I got it from him. -What are we going to do with these? -We are going to use it in the competition. -Okay but how it works? -Look, I’m going far away and listen what I say. ...when you gonna answer press this, then talk. Okay? -Okay. I understand. -Şaban! Şaban! -Aaa... It talks. [Noises Coming from The Radio] - Şaban! - What is it Stubby. -Press the button. -Okay Stubby. Can you hear me? [Radio] >I mean there is a cow voice coming here... ...But I don’t know if it’s you. [Everybody Laughs] -Stop joking around. -He he he... -What a disgrace! ...Is the teacher welcomed like that? Enter the line quickly! quickly! ...Stand firm! -Şaban, can you hear me? [Noises Coming from The Radio] >Şaban! Shh. -Who made that noise? I’m asking who is speaking? - Fucking cow! - Shut up Stubby shut up! -Şaban! ...Come here! -I’m coming teacher. -Did you say something? -No teacher. -You did, you did. -No dear. Did i? -Yes. What did you say? [From Radio] - Cow! - What! [FROM RADIO] - I said cow! - Shut up! -What did you say? -Not to you, to him. -Who is he? -It’s me Stubby, Stubby! -Yeah, now you heard it. - My son... - Yes teacher. - You are not Stubby. You are Şaban. - Yes teacher. -Why did you say you are Stubby then don't make me crazy. [Voice from Radio] - I’m Stubby. - Shut up! -I’m just staying quite he is talking. [Voice from Radio] - Fucking Cow! Cow! - You just said cow to me huh! - No he said it to me. -Shut up you reckless! [VOICE FROM RADIO] - Watch out I’m going to speak. -No you are going to stay quite! -I am staying quite he is speaking, Him not me. -I told you to shut up haven't i! -Ahh... -What happen Şaban? -What do you think would happen, because of you I got the beating from the teacher -Dear teachers, and dear students. ...I am starting this year’s knowledge competition. ...Team Anatolian high school. [Applauses] ...Team Private Çamlıca high school. [All at Once] -Heeyyy! Rascals! Rascals! Rascals! -I’m explaining the rules. -Everybody knows what they have to do right? -Yes, Yes. Don't worry. -Let me try the walkie-talkie. -Sure. -Hey! Stubby, can you hear me? -Yes I do. -Me too. Okay. -First question for the Çamlıca high school. ...Naval war of Preveza who was in this war. -Preveza Naval war -Okay, I’m looking it up. -Preveza Naval war happen in 1538... ... Between Admiral Barbarossa from Ottoman Armada... ...And Andrea Doria from Crusade Armada. - True - Of course. At the end... -Crusade Armada Gone for a swim. Over. [All at Once] -Hey! Rascals! Rascals! Rascals! -Now for your first question. -Alright we got 10 points. Hurray. [Radio]>Attention attention. Team 6... ...There is a car crash in Zincirlikuyu street. come to the scene at once. -What does he saying? - What do you think, Traffic radio messed with ours. - What do we going to do? -Anatolian High school your time is running out. -what was it, what was it? [Radio]> Attention! Team 5... ...There is a slip hazard in Bosphorus Bridge... ...light the warning lights. maximum speed limit 20... -Roger. -Your time is up, you failed. Now for your second question. -What happens if two atoms crash into each other in an atom reactor? -come on find it -Atom reactor, atom reactor. my god. [Radio] >HQ, HQ ! Team 6 calling the HQ... ...There are 2 deaths in Zincirlikuyu car crash. -Okay, your time is running out. What happens after this crash? -Umm... 2 deaths! -Where the deaths come from? -From minibus. 2 from the bus, 5 injured. - But nothing to worry about ambulances are on the way. -Yes! -What are we going to do. -Those idiots downstairs... ...repeating the police radio. -God dammed. Where is this radio came from? - French revolution happen in 1789. - True, 10 points. Çamlıca High school. -Which forces did Ottomans used in Vienna siege? -3 buses, 4 minibuses, 2 tankers. -And 8 horse carriage, 7 bikes stuck on the road , they are waiting. ...What a mess. -What are you saying son? -He is right... -They also caught 2 illegal cigarette trucks. - Really? - Yeah! -Look! - They really messed it up. - We are done. - Look there! We are on fire. - Oh my god! - Hafize Mama run and get some water - I’m going. -Score. Anatolian High school 30 [Applauses] -Private Çamlıca High school 10. [Radio]>Second and third team... ...Go to the Ahırkapı Feneri immediately! -Lets go Stubby. -Where, sit down! - But they are calling for us. - Shh, I said sit down. -Now for your question. how Patrona Halil revolution happened? -I salute you that’s a really good question. - Just say something! - Did he come here to just sit? - How should I know. -Why the hell are you not answering! did you all died? - There is a fire, don’t panic. - What! Fire? -Oh my god, Fire! -Ok pour some there and there. Quickly kids. -Run get some more water. -Okay. -Lily of the valley's authors name is Balzac -True. [Applauses] -Anatolian High school has the lead with 40 points. -Private Çamlıca High school. For your question... ...Where did the biggest fire in Istanbul happened and when? -Did you put out the fire? [Radio]> Not yet. - Stubby, let’s run we are going to burn. - Shh, sit down. -At least let me go. I’m scared of fires. [Water Dripping Noises] -You have 10 seconds left. ...Where did the biggest fire in Istanbul happen? -I think biggest fire in İstanbul going to happen here. - What’s happening here? - Mahmut teacher! - There was a small fire. - But we put it out. -Private Çamlıca High school. Your last question. ...Who sat on the Spain throne after Franko died? -Why the hell are you now answering! [Radio] > Mahmut Teacher came. -Yes! After Franko Mahmut teacher sat on the Spain throne. -Because of your stupidity school was going to burn down. ...You are all punish for this year. -Teacher we understand but why you putting a wire here. -Because you will try to run away. ...I have no other choice to make you stay in school! -Then let’s change this places name teacher. -What should be make it to son? -Private Çamlıca Jail. -Are you guys student or workers he he... - Why you care! - you want trouble? -How are we going to get rid of this kid? -Just be patient. 3 years later I’m going to graduate. then you’ll be rid of me. [They Laugh] -If this guy finishes high school first then me I’ll kill myself. -This is a school. ...And this is the Rascals’ class. ...We'll dig from here. ...First from the garden... ...then we'll pass under the street, Then come out of the ruined villa's gardeners hut. ...Is that clear? -Okay, okay, okay... -We will only dig on empty classes. Who has the pick and shovel? Okay let’s go! -Where is the saw? -Wait, won’t we make ceremony for groundbreaking? -What’s that Dumdum? -Rooster! after we open the tunnel we'll eat it on celebration. -Hurray! Who is going to prepare it? -We need someone with ablution. -Why would you need that. ...give me that. ...Why do we sacrifice this poor rooster instead of this cow? -Yes. ...Jackass. ...Come on. -Come on... -Here we go. You must be all wondering why I get up here ...This school is wooden; it can burn in any time. ...In case of fire I will show you how to... ...Jump on the Brenda. ...Don’t forget! This is a fire drill. -Stubby are we going to burn down the school again? [Laughing] -Now stretch the Brenda. -Okay! ...Watch how I jump. ...One... ...Two... -Here comes Pasha Nuri!... -Three... -Watch out! -Aghhh! [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -This is the collarbone. Okay? ...What? - Collarbone. - Ohhhh. -And this is Shinbone. What is it? -Am I shiny what are you saying. ...They disappeared again... Oh my God. ...Am I going to always work alone lazies. -You Necmi... Explain the collarbone. -Uhm. collarbone is like a small bridge. Like Galata Bridge. -Well, an example for a big bridge is Boğaziçi Bridge. -Why you jumping like that? ...Are you joking with me? - No! No! -Why? -What are you saying Stubby? -No get away... -Don’t worry son not going to harm you. -Get out of the way! I can’t move. -Don’t move. -Go. -Where should I go? -Just go! -Where? -Teacher is angry. In every wrong answer he acts like that... ...If you excuse me I’ll continue. - OK go on. -Don’t move. -It’s me Şaban. -you idiot "tricky" is in the class. -What he is? -Oh dear. Oh my teacher, oh! ...You have lost weight since the last time. ...Your bones are countable. -Şaban! -Yes teacher. Where are you? -I’m here but what happen to you. - Şaban! -Quit it, I’m talking to my teacher. My Dear. -Şaban. -What? ...Hmm, if you are the "tricky", then who is he? -Dear friends! after all this trouble we finally made it. -Gardeners hut is above us. ...Give that saw. - Here. - Thanks. -Finally. -Come dear. Let me give you a hand. -Come. -You are really heavy Dumdum. -Mahmut teacher! -yes, Mahmut teacher. ...This, is a big victory against him. ...Give me your hand. ...Okay. Here we go. ...Let him try to search for us. ...Come here fatty. -Şaban! -What? -Aaa... Mahmut teacher. -Mahmut teacher. ...Look Mahmut teacher. ...Mahmut teacher. ...He escaped too! ...You escaped too Mahmut teacher? [Laughing] ...Why I haven’t seen you in the tunnel. ...Teacher Mahmut. ...Don’t you see Mahmut? ...Ah. -Kids! -Don’t you come out. Tunnel leads to shit. -Don’t you forget lads. -Whoever Zühtü teacher pick, is going to read from this paper. - Okay? - Okay Stubby. Eh Zühtü Teacher. Let the Rascals class give you a lesson that you will never forget easily -Incoming! -Sit down. -Representative, inspection is done, right? -Yes dear teacher. -Honorable teacher not dear teacher. -Yes... -Did you memorized the assignment I gave you yesterday? -Yes we did teacher. -Really really well. -OK you asked for it, you first. -Read. -Turkish Youth. Uhm, Your first duty. is to... ...preserve and to defend Turkish Independence. -What? What are you reading? -Ataturk's address to Turkish youth. -Nonsense. -I gave you Ziya Pasha's "Terkib-i Bend", to memorize. -You are wrong teacher. ...you said to memorize Ataturk's address. ...No, NO! -I know what assignment I gave you -But teacher... if you don’t believe me ask my friends. -Yes teacher. Stubby is telling the truth. -You gave us "The Address to Turkish Youth". -Yes you did. -Shut it. -I know what I gave you. ...But I’m sure you idiots, don’t even memorize that one. ...Sit down. ...Your turn. -Read the Address. -This is the very foundation of your existence and your future. -What’s this? is your back hurt? -No teacher. -Why are you keep bending? -Ah, my neck hurts. -Ahh... Really? ...Go on. -This foundation is your most precious treasure. ...In the future, too, there may be malevolent people... -Enough. Shut up. ...Sit down! -You, dishonest bunch. ...You thought I wouldn't see? ...You! Go get the Mahmut teacher. ...and you, come. ...Give me that. -You crooked idiots. You couldn't read the Ataturk's Address... ...without cheating. ...Ataturk gave you this country to youths like you. ...Not even youths just a bunch of dogs. ...You dogs! -What happened Zühtü teacher? -Mahmut teacher, see who Ataturk gave this country to. -What happened? - What more that could happen? -They wrote the Ataturk's Address to this paper and read in front of the class. ...They keep cheating. -Let them read it again in front of you. -Yes. [Together] Turkish Youth, your first duty is to preserve and to defend Turkish Independence and the Turkish Republic forever... ...This is the very foundation of your existence and your future. ...This is the very foundation of your existence and your future. ...This foundation is your most precious treasure... ...In the future, too, there may be malevolent people... ...at home and abroad, who will wish to deprive you of this treasure. ...If some day you are compelled to defend your independence and your Republic.... ...you must not hesitate to weigh the possibilities and circumstances of the situation before doing your duty... -How could this be? They were keep on looking at this a moment ago. >...These possibilities and circumstances may... -Look what’s written in the paper Zühtü teacher. -Dear teacher. Even though we are the Rascals’ class we know the Ataturk's Address in our hearts. [Song Starts] [Together] #Samanlıktan kaldıramadım samanı da, Zühtü...# #...Sana kandım, Zühtü.# #...Şimdi geldi sevişmenin zamanı da Zühtü...# #...Sana kandım, Zühtü.!# -Mahmut teacher? -Yes Zühtü teacher. -I think this Rascals’ class joking with me. -Why do you think that? -Don’t you hear song? - Yes I do. - And this is not a joke? - I don’t think so! This is a very popular song these days. -Everybody sings this, Zühtü teacher. -Sit down. -I see you all have a pretty good voice. -Thank you, teacher. Thank you. -But Züftü teacher is very upset about this. -Why Sir? We all love Zühtü teacher. -Yes we do a lot, yes teacher. -I love him as much as you all do as well. -Anyway let’s end this here. -New orders came from ministry. All high schools, must... ...choose a brother school and help all their needs. -So what do we have to do teacher? -You will buy all their needs... ...School supplies and such. -Why bother Mahmut teacher. Let’s not make them suffer. -Let’s not put them in a lot of weight? -Let them relax in peace in their fields. -Kids. You take everything very lightly. being able to go to a school... ...is a really good thing. ...You don’t see this opportunity in your hands. ...Kids from the villages, They really want to go to a school. ...If you could only understand... ...the meaning of this for them. ...you would be proud for the rest of your lives. [Plays the instrument in a mocking way] -Village kids’ gifts should be specially about school. [Laughing] -I'll give them toilet paper they would wipe you know where. [Laughing] - What are you going to give Şaban? - Me? I'll send a map. Look. -So they could they would memorize all these details. -And these too. [Laughing] - Help me. Let’s wrap these Tommiks. - (Sighs). - Why you sighing? -If they would see what I’m doing, they would declare me as mayor. - Why? - Look, I’m sending my last pack of cigarettes. -Which lucky brat would get this I wonder? -I wish I could see the village teachers face after they open the packages. -I would actually want to see the Mahmut teachers face. -How much they would be surprised. -Look at me! You with sandals! -Are you talking to me? -Yes, you, you, you. all of you! -Despicable people! Don’t you have any humanity in you? -What’s this? ...How could you send these flits to those pure people? -They want books. Pens. School. They want to learn. -While you should have helped them you are joking with them, ...Humiliating them. ...If there is someone to joke or humiliate to its you people. ...Worthless people. ...If I knew you would be shamed I would spit on your faces but you wouldn't even understand that. -Dear teachers and friends in our last night, we... ...wanted to have fun so tonight’s entertainment brought to you... ...by Rascals’ class. ...Now in your presence, with your applause Rascals’ Vocal Group and Seyyal Taner. [Song Starts] #Son verdim kalbimin işine,# #...Aklım ermedi gidişine# #Son verdim kalbimin işine, olmaz olsun onun, aşkı sevgisi de.# #Yıllardır gülmedi yüzüm bir an,# #Sonunda baktım ki hep zararla ziyan.# #Yıllardır gülmedi yüzüm bir an,# #Sonunda baktım ki hep zararla ziyan.# #Son verdim kalbimin işine,# #>Aklım ermedi gidişine,# #Son verdim kalbimin işine, olmaz olsun onun, aşkı sevgisi de.# [Everybody Applause] -Now tonight’s big surprise. Rüçhan Çamay! [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] #Ne haber? Ne haber? Daha daha ne haber?# #Ne haber? Ne haber? Daha daha ne haber?# #Çok mutlu oldum seni tekrar gördüğüme.# #Ne güzel şey rastlamak ilk sevdiğine# #E anlat bakalım dostum. Senden ne haber?# #Eski dostlar hiçbir zaman düşman olmaz,# #Geçmiş zaman olur ki hiç unutulmaz# #Geçse de aradan upuzun seneler.# #Ne haber? Ne haber? Daha daha ne haber?# #Ne haber? Ne haber? Daha daha ne haber?# [Applause] -And now "Beyaz Kelebekler". [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] #Sen gidince, bak neler oldu.# #Kalbimin ucu, yandı tutuştu.# #Sen gidince, bak neler oldu.# #Kalbimin ucu, yandı tutuştu.# #Şu dünyanın düzenine bak.# #Şu dünyanın düzenine bak.# #Benim sevgilim, neden yok oldu?# #Benim sevgilim, neden yok oldu?# #Hop trililaylay, laylay lilaylom.# #Hop trililaylay, laylay lilaylom.# #Ah bu dertler, canıma yetti.# #Çekilen acılar nedense çabuk bitti.# #Ah bu dertler, canıma yetti# #Çekilen acılar nedense çabuk bitti.# #Şu dünyanın haline bak.# #Şu dünyanın haline bak.# #Giden sevgilinin yenisi geldi.# #Giden sevgilinin yenisi geldi.# #Hop trililaylay, laylay lilaylom.# #Hop trililaylay, laylay lilaylom.# #Bu ne dünya kardeşim, seven sevene.# #Bu ne dünya kardeşim böyle.# #Bir garip buruk içim bilmem ki niye?# #Belki de sevdiğim yok diye.# #Bu ne dünya kardeşim gülen gülene.# #Bu ne dünya kardeşim böyle.# #Ben de bunlar gibi gülsem de öyle.# #Yüreğim kan ağlasa bile.# #Ne bir kürk ister bu sen gönlüm. # #Ne bir han ne de saray lara lay la lalalay. # #Ye iç eğlen çok kısa ömrün. # #Sev çünkü sevmek en kolay. # #Ne bir kürk ister bu sen gönlüm. # #Ne bir han ne de saray lara lay la lalalay. # #Ye iç eğlen çok kısa ömrün. # #Sev çünkü sevmek en kolay. # -Thanks for tonight’s entertainment big applause to literature A. ...also knows as Rascals’ class. -Now it’s the time for diploma ceremony. ...We really wish the same class that gave us tonight’s entertainment... ...would be as successful in their lessons. ...Unfortunately, only 1 student able to graduate from this class. ...217, Ahmet Sezer. -Come Ahmet! - Congratulations. - All thanks to you teacher, thank you. -Look at this guy, he graduated. -Be proud my son, Rascals’ class gave its first graduate. -Forget about that, he was so angry other day. - Wasn't he right? - He was, he was. -Of course, he was. - Great Ahmet! - Ahmet! -Aslan! - Teacher? - Come, Ahmet. -I came to say goodbye. Thank you for everything you have done for me. - Thank you, Ahmet. -How can I ever repay I don’t know. -What are you talking about? You already did. -The diploma you earned is the greatest gift for me. -I expect you the safe effort in your life. -But I’m not going to study anymore teacher. - Why? - I’m going back to my village to become a teacher. -Villages, full of kids that hungry for learning they need schools and teachers. ...Teachers should raise other teachers to teach others. -Mahmut teacher, I think this is a flag race. I took it from you now I’ll give it to someone next to me. -I’m proud of you son you made the right choice. -I wish others would think like that. [Sad movie music starts in the background] -Come on don’t make this a big thing. Okay we are wrong, but you are leaving now. ...At least let us congratulate you. -You became one of us. -You gonna leave without saying goodbye give me your hand. -Excuse me, but I will not shake hands with any of you. ...I don’t believe your love or your friendship. ...I already forgot everything you done to me, they were just joking. ...But what you did that night, I will never forgive any of you. ...You killed all the goodwill I had for you, ... ...I don’t want to see your faces. I don’t want it! > Kids today are the first day of the school and this is your first class. ...Did you know, this is my first day as a teacher. ...I am excited as you are. and happier then you can imagine. ...I know you all come here with many difficulties. ...Who knows how hard you get your books? ...Our school is not the best place to teach. We have many deficient. ...But we still gathered around the same roof to learn. ...Today we will start planting the seeds and later you will all flourish. ...You'll be this country’s hope and future. ...I had a teacher I loved dearly. His name was Mahmut. ...He told me: "I’m proud of you." ...I want to be proud of you in the future, kids. [Truck Noise] [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -Mahmut teacher! - Welcome. - Good to see you, Ahmet. -I can’t believe it. I’m so happy. -Look, your friends are here. -They wanted to be with you in your first day as a teacher. ...and I think I have some news that will make you very happy: ...They picked your school as "brother school"... ...and you as their real brothers. ...If you let them they want to build a new school in your village. ...I think, you won’t turn them down. [Upbeat, original movie music starts in the background] -Come kids! English Subtitles: Rotaract Club of Ankara Kavaklıdere