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[Music] morning everyone thank you for coming you've all played an integral role in our firm winning the bid for the new city payroll offices where's Olivia here I you've once again delivered the height of functionality and practicality [Applause] strength is in its simplicity well you can't get too crazy on the city budget so as a compliment congratulations thank you I brokered the deal Greg Harris oh yeah you you brought us that client who was looking to build a warehouse guilty I'm Olivia Anderson yeah I know I like what you did with that police precinct down on caves Road not my best work but done your homework so you're looking to do something crazy maybe just you know a little bit more creative less cinder blocks higher ceilings something beautiful I like to hear more about it want to give me a call sometime just give me pause sometime right now Christmas vacation is calling so have a Merry Christmas 211 [Music] forget a white Christmas Christmas vacation for me and my family means Hawaii it's about getting away from it all relaxing on the beach under blue skies and breathing in crisp clean Hawaiian air it's what we've done since I was five years old [Music] Merry Christmas you might want to hurry beach loungers are filling up go go coming here is like coming home it's where I learned to swim from how to snag the best lounge chairs right bill countless sand castles and bring out the first boy I ever kissed I'm Olivia what's your name Jeffrey will you come on Jeffrey Williams not help you build a sandcastle or what this is one mean that the Williams family their Boston where California totally different so of course be hit it off since then our tradition is same place same time every Christmas [Music] hm smile you [Music] okay truth or dare truth where are you gonna be in 20 years running my dad's lighting business that's your answer it's the truth okay do it expand your horizons truth or dare dare how come you always be there cuz you always pick truth I dare you to jump off on a cliff what okay I went easy on you you can always think truth instead you snooze you lose truth or dare was our favorite game Jeff always baby truth but then I gave him the ultimate dare well you don't really have to jump it's just a stupid game [Music] I don't you jump with me [Music] he actually did that [Music] your turn okay I dare you excuse me [Music] [Music] Muriel it is great to see you it's you the windseeker yeah I sent drew down to grab some lounge chairs before Alex snag them all all right what's better the Williams won't be joining us this year what oh why not they're here for every Christmas I'm afraid mrs. Williams just passed away Katie it was sudden only a few weeks ago I'm so sorry I just assumed that you knew no no we didn't know I was devastated for Jeff and his family I called him every day from Hawaii hey Duff it's me again I still haven't heard back from you I hope you're okay call me you ever want to talk we never spoke again [Music] [Music] the client is happy and now I'm ready to just take my toes in the sand and forget about it all for a week that's my girl when I took over as general manager I decided we needed a resort job and a lot more beach loungers my hero look like you could use some serious unwinding oh I'm sorry did you say wine because I'm in I meant yoga no wine is so much better I suck at yoga suck at the card games that never stopped you don't listen to your brother you are perfect thank you yoga in 15 fine and then your right leg up reaching your left arm up to the sky into tripping asana and lunge yourself forward and bend your right leg [Music] take a deep breath in being mindful of our bodies mindful of our movements as you gently relax into Paris our Mountain [Music] Jeff Olivia sorry what if what are you doing here I've always been here I mean you know for Christmas we kept coming back that's a nice shirt oh um Heidi's idea weird loud and how brother sleepy mr. Williams which is no I feel though oh no why are your parents because I'm pretty sure your father still loves me and eggnog oh really yeah they should be around here oh yeah they're you know have a still at it wow that is impressive come on does this place have standards apparently not I just look taken your reservation oh good to see you buddy no [Music] my back exactly it was keep it that way gonna be at the luau oh yeah yes I wouldn't miss it good [Music] [Applause] [Music] Canty would love that we're all together thanks to Katie thank you Katie look what you heard a helicopter parents I've got a helicopter child she's like this at the office too I think it's sweet she's looking out for you she is slowly sucking all the fun on it hi how is everything well that depends you still a Yankee fan so good to have you back mr. Williams you can call me Alec you know oh I will check on your tofurkey you still eating that stuff my body is a temple I'm its most faithful congregate are you still in Boston no I left 10 years ago actually I moved to San Diego are you serious you're in California oh yeah I got a beach bungalow right on the sand this coming from the guy who used to treat sand like it was hot lava when we first met what are you doing custom sail boats boats that's amazing it's more of a hobby Olivia just designed the most fabulous building east of the Mississippi all right yep what is it it's this new pencil hero building oh wait East you left California I'm in Cincinnati you you landlocked I don't believe it there's a river [Music] I miss this place it's missed you we've been coming back but I have to admit it's not the same without all of you mm-hmm peaceful relaxing really hey you all should join us for yoga tomorrow morning oh wow yeah that's a hard pass yeah some people find the poses quite challenging I knew that was you you it knew it Mele Kalikimaka at this time we'd like to invite you to come dance a Hawaiian Christmas hula Mahalo you [Music] looks good now that's a nice guy stay out of it say you know I see the way he looks at me the same way he looked at you when the two of you were teenagers hey I'm just saying I think the two of you have always had a real connection like soul mate please stop hey I'm just saying all right guys that's wrong hey new project except it's a post office it's a tall glass yeah it's way too expensive but I just I need to find a way to draw more light in what about steel panels cheaper but still reflective yeah I'll check that Thanks yeah um can you take a break I really want to show you something sure I'm mr. mrs. Anderson all them not all just familiar beautiful 15 years and feels like yesterday and a million years ago yeah I never thought I'd get the chance to see you in person again because I owe you an apology last time we were in Hawaii together it was a really long time ago got your messages and emails your kids yeah but still I should have called you back that's my mom died my family pretty much fell apart my sister was off in college my dad was a mess and me I was just lost nothing felt right anymore Hawaii was always my mom's paradise she really did love it here she loved the music oh and the the Christmas plays her favorite yeah it was hard to imagine being here without yeah it's also hard not to be here mm-hmm then the waiting widows pounds waiting widows yeah they use the obituaries like tinder it's not just the women there's a whole crop of men that'll do it too that is seriously enterprising yeah and it works my dad married one of them really yeah the mayor's didn't last long of course but it took a while for us to feel like a family again yeah so what made you come back my wife and I we spent your wife soon-to-be-ex-wife we separated about six months ago yeah we spent the last five Christmases with her family in Vermont she's there now with our daughter Madeline Oh Oh and she just turned 4 she's adorable you've been busy I wish she was here yeah I wanted to relive all my Christmas memories with her but all she wanted was snow hmm that's what happens when you grow up in Southern California yeah should have seen that coming sweet ride mr. Williams she's one of my favorites you built this delivered six months ago Dunning all of the lines of the millwork and I've been wanting to use this teak wood where did you get it it's reclaimed so your dad's not into the whole boat thing yeah he still wants me to take over the family lighting business yeah I seem to remember you wanting to do that at one point well my worldview was pretty narrow back then that I was always in awe love how big your dreams were not figured you know maybe I should start dreaming bigger to grow my wings wings I always loved being out on the water I close my eyes and just clear my head now here you are standing on a boat that you built yeah what the girl who pretty much inspired it all the two crazy kids living out our dreams [Music] evening Marriott William Alec mm-hmm that you headed home I am hey um is there anywhere to get a snack around here yes okay that's good stuff [Music] don't know Heidi hmm no that would be a breach of confidentiality coffee [Music] I got it I can't use it I'm a Red Sox fan so how does a nice wine girl get mixed up with the Yankees anyway my mom moved here from the Bronx when she met my dad and living so far away I think the Yankees were a tether to homeless rooting for them always made me feel more connected to her cause I like winning whoa I can't argue that kind of loyalty no matter how misplaced I'll put it away please you're off the clock so why Cincinnati offer made me an offer I couldn't say no to and she's ready for a change lucky Cincinnati this is incredible [Music] [Music] I love [Laughter] Oh well my mom think we're soulmates soulmates weird believe I just said that no no it's not weird at all I mean you are the one who got away the one you love ouch come on I was a dumb team Buon Giorno [Music] what you still do that [Music] [Music] [Music] hey Carolyn everything okay [Music] I have a great idea do you remember that little of snorkel spot on the white sand beach and there was that cute little ice-cream stand so I was thinking if we went there today what's wrong Carolyn called last night she and Madeline really missed me and she said Christmas doesn't feel right without the family together she wants to give things another try do you I I have to be there for Madeline I really wasn't expecting to see you again I wasn't prepared now you should go you should go and be with them in Vermont would want my dad to come home to I'm sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] first Christmas party yeah and you know that guy Scott with the glasses I think he's gonna give me that listing like at the door oh I did seem like I was really good probably thanks so I just love this little silver Christmas trees it reminds me of the ones they used to make when I was growing up oh we should get one it's so pretty hmm just very three it's a boat with an oil spill yeah all right what's this what's going on here oh do you think we had honestly I like you gonna miss you well you were invited I know but I can't leave in the middle of the rock we're doing I'm all yours for news I promise I can't wait Ellen Colts friends so you want to keep this keep it great [Music] hello I just had lunch with the mayor she wants you to bid on a new municipal complex are you kidding where are they building it police building is safety possibly a youth center what's the timeline now did you get loungers oh there are plenty Nana says to get the good ones I'm standing over the parameters please just keep this nice and simple I know fluorescent lights tons of concrete my shoes were right there excuse me that's hurt yeah there are plenty we can just take that one over there all right Sophie what's that pink Gregg Gregg I'm gonna have to just call you right back okay hi hi sorry Madeline this is daddy's friend Olivia and her nephew okay I don't your pajamas yes yeah yes they are these are my pajamas my mom bought me captain marvel pajamas for Christmas that is lucky and you're even luckier that you get to spend Christmas in Hawaii oh it took some convincing oh no like father like daughter did you know her daddy used to pull a bit on Christmas because he wanted to be in the snow oh really he wanted that how about chocolate and build snowmen and put on his warm coat and gloves see daddy but then I showed him you can do all of that here plus we get to do the reindeer games reindeer yeah and we don't have to freeze doing any of it your daddy and your mommy can take you to town and get a hula skirt my mommy's not here she's not she got forced is everything okay I mean daddy that forests oh shit incoming Oh daddy I think what she's trying to tell you is that Carolyn and I got divorced [Music] one morning are you wearing mascara let's just be from last night Williams came back saya so Jeff this morning that his daughter is she adorable or what yeah I his wife we're divorced I'm sorry to hear that I'd say he's never looked better he broke my heart twice okay bygones last time is with your blessing can her lip gloss and a smile [Music] [Music] it's really good you're a lucky girl Olivia here is a masterbuilder [Music] you know there's a sand sculpture contest in a few days of course you're gonna go get us some more water okay I like your daddy p2p No me too you I'm a ladder with your hands in your pockets hi guys hey Beach yoga 8 am i naked 9 and we're in yeah no you stay here finish your drink you yeah Last Man Standing kind of feels like a conspiracy hmm how are you fingers oh they're like reason so Adeline really likes you who can blame her you ever miss California every winter yes that was great in theory but it is magical especially at Christmas the fires burning and snowflakes are falling your band roses playing there's no luther vandross revengeance oh yeah [Laughter] I do miss a white Christmas I'm gonna go up right at the yoga in the morning right Oh sleep well Olivia goodnight Jeffrey works [Music] that is a joke she didn't want my help she wanted yours well she's a smart cookie yes and that will work anyone step further oh sorry [Music] [Music] [Applause] what are you doing here well the Rockway deal closed this morning it's like the first flat out it was too early to call but here I am and you oh sorry I clean myself off guess what what City Council likes your initial concept really yeah it's off the boat but you're definitely in the right that's great the Municipal Building uh hey Greg Harris don't tell me true Jeff cousin friends Oh Jeff's family and my family have been coming here for Christmas since we were like six Oh school repairs are by the beach so do you want to go yeah okay all right Gina go [Music] I hate the sand gets everywhere in between your toes and in your hair then you come home when it's like in your sheets hello nice forgot a lot for huggers okay true true you're Drew okay todd todd nice to meet your son Ian yeah hey I come bearing gifts oh you didn't need to do that should we put these under the tree that drone goes 50 feet in the air okay and that's to grow your own microgreens oh wow right up and there's crystals in here something about charging the water oh nice it's positive energy infused that's what the governor man bun who sold to be said very impressive for you I got you a meeting with the head of Wahoo's Transportation Department that's romantic takes all kinds really here yeah sorry I couldn't put a bow on it I know you love this place that's awesome that's that's really cool who's Greg you're just in time the reindeer games start any minute we're not gonna do that it's just some competition games things we got going we got we got sand castles I got musical beach towels like a paddle tennis todd yuppers right then we got the big triathlon oh I gotta try oh all right Greta's are the trakkutter triathlon today you'd be sued I'm gonna change no question [Music] all right but the Andersons haven't have them home on well with this new guy adjust accordingly Heidi how's your how's your blood pressure are you up with his tryin on what I'll do it hey arms on my crew all right you know don't worry about have fun we'll be back at home with your friends see those people those people are your enemy destroy them dad coach hey coach little intense [Music] thank you the bar that's in tell me I'm sorry I didn't know that he's gonna I didn't know he existed no I'm not starting in the one what do you have all over you you should trigger the tree listen Greg it's trying to tell you this Margo this is my life okay the second leg is a crap crawl and the third of bichri around the record are you ready [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] got me feeling pee [Applause] [Music] Jewish Vegas is forever come up with these well here in there [Applause] I've been feeling like I need another suite in my system in my veins [Applause] every day [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] a gun [Applause] our good man and a great sport well have a new appreciation for cookie construction nice upper dr. shamon's second right now they say yeah you never really win the silver you only lose the gold [Music] time to reapply mom sunburn melanoma I love you dad Greg catching a few Z's after the try no he doesn't not I love a good nap see you well she lives really far away hey where'd you go Fitness Center awesome here don't you want to relax or on vacation oh I don't take vacation from my goals we just order a picture of my toes yeah I'm not really relaxing the beats have a guy it's gonna go for a run get my steps in you wanna join I'm definitely a relax on the beach kind of girl okay did you submit your designs already oh no it's just a little generic I can grab them if you want to go over it how many good okay you got the pulse of what they want don't take it okay have a good run starting Oh she's happy we're happy she could be happier [Music] [Music] I'm out of shape don't worry is the altitude really no we're definitely at Steve double-locking oh yeah seems like a pretty good guy Greg yes thanks I appreciate that that was pretty serious yeah I guess so look I'm sorry the last time I saw you you were I was headed back to my wife yeah can you think of an appropriate way to tell you without sounding presumptuous I get it my dad might be a little disappointed you got some pretty spectacular timing don't we very impressive timing is everything it's not at least I don't think it is hey buddy come here you can't run like that hey is this Mohammed quit admit that still seems pretty high right now I remember being absolutely terrified he's dead oh no it was it was your idea yeah for you to jump at me I was afraid of heights I didn't believe you still AM scouts honor seems like gung-ho about it I had to dig pretty deep that big I guess it's technically my dare so I sort of roped you in well I knew how badly you wanted to do it we were throwing our wings right okay we should get back you [Music] see why I love this place amazing square footage great beefs great friends a lot of memories I was thinking you guys should open up a shop here it's homeopathic medicine it's super hot right now great health is always in fashion I don't want to complicate things not a complication you just hire local manager and then you have an excuse to come to Hawaii as often as you want are you talking did you mean from City Council get hold of you you know I don't have my phone what do you mean you don't have your phone hey is everything okay yeah you're the top of the list they really want to see your final rendering I'll do it tomorrow yeah yeah good talk about it over dinner yeah I guess but hmm I made reservations at that having someone restaurant Oh like a boss huh yeah I had a friend call in a favor you know we have the number one lighting store and Greater Boston I have locations no favors necessarily not one Olivia this an sculpture contest is in one hour do we have to go now so kind of early and get promised her wow she's really cute and I love being here with everybody but it's so nice to just have a little one-on-one time you wanna me yes totally I'm so sorry but I can't go ahead we're good don't worry I know all her tricks you guys going to come for dinner [Music] I thought we settled down sorry old habits die hard [Music] if you want to be alone that I know no plenty of good seats left [Music] [Music] never gets old doesn't it's a hundred shades of pink blue orange this is my dream spend the hotel and to be able to watch the sunset every night what did the New Yorker think of that my parents thought I was nice they were both teachers and they wanted me to follow in their footsteps I'd say you made the right choice life's too short to live someone else's dream this is really nice I don't know I just I became an architect so that I could create beautiful designs and then push the limits yeah but you found a niche that would set you up for years if not decades of steady work you could build your own firm off of this you know I just I wish okay so here's what you can do you can get a pet project like a small little house addition you can scratch yours that way look I know this isn't what you planned for but this is where life is taking you and there are plenty of worse places to be yeah no I know you're right I believe in you Olivia I believe in us we're gonna be the king and queen of the Ohio River Valley real estate okay Cheers what's going on here why are you wearing that back bed [Music] got me will you sisters all over do me another baby don't fumble it this time around with Olivia how many of those eggnogs have you had don't you worry about that you got a second chance here I'll see what's going on between the two years oh come on what second chance she's in love with someone else who for better or worse seems like a decent enough guy forget about him he's a rookie you're a pro get in there and take it to the end zone now that sounds a little inappropriate yeah you'll get the point son true love is worth fighting was that worth leaving everyone behind yes I've just been coming here for so long doing the same thing eating the same food that I forget that there's anything else so thank you thank you ever since I first met you I saw our future together it's an unstoppable team hm and I want to try so many things with you I want to literally build a life with you because I love you I love you enough to get sand on my toes oh my gosh [Music] love you Anderson will you marry me is that a yes what did you do all of this I'm just thinking about it and just being here with you and family I thought why not here why not I don't remember the last time I had a roasted wheel we a gooey marshmallow ha ha a contraband in our house made out of gelatin which comes from animal collagen you sure ruin it for the rest of with woody thank you would you kick him for his ankle turtle juice just relax his muscles oh he should not be drinking on that oh he is wasted be good for him ya know I'm a little bit you should try this sober come on you can't even face your mark you know just once it's just looking no hey how was dinner dinner was delicious but dessert was even better outstanding truly spectacular news spectacular I just love a good surprise ending I want to say something good I'm so happy for you too Olivia you look radiant you're always brightest sunshine you deserve MVP kind of love girl you deserve it so so woody what do you say let's raise a glass and let's give it up to Olivia and Jeff Gregg his name is great no it's not what it's close enough but oh okay time to go to bed no I gotta go for that guy's gotta go boy happy I know it looks amazing thank you you're home safe house a there you go easy easy easy hey yeah I want to talk to why my second chance may have come and gone but yours hasn't what are you talking about you're going into extra innings could you please turn off these lights oh yeah huh you and Mary I'll have something oh god please no don't you've been on the bench long enough that it's time to get back in the game is this what I sound like all the time oh oh that's terrible good night see you in the morning I love you [Music] [Music] marry hawk this this is for you it's the cause of the sunset the guy in town said it's escape-proof welcome I love it I'll take it you got aloha Mele Kalikimaka tonight we celebrate 25 Christmases here at the mama Quilla we hope that she'll enjoy reliving some of your fondest memories as you wander around the pavilion and don't forget to join us for Christmas Eve caroling tomorrow night's hello-o this they you and you're a kid what happened used to be so cute I wanna skip out on my caroling but do you want to go on some hikes tomorrow cuz this island is known for lives [Music] I want to talk about the engagement party which obviously of course you're invited to I'm just gonna go and get some air oh wait she'll be okay [Music] I guess it's pretty serious after all what are we doing here I don't know are we walking down memory lane rekindling an old flame twice twice you walked away from me oh that's not fair no it's not fair we're not kids anymore I've moved on I didn't want to leave last year but I had to you knew I did this isn't real none of this is real this is Christmas do you think that our families would be friends outside of this do you think that you and I would stand a chance vacation isn't real life what if who we are on vacation is the only thing that's real what if that's the only part of us that really matters well maybe the universe is just trying to tell us something then same universe keeps bringing us back together bad kiss after we jumped that is still one of the best moments of my entire life and it was followed by the absolute worst by the time I got myself back together it was too late why was it I was across the country look I don't know I'm sorry okay I was 16 not calling you is the biggest regret my entire life because you were and always have been the love of my life and I realized that this may not be the best or most appropriate time to tell you this what is the truth and has taken me way too long to say it you're the one who always chose dare choose truth this time [Music] do you love me I'm sorry [Music] whatever happens a Hail Marys always worked it's not over until it's over Doug Flutie 1984 her this thirty a thousand times there's a reason why they still telling barely a second on the clock Boston College is down 45 40 163 yards against the 30 mile an hour wind Miami's defenses everywhere Flutie tossed it up nothing to lose there's girag Bateman in the insult man caught it for the win so you just never know I tossed it up she just didn't catch it it's over [Music] you okay [Music] it's beautiful mom well it certainly did the trick when I married your dad hmm after a year of planning I can't believe the big day is tomorrow when we started coming here over 20 years ago I never could have imagined special this place would become ready Shh yeah why don't I have the hotel practice all the picnics do you really know an end we got these [Music] because they are building any courthouses your nose is so gray should stop talking about business I'm sorry sorry I'm a question are we gonna do the cake thing or smash each other in the face you don't have to do the cake I don't want [Music] yeah you go ahead much bacteria for me sure I'm gonna get up we go here see if it's on the way flowers on everything some of anybody goes to a wedding [Music] [Applause] hey hey man thanks for inviting me oh you should do that stretch out okay I'm sure she's plenty busy guy didn't have been working on this holiday candy mix and me that's right daddy told me you named her I love it I have to go get ready for my rehearsal dinner so are you gonna come [Music] yeah I promise Madeline I'd take it for Hawaiian barbecue but we have to make the ladies can't forget the lace have fun welcome and thank you all for being here to celebrate Olivia and Greg on this eve before Christmas Eve you know there are many different kinds of love romantic practical fleeting and then there's that great big kind of enduring love to people who are meant to be with each other soulmates I found mine many years ago at an ashram mm-hmm drew found his at a NASCAR race Olivia now that you found your soul mate I'll tell you what I told your brother hang on tight and never ever let him go - soulmates [Music] [Music] hey there she is that's fun huh get rid of all my business cards and I think that your hamper being in my uncle Mike hit it off it started flying try that social media funny pair you know that Pinewood property so for sale so I was thinking I get private investor you can do what you want with it but still high ceilings all those elaborate designs you want huh it's a nice property yeah take it here scratch that is you know [Music] yeah it's more than an inch Gregg you deserve more what are you talking about I am so lucky that I found you and you aren't wonderful and you shouldn't have to get sand in your toes I didn't care about the sand I just said that cuz it was a good metaphor for composure what Olivia before you say anything more just know that I love I'm sorry and I don't mean to hurt you and and I have no doubt that one day you will be the king of Ohio River Valley real estate I just sounds like I need to find a new queen I'm sorry [Music] can't close every deal right [Music] hi oh no okay sorry yes sir yes sorry don't be sorry all right well we'll handle it so so the wedding's off it's just not my soul mate hmm my soul mate was down the hall Michel blame it I just say let him go I knew I shouldn't given that speech Cummings just as well like I can never even sit still let me anxious I'm even on vacation in sit down have a mind there's something about this place that just it always reminds me of who I am and and what I've always wanted oh hello wise man once I don't give up on what you want most for what you have who said that I think it was Alec have you seen Jeff good you should sleep I'm Vanessa you don't even know what I would see it in no tell him how you feel telling the truth [Music] it's a beautiful boat so proud of him Thanks that me on your sister has really filled my shoes more than a little I think she's just waiting counting down the days till I move down here full-time really think so mmm it's really to call maybe well I'm happy for you dad yeah what about you how are you holding up yeah I gotta get out of here head clear my head Madeline and I are gonna fly out tonight I can't watch a video walk down the aisle to another me do you do what you need to do [Music] I love you so much [Music] Olivia is everything okay do you know where Jeff is I've been looking for him all day uh he took the boat out this morning and it's up trip for him oh I get it um do you know when he's coming back he's really need to talk to him and he's not answering my calls aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your wedding not marrying Greg I can't bury him because I love your son and I don't know how he feels about me but I have to let him know how I feel before another Christmas goes by and then it's a whole year and all right slow down it's 5:00 p.m. on Christmas even this is my Hail Mary and I'm your Gerard failure sure do you think you can get into caroling I've been waiting to make this play for a long time let's take it to the end zone [Music] [Music] really don't be here right now yes you do [Music] it's snowing [Music] aren't you supposed to be getting married no I'm supposed to be right here giving you your white Christmas you did this you're right I always choose dare but now it's time for truth I do love you I probably always have and it's not because it's Christmas or because this is vacation it's because when I'm with you I know exactly who I want to be and I might have taught you to dream bigger but you remind me to never give up on my dreams [Music] here that's my truth wait you [Music] since the moment Olivia and Jeff collided on the beach it was clear these two were meant to be not to come a little while longer to figure it out and to be will always find a way say in this case it was well worth the wait Jeff Olivia power bestowed upon me from the internet it is my honor to finally pronounce you husband and wife [Music] [Music] are you ready more than ever [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] you you