Hallmark My Favorite Five 2015

what show me the gun if I take it out I'm gonna use it you want me to use it use it I want you to use it please don't yeah you better run better house clothes man thought he was called kiss hey where you going so we going back to my place hello Silvo hi Rebecca look she keeps stealing our accounts ya know look dress it hi Shelley no good running miss core burn your messages on your desk and a National Car Rental called you left a small package in the rental so I'll have someone pick it up and overnight it Thank You Shelley so then my gratitude oh and I set up my trip for Atlanta next week okay okay good morning Rebecca oh well good morning Haley how nice of you to join us it's not when you start it's how you finish and how are you mr. bull amazing as usual excuse me yes Barry yeah what happened with Mills greeting cards you know what happened we collected his money but that was my account that was never your account well it wasn't my account even your little Charlie's Devil's stepped over there in your little mini skirts and all that's right I don't wear halter tops and don't blame me if you don't know how to close speaking of clothes and wish that I don't know just go find him someplace ass-kisser I will right back at you yes on my way so baby how was Chicago Chicago was rewarding is this what I think it is yeah Williams and that man is notorious for not paying his suppliers well we can pick up at least 10 other vendors from this deal oh no no you are amazing I may be but the truth is men are predictable play to their egos and you win every time yeah listen with that in mind though I've just set up a meeting with HQ distributors if we can recover for them hell we can take the next six months off I like the sound of that who's the mark his name is Christopher Michaels he's a CEO of a new video game company I made this one everybody gets an extra Christmas bonus here we go came out with that shooter game last year that everybody went so crazy for then the market turned in his sales plummeted near the stop production leaving his suppliers holding their chain no he just got an infusion of cash from Dakota Kimball Queen bitch of Wall Street seems that she was a friend of his late mom Wow she inherited the largest exchange of husband died correctamundo now a little bit on the downside we know he has the money but he still hasn't paid so we have to convince HQ that we can recover for them no problem you think it won't be easy he owes them over five million but he needs at least that much to bring his new game to market daddy if you knew half as much as I know about men you know this money was practically in the bank you so they have 17 locations that we need to close all right let's get started what happened last night you don't want to know yes we do spill it I mean he was beautiful big feral lion yeah he may have looked as strong as a lion but he had the heart of a little baby rabbit what I just don't understand if I date a good-looking guy he's a dog if I date an average guy he's lame if I dated my Manta guy he's he's a pop yeah maybe you want too much no not possible I just want everything I bring to the table what's wrong with that sarcasm in nymphomaniac I will get on you later I'm glad to have lunch with my brother oh he is so cute tell him hi you know usually when you share a meal with someone you engage them in conversation oh my bad sis I'm just updating the grid you some kind of down why is your species so dysfunctional you mean the male gender yes men are very simple feed us freak us and need us you complicated I just want one man just one whenever I find a guy that's great in one area he sucks and all the others you see that's the problem you can't find everything you need in one person that's like needing the capacity of a minivan but wanting the sexiness of a convertible well I refuse to compromise know what you shouldn't I don't welcome to the grid this man has five means sex attraction the same thing no your best sex maybe with somebody to put a bag over here clearly you were not a man what is this it's my new audio book my favorite file I'm working on the female version next really my favorite vibe yeah you're crazy you know that no am I am I crazy okay why did every primitive society have multiple partners how can one person be good at everything Haley you're literally trying to find perfection or only settle for a couple of your needs being met but I'm the crazy one right you're not gonna pay for lunch no ma'am it's homosapiens we were never meant to be monogamous living in that imporantly dysfunctional state only keeps us miserable and underachiever i have to have in your sexual needs met and you need to be with someone who simply makes you drool next you must find someone to meet that spirit journey this would be your soul mate not sex me that's someone else so me along the even years we can I get feeding right let's see tonight I have Peter I'll have the rosemary chicken these great I'll have to tie pasta salad who is Peter and why does he determine what you'll have for lunch I call him the backbreaker I'm gonna need all my stress because you are desperate and I am pleasantly scandalous I can teach you I just got Erik fixed I just end up breaking him all over again besides that karma your plan is a bitch no I don't believe in karma and I don't believe in being constrained by social hypocrisy no you believe in being a ho socially it is fine for a man to have more than one woman but a hundred years ago it was perfectly normal for women to date multiple suitors Lily let's see you have to check your calendar just a season you're screwing today oh yeah that's true mom oh baby what doing man is it normal it's like wearing the same dress for 20 years everyone was created for someone else oh really okay so then why there's so many miserable married people in the world that doesn't mean simply don't realize that they can never be satisfied with just one man here we go no I'm even giving me my cell phone number no there's too much access you can call me at the office or my home or emailed me he is not gonna have me on a leash you just don't want to commit and these men are too stupid to realize it you're an ant a monogamist I am NOT anti anything I just know that you cannot change the nature of a man and when an opposing force won't change you adapt I have found perfection you found polyandry every woman needs five things five perfect man things and most women settle for one or two I want it all and because it is impossible to find a man with all of them I have found five one man for each that is so silly it is brilliant and the only logical solution no no no every woman has the same dilemma trying to turn a man into something he's not okay tell me why you just have to have five men at one time besides the obvious self-serving reasons five no more no less it is so simple really every woman needs a bad boy that's what CI comes in it's not just because they want to go against the grain it is because you know no one is gonna mess with him what's your Maggie you can't beat having your own personal bodyguard he's not just a pack of meat he is always there when you need him thank you I'm gonna just stick around here just in case y'all need eventually you're gonna have to talk to him the hell I do I'm gonna have to sleep with him he is an amber just by being you with me and of course there's romance Oh every woman needs romance a man who is so smooth so sugary sweet every phone call leaves your face sticky look this is what James sent me this morning I am but a fish caught in your net lemming not for the release but we devoured by your grace will I burn over the fire yes but I say let it burn you are more than worthy of the pain this is really sad please don't hate with him it is a mutually beneficial arrangement James has a need to be romantic it's in his DNA most women will question his manhood but I am evolved enough to appreciate his softest time discretion is the key what about the other three the newest intellect mmm the pillar of social accomplishment and the mental stimuli to hash out political rhetoric it's a ridiculous notion really I mean their failure to gain bipartisanship will ultimately lead to an independent nation how can you say that Republicans and Democrats have to eventually agree on the for most issues to maintain government Haley it's never happened in ever will antidisestablishmentarianism never die disre portion abyss and comprehensibility it's absurd damn you're sexy then there's provision the money man now he doesn't have to be rich just well-off enough to meet your needs you make great money Wow you look absolutely stunning this evening thank you are you gonna be the most beautiful woman at the Opera before huh mm-hmm oh oh wait I think I lost an earring why not worthy really they're beautiful they're trinkets we're just getting started I was thinking after the Opera we could helicopter over to Catalina for the weekend but I didn't pack anything oh I took the liberty of having Halley's personal assistant do a little shop and run my bags are in the car that is so sweet but next time I would really like to do my own shopping oh yeah one minute Worthington fuel up the jet d'eau going shopping Paris alright then the best one of all seduction when that would be pizza finally the Wonder horse of the bunch are you kidding oh this man is a master akin to the greatest magician spread throughout history this man you have met before I don't think so think about the last time you did something you never thought you would Batman oh I'm late I gotta go I have to finish this education a little later okay just remember one thing compromise begins and ends a disappointment Oh okay everything's perfect I took the night off so I've been thinking hmm about what you why not you why not me what why not you know he seduction a booty call sheet master this sheet master whatever just a tiny little well they should you know he should be grateful so every man once sex without complications apparently that's not what every man wants and then there were four actually three we got to let my money guy go why mr. who thank you for your patience mr. Wu your company will most certainly benefit from an ongoing partnership without firm we can handle all of your recovery needs from simple account reconciliation to litigation during usage for coming on soon she wanting and tongue and that going with her to new boy your little her this hot war I'm deleted you know boot all mr. Wu is intrigued that's wonderful come soon mr. Wu will like these issues to be resolved in house without costly litigations we always try to avoid litigation however as a last resort my father is a well-respected civil attorney we offering you essentially a one-stop shop for your recovery needs so when you sue saw room is she our son going on the Ho Chi Minh ket no idea how the food teensy cafe Tong you mean dilution kuriboh woman don't fucking boom gone boom bang why you OD are dancing Tara taught Fung mr. Wu is a bit strong with the methodology he has her some very disconcerning rumors let me ask you mr. Wu that my daughter is why don't we just quit the charade mr. Wu your business has over 30 million dollars outstanding from your clients you need your money which means you need my services not only do you need my services you want my services don't you higher Shelly will bring in the paperwork what can I talk to you for a moment now what's going on Haley you have got to stop this what do you mean you know what I mean this is not a game sweetheart sure it is it is always a game you know Barry came to me earlier complaining to me about you stealing his accounts dad I have landed and closed more accounts in this office than anybody else combined including you that is why you made me partner American closing Academy baby being good at doing the wrong thing does not make it the right thing did we get the account yes we got the account but at what cost everything great in life there is a cost isn't there oh so now you think quoting me makes your behavior okay smile daddy it's a good day now is this the dossier yes all there copy was passport credit card statements Duns reports etc etc etc no Christopher is drowning in debt and sweetheart there is a very clear and distinct line do not cross it watch me do what I do I'm not sure that's something fathers should see greatest achievement this life can bring so let me so I made Haley matthew gingrich is announcing his candidacy on CNN tonight it's gonna be absurd of course you can have another martini clothes my father what happened to your old number five by now you should know that your five is in a constant state of change alright and chapter eight I explained you got to be like water right you got to just flow with the energy of your fires okay look I am working right now so I need you to go oh yes so please leave okay okay okay you know what I was just coming to check on my big sister but not no more all right be nice to him back bye I'll call you back to my little kiss you're just jealous huh you gotta be jealous Tony play a game oh god what is happening I was on the phone look what God didn't donate it to the man on earth look at that look at that excuse me drooling way boy what man you promised man it's not about the girls tonight it's about the fellas I pull business I know what I said okay cuz I was there when I said it hi brother but sometimes you get distracted and right now little sands is like what you're doing what you're doing excuse me drooling okay I cannot stay long why do you have to be dressed in his hideous thing tonight you know what man yourself is best that's what you are he asked a question what's miss Roxanne gonna say how about all these distractions she gonna hurt your ass man she gonna hurt your ass you gonna have on my couch another six with you look there's nothing wrong with sniffing the titillating smell of a fresh rose brother I don't know man that that miniskirts smell economy how you know that's the one I'm talking about you don't know if you don't know we're trying to talk about what I like my women conservative sometimes brother sir yeah I do like a conserve every now and then okay no I'm not talking about her what is fine no sense I'm on hiatus all right I'm taking a break oh you are done looking for the one sound taking a little break okay you keep taking a break from the game one day the coach gonna say go ahead and plate you go get in go miss openly just like that Haley where are your breasts they're in here he likes his women conservative who certain Michaels behind dozen six o'clock playing pool who's the mark okay who's he with yeah I'm not sure he's not in the file but I've seen him a couple of times that is why you're here what you did not know I'm out of here oh you said you wanted to see how it's done you know what don't you worry about me on the beef oh yeah I say one will be fine I'm telling you you make a decision we should find a woman and you never know anywhere you could find the one I'm a realist okay I'm not one of those guys like yourself who thinks I'm gonna come to some bar I meet my future wife eating 57 wings and watching some damn game oh yes you just want to tell everybody where I met my wife at huh you we was walking past the nasty Rhino you pulled me in there okay and she wasn't dancing at all yeah she was practicing but she wasn't damn dancing okay you play too much man good I'm just saying not for me I'm not meeting my wife in a bar so I'm just focused on pool you prejudiced I never thought I'd say it man you're president what would Martin think right now you think he a March for this bullshit listen ma'am I want you use all that energy and on that mount to focus on how you were gonna talk your way back into Roxanne's panties again huh Oh duh guess what I'm doing right now not playing ignoring you in my business stay on my damn business that's what you need to do open your eyes woman over that's been staring at you for the last five minutes brother you can't take that as a hint like in a music video when you to lead am single but you can't see that can hello you can't Seville do it for yourself brother selfish ass do it for me and all of mankind to stand as she comes she comes she walking up here yeah well hello there hi I'm Chris I'm Haley how are you sans I normally don't do this but my friend over there says she really likes your style over there she says she really likes the way you handle your balls the ones on the table alright cuz what else would she be talking like I'm just walk around do you mind if I bring you over here to maybe watch well actually we were just hanging out just the brothers so yeah we was hanging out just felt a student made that beautiful invite I say you go get huh hey the ziget song to us like teaching something maybe thank you she said I usually don't do this we know that over here I'm not going on there oh you devil - my angel the slap - my good girl and I need you to keep his friend occupy him are you crazy let me get down like that for my man still if you don't get over there right now I'll tell your father about your listening for election I will give you five hundred dollars for the next 30 minutes alright let's do this the lead hi I'm civil this is sounds I'm Sam I'm simple so uh what brings you ladies out tonight I don't know we're just bored and vulnerable mmm wipe that smile off your face we're not that vulnerable speak for yourself I'm feeling kind of funny funny yeah you know like you're missing something but you just don't know what it is you're missing but I bet you'll know when you find it huh I bet you I would too so what brings you out well actually we were just trying to blow off some steam after a tough work week oh wow really what do you do I make video games you might have seen our logo gyrate meeting Wow no point in well I mean that's very interesting with the holidays coming up business must be great actually uh we had a tough year things are turning around you know what sans and I actually grew up as kids in Seattle believe it he used to saved me from the local ass kickers when we were little kids don't mind if I touch almost muscles do you oh man that's what they there for baby touch away just don't break your hands on that it's really great that you guys are still friends all this time oh this fool is just my friend he's my business partner hi I'm his silent partner all right Kris Lazar is the geek with the plan I just invested in the vision that that boy does it all right there oh so you're like a capitalist I like that but you know how to treat a woman oh yeah it's a matter of fact I do so you ladies have to learn how to play some pull it away trying to play pool all night you gonna teach us I'll sure will okay show us what you were doing good right it's pretty easy what you want to do is glad the stick slowly gently through your hands Namie can I borrow your stick of course you can or you play before hi yeah like this yeah a lot like like that that could be cool or like like I don't know that's a good right there for right there straight to know law okay is this how you do it sand that's right I don't feel feels right looks right no right not left I'm gone nice meeting you Christopher okay you know what it's it's it's getting late and I should probably head out - really wow that's the first no no I don't don't I definitely don't mean anything personal by it I actually have a long day tomorrow okay it was nice meeting you it's nice to meet you too all right Park yep all right rockets choke down on the rack - choke down on the racket you ready yeah yeah all right let's give a shot okay here we go here we go here we go ready all right not bad not bad let's do one more let's do one more this is not easy you know I don't know why your father let you behave this way behave way like some ass for Sam mom I mean it you know I think more women use the power - vajayjay thank you Jonathan oh now you listen to him yeah you know I was kind of skeptical at first but um she's seen the life that little silly audio book of his makes a lot of sense favorite five hey 50,000 downloads so far so we gonna do when you get marry him you gonna marry five men I'm not getting married what do you mean you're not getting married why should I get married and tie down all of his goodness why should you indeed system ah you know marriage is an antiquated simple-minded notion for needy people you know what God made women specifically to belong to a man one man Solomon had many concubines you know men were also circumcised with sharp stones you sure you wanna long for those good old days I just don't think there's a man out there for me honey why do you always keep dating I take the pleasure hey it's nothing wrong with that I like that you know yes there is now Ellie I could not raise you to be you know shucking your goodies from one man to the next no you raised me to be strong and independent yes but being independent is not being being devoid of morality where should I be following yours dad's society's Jesus this is not baseball hey hit is a hit Selena shush look every decision you make now will matter later no bill can we please try this again because I am gonna get my sexy back all right yeah put those over there you don't have a choice Chris sands we always have a choice okay and I'm making it we're choosing to do the right thing twelve O'Clock everybody grab some food lunchtime now let's change the subject man how are you just gonna bail on me like that last night what I didn't pay you gave me the signal you said you know I saw your signal and that was fouled that's crazy man we've been friends since we was 10 years old you just gonna roll out on me like no what about tell you when I what it was bu the time you you did something you know you did something know what you're trying to say man what's wrong with you yeah I got nothing to say I just this is the first I've been I've been lying to you about what Mia Roxanne we not just separated I file for divorce divorce when a few months back it's embarrassing I didn't tell my mama you not tell my mama everything why crazy no I mean divorce she kept on eating all my cereal and then she mess with the remote and she did and she drove my car said all the gas does that back up you said she used the remote in my after mother she cheated a player got played that's a dr. Phil moment right there the player got played this has been Debbie the whole time I told you I loved daddy no I just call a little Debbie weeds a little Davey snacks yeah there you have folk baby daddies and you cheated on David but this was not my girl man and it's not about me anyway but it's about that it's about you cause you live in two extremes it's one thing or the other with you need to find some some middle ground last year yeah I need to be engaged I found my soul mate in sondry bought her two engagement rings the love is gonna last two lifetimes and this year you would be a monk I don't need to worry about women okay women they're not vulnerable anymore okay they're not honest all right man that they just full of game and I got time for games Harmon will girls are honest man bacala Eve bit the Apple women ain't never been man and Chris everybody plays the game yeah well I'm done with games man I don't play everybody plays the game Oh oh my gosh I am so sorry am i interrupting something what the hell yeah I know what what what are you doing here well I was just in the area and thought I would drop by he was just visiting the another neighbor in warehouse we wait how did you know where we worked and how would you even know my last name Jarett media I googled you got you that's not scary at all well anyway I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to get some lunch well actually uh sans and I we have lunch plans we have to discuss a couple of things no actually um cool we just discussed all the business we need to right now cuz I got things to chase right you know what the signal is whoever sees my good signal cuz your C's might get a signal like you like Montville I don't know what that is you tell you so much why don't I take you to lunch Oh are you sure you're not gonna have anything no no no please go ahead I I never eat lunch really really I am thank you I just need time to take the mental break so what do you do professionally uh I work for an accounting firm really which one oh it's just a small firm doesn't have to keep you in mind town we're gonna move some things around financially sure so seeing anyone the dreaded question isn't it a little late to be asking that no not at all we're still about line what do you mean lunch not dinner I seen a twine uh I see no I'm definitely not seeing anyone right now that's a bit cliche what do you mean no I mean a handsome guy polite respectful playing hard-to-get oh you can you think I'm playing it's the oldest game in the book no no no no no no games you you definitely got me all wrong do I yes Haley I'm just I'm waiting for someone special I see so um what does this mystery woman look like uh well she's she's definitely unassuming and can pump her brakes yeah but she's also very well-put-together unpretentious but definitely self-assured not afraid to laugh but knows how to handle her business sexy but not slutty intelligent but not nerdy seducible than that right this is a mistake I am so sorry that I wasted your time what do you mean mm-hmm every woman deserves to be pursued and if I'm not worthy in your eyes then I I wish you well we I'm sorry I didn't mean to I wasn't trying to you weren't trying at all and I'm sure you get every woman you want with very little effort but I'm just not that girl here's my number in case you ever need that accounting help I'm such an idiot Haley I wasn't trying to insult you it's okay I'm just far too vulnerable not to have those feelings returned take care all right shall we yeah I wanted orgy you know one in five minutes yes miss Coburn oh and Matthew James into Yahoo called multiple times hey tell Matthew to meet me here for lunch so James I'm out of town and take everything we have on Christopher Michaels into the conference room NCI you would call nine one Haley Coburn what's your favorite flower who is this Christopher Michaels mr. Michaels so what's your favorite flower calla lilies great hold on a sec hold hello these just came for you I just wanted to make sure you knew you were worth pursuing ah lucky guess no I have my bases covered hey I want to see you yeah no tonight oh no now now I thought maybe you could take off and work a little early there's something I'd like you to see I'll be right down now what should I do with the recipes keep them so I always think we could catch the sensei the sunset yeah you do know what a sunset is don't you of course I do I just never sit still long enough to see it that's a shame sure time is always fleeting which is why I have enough of it times like that water there's always enough you just have to use a wife what's that you a drifter the director mm-hmm you come into town sweep a girl off her feet get bored and then ride off into the sunset That's not me at all I've only had three girlfriends in my entire life really yeah I only have the real thing the real thing was that true love oh that you sound like a non-believer let's just say I believe that love is much to do about nothing you know most people think that when they've never experienced so what happened wrong story guy meets girl guy falls in love with girl girl needs new guy guy moves on should be we should be grateful hey it's better to find out sooner than later perfection is rare you sure know how to build a girl's confidence okay here's where it gets fine what what you want me to climb this thing oh come on now it's not that bad no shoes no shoes those beautiful shoes but I have on a skirt I mean okay okay okay well now it's a mini sky oh wow I can't believe I'm doing this Thomas I got you Chris gotcha just step where I step and you'll be fine yeah my pedicure is it I'll get you new pedicure you're almost okay I got like ten pedicures on my credit now yes you do sorry I'm not gonna put your okay with you mr. Colbert so tell me about your last relationship I am I just don't like to talk about my relationships oh okay we'll circle back to that one then so is this your standard seduction or did I get the upgrade no I usually come here alone stay clear my head I'm a jog here every morning and I'm flattered very flattered life is so funny how so no let me guess the minute you feel like you had it all figured out it all changes no that's not what I was gonna say I was gonna say just as life brings you sadness it also brings you great beauty where we were going there's an old myth that says if your feet touch the water just as the Sun touches the rise and your children will be breast children oh my god Haley Coburn yes Shelly I think you need to come to the office right away there's a very large gentleman here by the name of ti what why is he doing he looks about to explode okay okay just just calm down Shelly okay just try to get him on the phone I'm gonna call the police okay no no don't just just tell them the weekly I'm coming now yes mr. Coburn as soon as she arrives ci baby what are you me what are you doing here I've been calling you and calling you you stopped returning my calls um no I stopped calling you no you stop calling me yeah I have been looking for you for weeks we have you been you've been missing action mm-hmm I have been looking for you everywhere I don't wanna miss calls for me how many times I told you to get rid of that piece of junk you call a phone my players I trusted you I depend on you to be there when I need you you're right look forgive me please it won't happen again it can never happen again I need you and when I need you and you're not there when I need you then what do I need you for if you're not there you right now this is my place of business okay and I need you to never ever ever come here again okay do you understand Haley what the hell happened here I know what you're gonna say no you do not know what I'm going to say baby we can't have your personal life spilling over into this office I'm sorry listen to me sweetheart if you play with people's feelings eventually everybody everybody gets hurt dad I know what I'm doing and with all due respect this is my life it'll never happen again you see that it doesn't know where are we on the Christopher Michaels case making progress what exactly does that mean it means that things are going exactly the way that they should be Haley I want this case closed I want it closed fast got it I am so sorry James okay who was that lunatic he was someone I was seeing seeing yes I thought that we were exclusive why I never told you dude you never said that we weren't I mean what about the other than that the poetry Roadshow uh-huh the love songs the flowers every day they were beautiful I enjoyed I'd enjoyed everything it was beautiful and how could you appreciate it if your soul was to fight it so this was all just uh just a game to you wasn't it uh okay look if you want to leave then you should just go because otherwise just quit wasting my time margit lover is too pure for an infidel like you nice okay so I should get this big table Oh Haley it's cool don't worry about it hi we just sat down okay what's going on jump across this table and stab you to death you don't tell me okay don't be so dramatic god Christopher's on his way why is Christopher on his way pain fans were just in the area a little tricky bitch oh he likes you and dinner is not going to kill you won't kill you Haley he's married he's been separated for two years I don't know is this too much drama I mean besides how do you know you're gonna close this deal with Christopher I have a plan now that you have me a party to this mess what is this plan I can't tell you the plan you know what I don't have time for this shit I have an inside scoop okay he's home wrangling funds he used investment money last year to save his house when the market tanked how do you prove it I don't have to he knows is true and all I had to do is get him on tape admitting it I don't know okay I just need you for dinner that's it just one dinner I love you I love you okay okay stop you know what you owe me a trip to Rodeo Drive Hey here's the fear this is for you you look lovely I've never seen a rose pale in the face of beauty thank you I have to admit I'm little jealous oh you shouldn't be have a seat I have something special for you I figure you enjoy him a lot more than me strumming on five chords that I know isn't that romantic what do you have against romance nothing it's just overrated how's that because it only leads to one day sex no rehab the same thing that will make you laugh is the same thing that will make you cry okay you have a point but if you've never loved you've never lived yeah if you say so so fans I hear that you are quite the investor I do what I could do sans and also hear that you just got out of a marriage is a little too soon to be jumping into the sack who says I'm trying to do that I see it in your eyes you men are all the same don't be rude maybe I should give us all some drinks it's cold oh no actually you're absolutely right yeah I knew it is that a crime now huh then I look at you and see all that a woman should be me you're beyond beautiful you're sexy you're confident you could dress it up or keep it loose and you have the body of a goddess and not to mention those eyes those eyes girl you could stop time with one glance so what kind of man would I be if I didn't try with every remorseful of my being to make you mine it's all you want a sex no I want it all you only asked about sex well I'm not I'm starving we should probably do these shots that we can order it's a new friendship since uh it's a romance you could put your roses in this will be done with it I don't mean a contact with you when I say a romance hope I look at you Chris I felt weird for a second this is good that's that top shelf right there I'm glad he went get it up I wouldn't about saw that one No Oh Oh No take it off take it away take it away take it off No oh hello what's wrong I slept with fan you what just just help me please get over here right now and make this thing right all right this is all your fault my fault yes your fault I can strangle you right now I didn't tell you to sleep with him no but I don't know he had this puppy-dog Mack thing and it just kept calling me he was flattering and persistent damn you Haley for this shit I hope I didn't wake you it's 2:00 a.m. no come on in what I called Eric an hour ago I heard a woman's voice in the background but that's I don't want to overreact okay okay if there's a woman in his house after 10 p.m. there is a problem let's go what about me okay you just wait here okay I'll be back let's go there's a back door taking the three games to one lead over the Blazers but Portland Games Shelly what are you doing here mm-hmm I caught these two wisping on the phone last week no no you knew and didn't tell me did you really want to know is that what you think you know that you I can clean this you're fired no no well now you know and you think that's a good thing I told you this is why you don't commit to a man you are setting yourself up for failure every time you're pathetic excuse me I don't want to live in your cold loveless world Rebecca I can't believe you didn't tell me I was trying to save you just take me to my car close the deal Haley closed the deal this is filled three slang my favorite oh and already chilled nice touch I remembered you ordered a dinner hope it's not too sweet I'm sure it'll be perfect you look amazing I thought your father might enjoy these Cubans thank you you're welcome why don't you just sit here you know how do you have in the way sure baby now that was MasterChef good yeah well my mother always told me the way to a man's heart is through his pants but if you wanted to come home every night have dinner waiting well your father's a very lucky man well the irony is that although she had great advice I never really worked for her you know you never really talk much about yourself or your family not much to talk about well now everyone has a story true what's yours you're a successful entrepreneur how do you maintain in such a tough economical climate well it's not easy do you own or rent I own was your business ever in trouble yeah last year we barely meeting well how did you make it did you have to borrow money did you tip your creditors what I'm just asking I mean you live in such a nice house you pay what 10 grand in mortgage a month and you had to stop taking a salary because you couldn't pay for your house right wait wait how do you know exactly how much I pay in more oh I know a lot about you Christopher Chrissie Pooh didn't you use money from your company to pay for your house yeah but why are you what is this are you taping me yes and now you will pay HQ distributors the five million dollars you owe them I paid them this morning how you've open till you launch your new game who are you I was hired to retrieve their money so so all of this was just business I was just doing my job well you caught and got their money so you did a great job you're done so we can I speak with you please yes the lady I want to see how did you do it I didn't I do hope you didn't cross the line sweetheart because I just built HQ for $1,000,000 and they are going to refer five count them five other companies to us ooh ooh look at me no no no so what are we going to do about this so finally caught up with you huh mother please don't groups I'm not maybe you can't help your life outside the rules of love sometimes you love sometimes you lose but in the end what is life without love but I don't want to love I just I just want order I just want things to make sense and you think dating five men is the answer well dating one didn't work out too well for you I can still hear you you know shout there I'm just scared I'm scared of choosing the wrong man affording the decision only prolongs the inevitable result all the while making the worst decisions along the way if marriage is so wonderful then why are you and Dad both divorced miserable maybe about that I of Haley why didn't you tell her wasn't time thank you for being here now if you can't eat ice cream and mail bash with your friend what are you good for and thank you no really thank you for forgiving me hmm I haven't forgiven you no I'm just I'm thinking of ways to make you pay Hey call in a reserved you know go out tonight how many you down to and then there were none well even T I found a girlfriend chase down some purse snatcher for this chicken fell in love I cannot imagine that man running Matthew Matthew dumped me said he was bored and I would I wasn't smart enough for him you know not good enough you know you know have you called Christopher of course not he hates me yeah he could have blasted you to HQ but he didn't I just wouldn't know what to say to him alright man we're getting out of the house mmm anywhere well you have to Hey no more death by ice cream it's your third this week put it down put it down come on let's go Jax - if you can say - twice and then most you heard this is why I'm done twin start dating man now cuz we terrible I should tell you that I'm just I'm just all about my business and I was Ray Charles - all that cuz I missed it you missed it because you wanted to listen move it along Thank You Haley was everything you've been talking about lately everything you were looking for in a woman right now I'm leaving her woman sad tell you yeah everything she's alive she was manipulative she was conniving then according to Sybil she saw me she's sorry yeah sorrow that feeling you get even though you must stop look man you never know we or how your destinies go on for I just gotta make sure you don't miss it and now is not the time just let it go okay wait is that Christopher did you know he was gonna be here come on you taught me well he doesn't want to see me okay you can't always be in control something what do I want to feel pain because without pain you'll never really appreciate pleasure look go long okay hey I was drinking a bit sitting with you nice it was not my idea excuse me Christopher you should probably go help your girl you get a little crazy when you bethink kill the cattle on purpose all the time yeah they black dudes nice kid you just give me a chance to explain okay what is there to explain huh it started off as working then it became more than that I get it it's over no you just here's the fuck just listen to me Christopher Christopher just wait okay just just listen to me for a second what it was always a job that's all you were to me a check I just look for new ways to work you to get you comfortable I didn't care about you but I didn't I didn't expect to fall for you either I'm not done well the job was over I just I thought that it would be free to move on but I can't it's like you had the key in and and didn't need my permission I feel like I mean I don't care what you feel Haley all right you used me you hurt me and you've lied to me I'm sorry well the first time in my life I feel like I'm vulnerable and as much as that scares me I I want that and I want that with you you can't possibly expect me to forgive you why because you just you just can't why why not haven't you ever needed forgiveness I can't hailey I'm sorry wait wait wait please please go back okay no no he's into it baby ease into it nice easy stroke this perfect we're gonna see a lot more oh we got no Christopher nice to meet you likewise soon all right now get ready for this bud whippin No