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I woke up to an interesting piece today very randomly I was actually reading a piece on Drake do you guys know who Drake is most of you yeah I know who Drake I wasn't familiar with Drake you know who talks to me about Drake is Ariel Helwani Drake is a Canadian and so Errol takes pride in him I believe is is the connection there but he's a artist of some some kind of a singer I think he raps I think he sings but he does it really well and he's got a huge fan base so I'm reading this thing on Drake he made this big news because he just bought a jumbo plane that was worth like a hundred million dollars so I'm reading this thing on Drake and he's also it's talking about all the stuff he's got right and he's got this house somewhere in California but then the house has the largest pool in all of California that is commercial the only place you can find a bigger pool is that some massive hotel in the city so I'm reading all the sudden stuff on Drake and I get to the very bottom and he's 32 years old I thought it was interesting I actually don't have a point there other than this is what took me to the page at the very next story that popped up was one on Steve Jobs who I did think was a lot more interesting so read this piece on Steve Jobs and write Apple founder of Apple changed the world literally changed the world change the way people live in a much more convenient matter all the things that you can do right there in the palm of your hand so when he died he died with ten billion dollars right old Steve did great old Steve was a big financial success but there was a party because what do you mean ten billion dollars this guy founded Apple who's sitting on a trillion dollars what happened here well it was interesting because of his ten billion dollar fortune it didn't come from Apple here was the story Steve Jobs started the company he started with another guy named like whoa dziak I can't pronounce the guy's name he's game I think it's woozi AK so these two start the company but they have another partner they have a third partner who nobody's ever heard about and this guy owns 10% of the company two weeks after Apple started for reasons that I I have no ideas like 1970 this partner sells his 10% all of it sells all 10% back to jobs and Wozniak for less than $3,000 okay now that 10% today would be valued at 80 billion with a be dollar so possibly the worst decision business-wise of all time that I've ever heard of but they didn't know what it was all right I imagine three grand was a ton of money that guy back they had no idea then three guys in a garage playing with some wires he didn't know I get it well Jobs goes into Apple and he starts to have some real success and Apple starts to do well and buy reports jobs became a bit of a jerk good thinker visionary put in a lot of hours I mean plenty of compliments you could give him but people were look he's just not friendly to work with he's not nice it's a hostile work environment so even though jobs with was the founder of the owner right this is now more public company meaning he's got a board the board voted him out boom Jobs was out of the company so what does he do the very next day he's so upset with Apple he sells every share that he has and he had millions of shares and the company was only valued at $5 back then so he sells all of the shares except for one and the only reason he kept the one is because then he could continue to get letters on updates of the company and he was curious so all of those millions of shares at fine boy I think it was like 15 million dollars and now Jobs doesn't know what to do with himself he goes over to Europe and he starts roaming and he he goes and talks with the Russians and sees if he can be a civilian that goes up there and an astral about to go up he wants to be a civilian astronaut I don't even know how that worked out but he doesn't know what to do with his time he's bored he doesn't know what to do with his time so he comes back from Europe he goes to Texas and he starts another tech company and the company does okay but nothing really that fantastic it does okay and then he partnered he's actually hemorrhaging money partners with a guy named Ross Perot you guys may remember Ross Perot in in 1992 he ran for president he was winning in the polls a lot of people thought that he was going to be president in one day he just pulls out he straight-up pulls out of the campaign two weeks later he tries to reinsert him say he net he never regained his ground but Ross Perot was a famous oil man and a billionaire from Texas and he teams up with Steve Jobs and I just thought I would remind you guys of who he was in case that name rings a bell after I drop it so Steve Jobs keeps this little tech company alive Apple meanwhile isn't doing so hot and I remember Apple I actually remember this time I was in grade school I never wanted to work on an Apple Computer whenever they make us work I Kauai we got to work on an Apple Computer little computer totally outdated you're doing do su it was tough and it would always have that little apple on it oh we gotta go work on the Apple computers it just wasn't this great cutting I phone that wasn't even a term internet not even a term you would have thrown internet out bag that nobody even know what you're talking about so a different time and some of the people at Apple even the very people on the board that outed jobs in the first place kind of looked at we need jobs back aside from him not being nice the guy had a pretty good vision and we need him back and they could not I didn't know how to get him back so Apple goes in and buys jobs and rossport whatever company that was they start his little tech company they go in and buy it for an exorbitant but now they have jobs so they bring him back in fast forward everything and that's really where the world is that today when any did the iPhone he did all of these great things but Jobs wanted to be paid he told him that hey you're gonna have to pay me you guys mistreated me it threw me out of my own company if you want me you're gonna have to pay me but they didn't give him the shares they ended up putting him on a salary so when he died what would have been hundreds or well over a hundred according to this article billion dollars ended up being ten billion and even though Jobs had changed the world and then some really wonderful things he didn't have that same position in terms of the shares and the ownership that he previously had so that went over to his wife and that that's expanded from there and they thought you know he did like a half a billion dollars just in dividends and and some other kinds of options he had but I thought it was a very interesting story I didn't know that I didn't know that Jobs had ever been outed from his own company and then they wanted him back in I didn't know when he came back in he came back in on sour instead of with the shares I thought it was an interesting article