Healthy Protocol Babies

Good morning and Happy New Year, it's 2019. This is Dr. Nemechek of The Nemechek Protocol ™, I want to talk to you about having a Nemechek Protocol baby. We've had many people want to start building their family some more after treating their children, or people who've read about our protocol, who are hoping to have the healthiest baby possible. And so I just want to go over a few of those elements here cause there's kind of three stages; you have like pre pregnancy, during pregnancy, and then after pregnancy, and so you might find yourself in these, in these different scenarios. So, let's say pre-pregnancy; you want to have a baby. We know inflammation is a big problem in pregnancies, it's a big cause of fetal loss with like preeclampsia, miscarriages things of that sort, it's even a big cause of infertility alright. So, prior to starting to try to conceive to have a child, I recommend that you treat yourself with the adult version of the protocol - that would be Rifaximin, use the high dose fish oil, the olive oil. Now in terms of contraception, ladies and men, that the dads, if there's any issue of like infertility, the dads should be treated too, and that will greatly increase your chances for conceiving a child. Alright? And maybe you'll be able to avoid all the medications, and in vitro and all that kind of stuff. So you would want to do all that beforehand, you would want to have the Rifaximin beforehand okay? Now, if you do that beforehand ladies, during pregnancy I recommend you change the type of fish oil, because fish oil we use in the protocol has a very high DHA and a low EPA, and that's different than your traditional fish oils. Traditional fish oils are high EPA low DHA, and those traditional fish oils are what we evolved taking, alright? So nobody knows exactly, but when, the way I look at it we were engineered to have a lot of EPA low DHA, and I think that's probably the best way to proceed during pregnancy. So, but beforehand I would recommend you're on the high DHA version, and then once you're pregnant you shift over. After Rifaximin you do not need to take inulin during the pregnancy. So you would continue using olive oil, that's fine, that's the, you know there have been untold millions, upon millions, and millions of children born in the Mediterranean where the mothers had a lot of olive oil in their systems and their diet, and that's really not a problem. So you would continue with the fish oil and the olive oil. Now, during pregnancy the amount of fish oil you need, I recommend the total omegas be somewhere around two to three thousand a day. These little amounts they're giving in prenatals of DHA, now they're important for neural tube defects, along with the folate and and some of the other nutrients that are in there, they're important for those things so don't get me wrong, but we have studies that indicate these higher ranges of fish oil that a mother will consume on average increases your child's IQ by 10 points. Ten points just by you taking enough fish oil during pregnancy. I mean, I always say that's the difference between your kid going to a junior college, and getting, or getting a scholarship at a four-year university, alright? And so, heck why not? What have you got to lose alright? Now, say you unexpectedly became pregnant, or you found out about the protocol after your pregnancy alright, we don't have a lot of experience or safety data with taking Rifaximin during pregnancy, alright. Now the drug does not get in your bloodstream so some might say; well it's probably safe, but there's a lot of other things changes, that change, the bacteria shifts around, some other kind of things, you know your autonomic are shifting. I really don't advise taking Rifaximin during pregnancy. So, if you decide you want to do something during pregnancy, we do know it is safe to use inulin during pregnancy. Now I don't generally use inulin in adults to get brain recovery, but in this little kind of situation I think the inulin is better than nothing. Okay? And you would also use the high EPA, low DHA fish oil during the pregnancy, and the olive oil. Now let's say scenario 3; you hear about The Nemechek Protocol ™ and your child's only say a month old. What do you do at this point? Well, I think moms ought to get treated, alright. I will personally use Rifaximin. It doesn't get in the bloodstream so it shouldn't get in the breast milk. I put them on the higher DHA fish oils, I use the olive oil, all of that, because we want to get the moms healthy. Because what happens moms, is in that third trimester, this is where the omega-3s are so important, and it's a huge signal from you know, these natural forces that helped us evolve - and spiritual forces I don't want to miscount that. But, the signal is that in the third trimester, one half of all the omega-3s in the mother's entire body is poured into that little like, six pound baby. It's HUGE! We don't know of any other nutrient that gets poured into the child like that. Okay it's not like you, you front-load all this B12 in there, vitamin B12 or something - that doesn't happen. We only believe it's the Omega 3s. So what's that tell you? 1) They're REALLY important for the child. 2) The mom's gonna run out of Omega 3s. So the mom, after pregnancy, well during and after pregnancy, needs a LOT. Okay? Why? She just gave away half of it in that third trimester, so we got to fill mom's tank up. This is what we believe is responsible for some of the "broken mommy" phenomena that we see, where the woman gives birth to a child and within like a couple weeks, the moms got a huge like, autonomic dysfunction, and there's an article you can find on our website called "Broken Mommies" if you want to read more about that. But so, after birth moms get a lot of DHA, they get a lot of olive oil, we fix them with the Rifaximin. Now the infant can get a tiny bit of fish oil, tiny bit of Inulin it's very safe, it's actually in some of the expensive formulas we have now. Tiny bit of olive oil, that's not going to hurt your child, alright. If you're a little worried just run it by your pediatrician okay? If your kid has some very particular metabolic disturbances or something, run it by the neonatologist or whoever is managing that, but I still think it's probably gonna be fine. And so, so here we are the three scenarios; you've got to think of things like, I'm planning to have a kid - you want to do things upfront. Oh my gosh I'm pregnant - I want to do something to protect my child now, we've got that, that's where you don't use Rifaximin. You know, pre pregnancy use the whole protocol, during pregnancy you don't take Rifaximin and you use the high DHA low - or high EPA, low DHA fish oil, use the olive oil, and then after pregnancy moms, you get yourself treated with the whole protocol and your baby gets a little inulin, fish oil, and olive oil alright? So I hope that's helpful starting off the new year, so we're gonna have a bunch of 2019 Nemechek Protocol babies! I expect you all to name them Dr. Nemechek so-and-so! I'm just kidding! You have a great day bye-bye!