Helix Joey Mills and Gabriel Martin Extended

hey guys we're doing our hashtag helix today so we're basically answering the fans questions it's gonna be read by our director Alex we'll see how that goes sweet'n first question is from app new worry why did you choose helix studios when you applied me I did because it was the one studio that had twinks and I did it well no because it was like they were all twigs and I didn't have to like get super muscular and jockey and I was like well if I'm gonna play I might as well like try this one first and I tried it and yeah that's right so yeah I think when I when I did I basically applied to a bunch of different studios and after when I started hearing back I like went out of my way to learn more about them see like what each studio was like and helix has this amazing component of feeling like almost like a family I was a pussy like through even like there's social media like Twitter and stuff it really seemed like a group that I want to be a part of and it seemed like something that wasn't just like about the porn that was more than that and that's what I really believed in helix and I'm really happy that I chose it like a super thick fan base and everything yeah it's not just like Korn exactly next question is from hat Jessie Stefano Gabriel how was your experience with helix how has your experience with helix been so far and what's your favorite part about working for helix um so the firt when I first got to helix I was a bit nervous I mean it's it's something that comes with the territory but I've really loved every second of it honestly it's been a learning experience it's been a way to like find out who I really am I think but the most amazing part of helix has been like the relationships I've been able to form like hang out with KC and acts at their house meeting all the other models like it's these experiences these memories that will stay with me forever and I'm really happy about my okay next question is from at Ken zero one Joey Mel's what made you decide to want to do porn to buy a house and yeah I wonder buy a house I wanted to be able to travel I didn't wanna have to work seven days a week to have a house and be able to travel and if you work seven days a week you can't travel and now I can work two days a month and do what I want it's pretty dope so it's nice to me it's not like to meet guys like I was okay I mean you also in Missouri there's not very there's not as many hot guys so if I can go somewhere and have sex with hotter guys that I'm gonna have sex with at home get to travel to California for free and get paid yeah that's pretty awful it's like oh all around wind there's not really comes with the territory perks of the job so and then the next part of his question was how did your family react when you told them my family I told my family from the age of like 16 that I was either didn't do porn or be a stripper as a joke and I finally applied for porn as a joke and none of them like when I told them I got the job nobody believed me until the day I called my and after four arrived to the airport next question from app Derek underscore 0 21 what would your fans be surprised to learn about you that they don't know how everage of a life I live everybody I feel like everybody thinks we live like this super why I mean it is kind of like wild and crazy but when I'm at home like I sit at home I watch TV and that's an Astra me yeah I masturbated quite a few times yeah hang out with the hottest point stars in the industry and then you just sit around and watch a nature documentary alone yeah for me it's pretty cool because I have like this almost like dual life so I I'm a huge fucking they're like I will I'll go out of my way and like literally read books and writing stuff but then after I come here and basically it's like living in like a porn people think so it's funny because you think it's like this big porn thing where everyone's like crazy stuff and we do have fun but it looks like very mellow so much it's it's much like no man was it Allison normal it is normal like we don't really like go out to clubs and like I'm not a big like club person and it's not no like I would rather like sit around the table and like play a card game and like drink then like go to a club and just yeah yeah something about it next question is from at Frances Mastro MJ is there a person that inspires or inspired you in your life that made you learn and grow up a better person I think my I think my mom was someone that really helped me grow as a person I grew up with a single mom basically and she she was an amazing she like basically taught me what it means to work hard and get to where you want to be in life and just like her dedication really was instilled in me and I really it was there's an experience that I look back to like with pride we went through a lot of difficult moments growing up but at the end of day my mom was still there and she would always remind us that she loved us so I think that that's one person that I will always be thankful for I really say the same like definitely Gabriel's my answer but no like just like shut up to my mom seeing the shit that like my parents have gone through and like I don't know how the fuck they held their shit together cuz I definitely couldn't have so I don't know it blows my mind of how like just how responsible she is as a human your mom's really chilling I met her once yeah she was she came to Taco Tuesday when this so from next question from at spider derp 33 underscore man for Joanne Gabriel what's your favorite food to eat well besides cack favorite food would be I really like sushi and I'm gonna stick with sushi oh so she's like a rainbow roll him over I like so she really accessory me so she was really good sushi B's she's like actual sushi me is just like the sliced or whatever it is okay act Rob yes she means great um I think for me I really burgers are a big thing for me I love burgers yeah there's this place and here in Hillcrest it's pretty nearby that has amazing stuff burgers and that's usually a big one for me yeah next question is from @rr girl 69 I love following you guys on Twitter Joey you have beautiful eyes and Gabriel your lips look so kissable what's your favorite feature about each other um vomits he hasn't really I seen his asshole today just like it's not like the whole ass itself just like I loved Joey's personality I think he's a person that's really it's really easy to get along with him and it's just a fun person overall to hang out and go around like we're in Vegas we're just driving around he's showing you around it's a generally like nice kind person so I'm just like to do stupid shit might be a wild yeah cool next question is from Xfire 209 nine two two zero zero zero why Wow - both Gabriel and Joey who is the funniest person in helix oh wow this is a hard question I'm gonna hurt so many egos here bruised a lot of egos I should say wes is super funny but he has a like it's a really dry sense of humor like if you don't know who s is you would just think that he's an asshole at first but I absolutely wes is super funny and I had somebody in my head but I just forgot who they were you don't think of - yeah I think is that my answers gonna sound like I'm sucking up to people it's I don't wanna it's gonna sound I got to heal to case you know but case okay I know they're not like one person but Casey and I are so well together in this dynamic that they play off each other's things in this hilarious I don't like sarcasm yeah our chasm but they play off of each other's questions so it's really fun I mean because one of them uses sarcasm and you look at that and you can't tell if it's sarcasm so you look at the other one to see if that sarcasm like oh yeah he was serious but then I really fucking sorry I'm doing every single time I really do I know it's just because I'm like super gullible it could be but I just like every time just like a question you're just like really serious it's a second I love a good answer and next question is from at Polaris poll for both of you what was the craziest Vegas moment oh I'm getting this random guy the shot of tequila out the car window I wasn't there for them we were driving down the road and took shot I took a shot and then there was a guy walking down the road I was like oh he's like we should give somebody a shot cuz everybody's like walking to the strip demo I think it was like flamingo road that runs through by the MGM Grand and nobody would take a shot so find me like I just rolled don't even know like you want a shot and I asked I asked probably like 15 people who if they wanted a shot and they couldn't so I like there was finally one guy that took one that's hilarious yeah good time where's your bait what was your crazy Vegas moment craziest biggest one that's Ross I'll try I think I was like I hope they skipped me on this question because I don't want to live one crazy moment ahead it's I'm gonna make it sound so boring it's gonna sound like we're super t um I don't know I can't really I can't really think of anything that comes I mean we had a lot of fun and I just it's almost like and maybe it's good that it sounds like almost like a blur everything that comes together yeah I wish I had one moment to tell you guys but I think Joey is much more has much more exciting life than I do so Keith birthday party was super-fun too I wasn't there I left three days before so I didn't I get really better documenting things when I like get drunk so I did anything yeah there's like no snaps yeah there's like nothing but give your time so next question is from Jaws on can Gabriel say something super sexy in Spanish um yeah but I want to say something that won't actually be will be sexy like say something that sounds sexy but actually sexy me pillow way Lacroix huevos oh really then we can't hear smells like eggs well I can also meatballs but like huevos someone you say but it smells like eggs it's horrible but I love it when you say my I heard I heard you as ball as eggs like hard-boiled eggs yeah alright cool bit unless you know it's nice theatre no that's when I get my hair smell smell smell the character the hairspray lots of paper spray my hair always smells like hair spray next question is from app love Beauty Joey for both of you what would you want to do after you retire from porn I think I talked about this my last one - I just want to do an interior design real estate anything with houses and decorating shit well I don't really know for sure yet but we're gonna hope I can just get paid to decorate people's houses so that's a plan I like I like really dumping into different industries I think even like the porn industry was something I really want to go into an explorer um I like to think of myself as a serial entrepreneur which basically means I don't like having an actual stable job I like going into different things um and just exploring yeah so I've like gone before in like the automotive industry jump now into porn industry and I really love learning so I think in the future I love writing so I love like synthesizing everything I learned and putting it into words yeah I think something along that path I really enjoy sociology research paper type of things that's really cool for me you caught me doing it I love it better I like wiping out boys yeah that's me somewhat polite it'll be so girls if you take it out there's like earwax okay next question is from at Francis Master omj Gabriel what's your favorite book and why oh okay choosing a favorite book isn't like choosing your favorite child you have one but you don't really want to say it so you say like a bunch of the other you name all them I really enjoy that there's like it depends on like what mood I am if I'm like looking into like specific like military and like political theory then I'll read like Nicola Machiavelli's art of war Plato's works can be kind of interesting sometimes just like read I think philosophy is a big thing for me so I really love reading that but sometimes there's a class where I read this book called dominatrix and it was basically going into the lives of like what it's it's a fool like sociological like in-depth look at what it's like to be a dominatrix so that was really interesting for me yeah so it really ranges like from each thing its secret diary of a call girl was really interesting that was a first-hand account narrative about a girl who was a call girl and she basically depicts everything that was really interesting for me I've only ever seen you read Twilight Zone yeah one book all the way through and it was good I had to do it for like school ya know why I don't know I don't like reading like I can read articles on my phone yeah there sure yeah like vice spice articles are really fun to me yeah these are fun next question is from at ruff assassin 27 he says I don't have any questions I just want to see Joey get bucked good and hard that can happen but I can make that happen alright I like the statement next question is for Matt fi on Prince do you believe 42 is the answer to the meaning yes because 42 is a rational number wait 42 times so I don't know what that actually means I'm just gonna go say Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy oh rinse they asked the Oracle with the meaning blue thank you for I never read or watch the movie yeah yeah I never I never read that one huh no no you see the whole key to this 42 me if I music okay she goes you're not gonna like the answer 42 all right lovely next question is from at my lair you can choose one person from all over the world with whom you will have sex who would it be dave Franco Oh Tom Daley for sure they wanna go oh my god I think Franco kind of looks like Grayson a little bit yes he does he does Grayson and dave Franco oh he does not his laugh lines and stuff I can see that we need to find Tom Daly at a bakery talking I'm so hot holy shit I mean when I remember watching like watching the Olympics with a Frank boys like a mix of like Zac Efron a Tom Daley I just want to see my head you like that's right to my left James might go to he's more I feel like he's more flexible with his sexuality no but I think it me not yeah he's gonna for watching next question is from at daddy's boy Oh night for both of you if you could change anything about yourself what would it be hmm wow you're getting really deep with this um the quick how quick I could build muscles that would be okay they did like I think for me it's mostly I want I'd like to improve or change like my listening skills I think sometimes I'm too eager to talk and I don't have enough time to actually listen and synthesize the information that people are giving me so sometimes I'll like they'll be saying things and it'll completely fly off the top of my head and then I'll be sitting there I'll be like what the hell did he say like what was that I'm really bad at remembering things change my memory make that a little bit better likes in case you know exactly what I'm talking about because there's time a little tell me like directions and stuff and it'll look like I know I think that it looks like I don't say but they see like that that like there's they see like that little hamster wheel like rolling around in my brain they're like okay this is theirs you definitely didn't get that let's repeat it like there'll be times where I'm like I'll I'll be saying something to you and then right after you guys say it you look at me you and you say hey what about if we block the block repeat the exact same thing I just I really do yeah it's funny okay next question is from at Lian Yu LeAnn Yosef and it's for Joey what's one thing you hate and love about yourself oh one thing I hate is how bad I procrastinate on everything whether it be from texting people back to cleaning my fucking house everything is procrastinated to the last minute and it was it's like a dual part just what's my favorite thing about myself yeah I like how creative I am and I like I like to paint and do random shit but I'm pretty spontaneous so next question from at Emily our Lightwood for Joanne Gabriel who's been your favorite model to work with um I had a really good time with Josh Brady he was a really really nice guy he was really easy to get along with but I don't know if I've had like a super negative experience they've all been generally like pretty good experience very positive my scene with Cameron went really well I really enjoyed that there's not there's I don't think for me there's been one that I'm like I would never do it again I think like my smoothest scene like filming wise the smoothest one that I felt like went through West Polly with Kyler Noah and then my favorite is just any time where it looks like I'm getting hurt not just because it that's what I'm like getting like fuck the roughest I don't know like challenge accepted okay like now Finn Calvin I'm really bad with even remembering who I filmed with well you film so many so that makes sense and I felt like 2601 7 no I think in Dennis looked at it the other night no I was like 25 or something listen I thought so okay we have another question here from Xfire to o99 22000 why Joey can you freestyle rap oh my god I really can't like I can barely form a sentence can I steal can I steal one from somebody that I've heard yeah yeah raps again do it oh my god this is just I don't even wanna say it it's already like made for me I would rather just like scream sing a song terribly just do it something I can't though I have like a block yeah can I do that yeah we'll come back to this one Eileen about our dude I'll put it on snapchat host of on snapchat if I can finally come up with something for Matt Jessi Stefano do you guys enjoy having female fans yes yeah about this actually yeah I think it's a most flattering thing they told me about like they gave me like an idea of like the proportion of women and I thought it meets so much sense and it's I have support from anyone but I grew up in like a like basically with my mom and my sisters so I grew up with women and it's great to have that support out there for us I think that's really cool it was really surprising to me like when I realized that they were actually like I don't know I just didn't assume that there was like female fans I mean obviously there's gonna be some but I didn't think it was gonna be like as big as it was I don't know I feel like I relate to them easier or something I don't no he still loves you if you're a male - yeah you know next question is from at Jewel Chen underscore 1506 what's your kinkiest fetish love you - kinkiest i'll tell you like the kinkiest thing I've done just because I think you're so pretty young so I'm so kind of exploring everything but with with the next boyfriend we bought these like pink fuzzy handcuffs because the actual handcuffs were - they were hurting his wrist so we got pink fuzzy ones and we use them once I wish even more because I really I was really into it but he wasn't so much into it but yeah I still have those in storage and maybe though they'll be brought out again but that was a lot of fun those that's maybe like the kinkiest I've been but not because I'm against it just never got the opportunity to pretty much you name it I like it my safe word is pineapple yeah you know I like oh my god I like being tied up I don't like like I like everything except for like pain but other than that fair game 100% in school nice next question is from at Rick James 32 Gabriel what do you do when you're not in the studio um I just sleep that's all I do I sleep all day no um I run a lot of errands which is kind of sad because now I feel like I'm becoming more and more of an adult everyday um but no I do I do a lot of of writing on my street I'm I hang out with Casey and eyes quite a bit whenever they like me but ya know it's it's it's been fun so far I've really enjoyed it but that's basically what I do I have a lot of free time since I have this semester off I'm not used to having free time usually I'm studying a lot it's a knock fun it sounds like great but it's no it's actually there but yeah that's what I do right now and I'm enjoying it definitely join me okay next question is from at Jessie Stefan of Joey what's it like being DP'd okay so when I did it it was they were both laying down and like it was just like riding one really like the girthy dick but I feel like it would be different if I like had them thrusting I feel like it would be a lot different because you learn writing it yeah so I was just like writing like one girthy like peanuts alright so it wasn't like two different motions and one but I mean it was a little pain flow first you gotta definitely gotta get used to it but what's worth it I got that knocked out of the way so you can scratch that off your bucket list next question is from at Aaron underscore for - for what age did you guys come out and at what age did you first have sex and are you both gold star gaze what's gold star K gold stars kids where you've the only time you touch the vagina is when you came out of it a platinum is when you were your c-section and then as silver as we need like had sex with the woman why oh I've had sex with one woman or one woman what was the beginning of the question Oh age then I come out yeah what age did you come out and what age did you first have sex fifteen or sixteen it was my sophomore year in high school Christmas Day Merry Christmas bitch did you make a big announcement or was it just like ah I did it on Facebook I can talk to my parents like it was November 16th it's really weird that I remember that it was like November 16th when I came out to my mom and came out to my sister on November 8th and then I put it on Facebook on December 25th Christmas I think I came out when I was 18 I remember it was during the summer before my senior year 9 I say 18 I was like 2 or 3 years ago so it wasn't even that long but yeah I came out too I came out too first my sister my sister was the first one who found out then I told my dad it took me maybe literally three hours to tell my dad it was literally like I think he's like what you think why laughter like 300 if they're my sisters like if you don't fucking spit it out I'm leaving but my family was super supportive they're very loving my sister too always told like she always Ryan me she's like you know it's it's the you're the person I care about I don't care what you do or what you think so it was Matt very well that was pretty awesome for me the first time I had sex was also when I was I that's actually the first time I read section it was when I was 18 I haven't had girlfriends before when I was like growing up but I never did anything with him because I'm pretty gay and I think yeah I remember the first time I was 18 it was a sky off Grindr and it was in a car goes it was in a car it was just uncomfortable but oh this this was a funny thing like I thought I'd seen him porn that guy's just sit on it they just go for it so this guy had a big dick and I was just like no Lube no anything didn't you know I so he put look at and I thought okay as Lube that means it'll go in very easily so I went and I with full force I just like sat down and that was like the most painful moment the most painful thing I've ever had in my body like oh my god I was literally like squirt me with pain I was just like and I think that was such a traumatic experience for me that that's why I'm not a total bottom otherwise I probably until the bottom but yeah that was that was my first experience and that was oh my god I can like I can still feel like my asshole clenching right now as think of leverage in be really mm-hmm oh I'm gonna go war nothing fuck it that tied up one suffice it was it someone you knew or something about it would somebody I'm probably not the best decision that was I mean I don't know meet somebody your first time be like hey yeah go ahead and time you to a fucking bed anybody gonna do whatever you want don't give people that might address the next question is from Hat Frances master omj for Gabriel Gabriel being an intellectual is it hard to find partners that are intellectually stimulating well that I think it's flattering that you called me intellectual I think you think hire me that I think of myself but I think I don't know if like I think the best way to address this is by recognizing that there's multiple types of intelligence it's not just something you're intelligence of some people that are very for example like very emotion intelligence there's some things that other people can do that I can so it's really about not just looking for what you'd say quote-unquote intelligent people which like a lot of people associated with people are able to do like rote memory or just simple things like you've read enough books or things like that you're eloquent I think intelligence comes in a lot of forms so what I found throughout my life and dating is that you have to find someone that you click with and they're gonna each person is going to be intelligent in their own way and you have to appreciate that it's more of understanding and being compassionate with someone else that's the one who could hold a conversation yeah yeah you can do that but I think each person is amazing in their own way you really have to value that it's it'd be narcissistic almost of me to like think like Oh someone has to be exactly like me because I don't want to date myself I think I wouldn't want to date myself let me just leave it there but yeah I think I think it's about appreciating others it's not just about finding specific things yeah you want to have some commonalities but I think the key factor there is really having compassion and love for someone else that's when you'll really find something that you like I love it next question is from hat new worry for both of you what is the weirdest place you've ever had sex I've got two of them on top of a cliff and an elevator that sounds like so much I really had I have the I had sex in the car I think twice and that wasn't that much fun and then after we went to Puerto Rico I went with my expert Oh Rico and I noticed that there was no one on the beach and I was just like we should have sex on the beach and it was basically basically a mountain like a week of me asking him to have sex on the beach and it never happened but you know I guess I had sex in my bed though for sure really oh yeah 100 I have more sex outside of my bed than I have in like any pen was the elevator time like what's well if you get an elevator and the door closes and you don't push any buttons they stay there yeah so we fucked in the elevator and then we go out we were going to the lobby and the security guard sitting at the desk super hard and giggling so there was definitely a fucking security camera Oh elevator I'd like someone to impress a button right as like everything is how well like we hopefully we would have felt it start moving I know it's true next question is from at love beauty Joey which sex positions do you like the most I like missionary and when it's like it's super fucking weird but it feels really good done it once so I'm like laying like this on my stomach and the other person weighs like on top of you like this and if they have an up curve in their dick normally when somebody history prostate is just like one of these but when it's like that it's just the one of these and it does it it doesn't like not hit your prostate and it's a pretty fucking nice I like dog right out I really like doggy oh my god oh yeah I like missionary too but missionary makes me sound so bland literally like yeah doggy doggy is probably like my go-to cool from at Remington price one what's your favorite movie and TV show my favorite movies probably between I really like any like Leonardo DiCaprio movie I really like fucking Titanic cuz I'm lame um The Great Gatsby just because of how extravagant it is and what was the other one in the TV show um I watched the Oh egg on Netflix and that's super good there's nothing like one season out but it really makes you like question life and death and it's deep ya know um I have a toy figure movies god this is so hard for me to ask me um I think I like don't need Arkell was a good movie we watch The Shining the other day that's a phenomenal film I think other ones I like our August Osage County still Alice there's like another one that's American Beauty is great I really like American Beauty and certain TV shows I just want a stranger thanks to the second season that was super cool other shows that Bob's Burgers I love Bob burgers that's it's such a fun show so this is the Don Juan or Rick and Morty is a good like just totally if you're like just trying to like waste time and like watch something Rick and Morty is we - yeah I thought of Netflix shows orange is the new black my sister recommended that I was watching at that school that was a good show I try I want to see my hunter because Emily recommended that to me that sounds super cool we just superb it - and I could be to us next question is from love Joey B we Gabriel if you go to university what do you want to study I do go to university I do I seem currently in school um I haven't cleared a major yet or constantly caught concentration but I'm in between sociology and philosophy I really like just analyzing things I like reading it I like to think of myself a bit of a thinker so a lot of times I'll just sit down and it sounds really lame now I do I'd like to learn ya know I'm gonna do it I really love it I really love it yeah ever since when I was I was growing up I loved reading books I loved just trying to analyze what was going on my favorite classes in high school were like I think literature classes were a lot of fun because I was able to see like read beyond the text almost write read between the lines and that was super exciting for me that was definitely something that I loved and now I'm doing that at school now so it's it's challenging but it's definitely rewarding for me just because it's like my person I type in the way that I work it feels very fulfilling next questions from at Frances Mastro MJ Gabriel dear frat brothers know you're doing porn so the fraternity system is a little different where I go to school but we basically have like over 200 members I think the great majority of them though and they're super cool with it they've been very supportive at least once I've reached out to me I haven't I haven't been in school because I have the fall semester off but from the people have reached out to me they've been incredibly supportive some of them don't really get it because it's not something that's like conventionally accepted but they do they have reiterated their support for me they told me that like hey we're like we're not completely sure what you're doing but we trust you and that means the world to me that's huge cool cool next question is from at jaws on do you prefer big dicks in real life or just porn all right prefer like boyfriend dick which is like yeah between like five texts eight but like medium curve just like something something that you can take on like a daily basis and I don't like yeah it depends I mean it depends like who I'm dating um if their bottom their bottoms and I don't really care what I don't I mean they can be they can have a huge they can have a small dick and I'll be fine with it I think it's for me it's mostly about the person and I'll just adapt to them if I am I'm bottoming then just use lots of Lube and well you can really enjoy it it's it's a I think it for me and mostly depends on like the chemistry I have with a person and then after that it just naturally leads into whatever it is but I have a big thing that's like pleasing to me and like me it looks good yeah it kind of turns me on but you don't have to you don't have to have a big dick yeah like I would never I don't think I have one like but and well then you work on out Saturday porn because it's just it's gold it's going to hurt so cool cool next question or we got requests now Oh first request is from Hat Jesse Steph enough Joey and Gabriel say hi to me hi hi hey Jesse i snapchatted you did it this week next request is from hat Jill Chen underscore 1506 flip scene please whoopsie oh cool next request is from at Jaejoong Bomi passionate kiss please made a passionate kiss going [Music] okay next request is from at our our girl 69 Gabriel pin Joey down by his arms and kisses neck and chest okay that would be much more fun that if I'm shirtless in your shitless okay okay okay now I can actually do it I'd like get up the pillows Elsie but fight back so I can actually go No