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Truth is, I no longer want to talk to you. The first verse in the poem of Benilda S. Santos. Your smile is annoying, Xavier. Even your laugh. Come on, Mico! Focus! You don’t need a new friend right now. - Shit! - Hey, you liked me! You like me? Shit! Huh? Why aren’t you answering? I was just kidding. Mico! How are you? Wait. I’m organizing my notes for my meeting with Xavier. Does he think that if I accept his request on IG then we’ll be friends? As if! What?! He sent you a follow request? What’s the video for? Attention seeker! But Mico, are you going to accept? Nah! He’s just going to use his IG to bother me with the requirements. Besides, our relationship is strictly professional. Relationship, really? Whatever, I don’t have time to be friends with him. After this project, it’s goodbye for us. We’ll be needing props. We can set up a background for the final performance. But not just a virtual background. We need to make an effort. Okay? Hey, Mico. Why haven’t you accepted my follow request on IG? Maybe... Maybe you’re hiding something. I only accept my true friends on Instagram, okay? Wow! I have 250k followers while you only have 50. And are you sure? About what? That you really have 50 friends. Yes. And I’m sure all of them are my true friends. You may have 250k followers but only a few of those are your true friends. Ouch. And I barely use my Instagram. I see. So, you only use it for stalking? And sending heart reacts. Hey, it was an accident! You know, Mico, you’re unfair. You already stalked my profile yet you still haven’t accepted my follow request. How arrogant! I wasn’t stalking you. I just saw your follow request. And I had no idea who you were. I only checked some of your posts. You know, Mico, don’t be too defensive. Just accept it. Who knows, I can be one of your true friends. Anyway, so how are we going to do the dialogues? Thanks for today, Mico. See you! Hey, babe. Why are you wearing makeup? Oh shit! Shit on my feelings, Xavier. Babe, I am so so sorry. It’s just--I just got off a call with Mico. You know, I’m not mad that you didn’t attend our online prep rally. But you could’ve just sent sent me a message. or tell that you have other things to do. Xavier, is that hard to do? Babe, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to forget. It’s just for once... I finally feel I can focus on my studies. You know, Xavier, that’s not the point. Then babe, what’s your point? What’s my point? The fact that I have to explain this to you already means there’s something wrong. Come on, Xavier! You’re too much! You know, I feel like I’m the only one in this relationship. Is it hard for you to make me feel that you're still making an effort? Babe, please. Babe, please?! Why does it sound like it’s my fault? You know what, I’m tired. I’m tired so I’m just going to sleep! So much for being in a relationship where you’re the only one trying. Hey, are you okay? Call me. Super relate! That says a lot about your man if he’s not showing enough effort. This is so boring. So, what’s our final decision? Kookai! Oh my god! What? Mico has a crush on you too? Idiot! Crystal posted a status. Seems like she had a fight with Xavier. - So? - Wait. You’re so bored that you’re meddling with other people’s relationship? I’m just updated, not nosy. Laugh all you want! Sometimes I feel like you have a crush on me. Hey! As if! Wait. I’ll just get water. This is stressing me out. What happened to you? It’s not funny! - Wow! It’s my fault now? - Yes! Okay. Okay. Okay, it’s my fault. When you try so hard and it’s still not enough. Breaking news! Wow, you still haven’t moved on? Who's Crystal? How is Xavier? That might affect our project. You think the writer still loves the lover who left? I mean, she doesn’t want to talk to him. Xavier. Are you okay? If you’re not ready to meet today because of your fight with Crystal, then we can reschedule. I'm fine. How did you know? You know what, never mind. If this is about my Facebook post then whatever. Maybe you should let it be. Just give it space. My advice to you, try not to think about it too much. Because if you do, you won’t get to focus on our meeting. I’m just concerned about our final output. Got it? Wow. You're such a jerk. Tell me, Mico, have you had a girlfriend? That’s exactly what I thought. So, don’t give me shit about something you have no idea about. Hey, wait! Wait! Shit. Did I do something wrong? Well, sometimes you don’t know when to stop talking. A bit of social “clues” would help. Okay, I’m sorry if he’s going through something. But what about my grades? Cut him some “slacks”. Other people react differently to a situation. Just be understanding. Hmm…okay. Thank you. It’s nothing. Just take it easy. It’s as if you had a fight with your lover. Whatever. Bye. Xavier. Those colors are okay. I guess we’re done for today? We can do this separately. Just don’t forget the background. And I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have commented on your relationship with Crystal. I was just thinking about our grades. Promise. I promise. I’ll be more careful with my words. I'm sorry too... for reacting that way. I just snapped. Crystal is... my first long-term girlfriend. So, she became my one-person support system. But I don’t know, recently I feel like I’m not my own person anymore. And of course, I appreciate that she helps me with my grades. But it’s like she no longer trusts me. And on top of that, it’s like everything I do is wrong. But... Are you happy? Mico. Is it a struggle for you to pretend like you care? I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m saying. Hey, I’m just kidding. What about you, don’t you get tired? Tired of what? I mean, look at you. You’re like this model student. Even Ma’am Tina knows you’re the best in class. You’re really smart, you're patient, and... you’re pretty easy to get along with. No, I’m not. I’m sure your parents are really proud of you. Not like mine. They left me alone here. To them, I'm already independent enough. But it must be nice... to be taken care of. Well, thanks, Mico. For what? Nothing. Just for listening. It’s no big deal. I hope you patch things up with your girlfriend. So, we can finish our project. I mean-- for you guys to be okay. Period. Bye. What do you mean? We're still going to meet. Right. Okay. See you, Mico. Okay. See you. Thanks for following back. No big deal. Well, it must be nice to be taken care of. Fuck! Shit! Did I say something wrong? No. No, it’s not that, it's just... It feels so good to finally let it out. It’s the first time I’ve expressed myself like this to anyone. What have you done to me?