Henry Cejudo greatest combat sports athlete of all time


Chael Sonnen


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so who doe and Marlin this was really interesting because Marlin found his range Marlin had some size on him everything was going Marlins way he's kicking at his feet Henry is coming out in a little bit of a stance and I wasn't totally familiar with Daniel Cormier had alluded that Henry had been doing it for a while and it's more of a karate stance and he stuck with it he stuck with it for over five minutes they get into the second round all of a sudden Henry starts going back to more of a boxing stance and he throws the right hand and it lands he throws another right hand and it lands he throws another right hand another right hand another right hand and another right hand I hope I said six right hands because he landed six right hands now I'm not saying in the process of throwing kicks and throwing jabs and feeling him out and fainting him he did nothing but throw a right hand and it landed so he did it five more times with no setup it was his lead shot very rare that you see that Mayweather does something boxing fans will recognize this where he'll throw a straight and then he'll throw another one right behind it but it's too he throws two of them and it's shocking every time he does he's one of the few boxers and get away with it because he's so fast Henry did six of them in a row and he totally changed his stands he won't win you know more back to a Western boxer turning into a fight quit trying to make it a who can touch who the most and who can move around and who's the quickest he quit all that just turn it into a dogfight I thought Marlin held up wonderfully I thought Marlin looked great Marlin stocked for me Rose I believed in him going into the fight that it was a very tough fighter but his durability his ability to hang in there Henry turn it on and after the fight Henry goes right into I'm the greatest combat champion of all time that's hard to deny it's really hard to deny now okay he's an Olympic champion and one thing that never been considered Henry's never brought it up but I trust most of you don't know he didn't win the Olympics at 125 pounds or 135 pounds it was at a different weight class so now he's got the Olympic championship he's got the world champion he's got the world ship they're in three different weight classes it's very relevant to Henry's argument that I can go anywhere any size beat everybody I've proven it everybody knows about the Olympic championship they just never give him consideration that it was that yet a different weight that was 121 pounds if anyone's the world at 125 any wins the world at 135 when he starts calling out 145 pounders you can't deny him go ahead and debate whether you think he's gonna win but we now can't than that we can't call it silly I guess I bring this up because a fight ago when he started this all I want to be the greatest combat athlete I am the greatest combat athlete Allah it was me I heard people use the word cringe things like this and they gave him a heart diamond even I even I heard it a little bit you know he's he's jumping the gun there a little bit he's not jumping the gun anymore it is a really hard thing to deny three different world championships two different sports three different weight classes that part of the story has never been told before I feel like you guys don't three different weight classes Henry cejudo just might be the greatest combat athlete of all time