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last night I'm gonna go do a workout on the track okay we had been in the room practice coaches teammates did some grappling in the afternoon so for the second workout of the day I'm gonna go to the track and it's beautiful out here in Oregon right now about 80 degrees seven o'clock it's bright and sunny I mean just a great time to be outside get some fresh air and trick yourself in to working out and I'm no different than you guys I I dread I loathe having to go to work out or to a practice but every now and then when you can do it outside get some Sun get some fresh air no matter what you're doing it just makes things a little bit brighter so leggo at 7 p.m. well 7 p.m. happens to be the exact same time that Ladd goes to wrestling practice and he's dealing with it too he's very disciplined he's going to wrestle practice every night he's never missing but that doesn't mean he wants to go I'm asked a big battle in really hard sports right who can do it who go ahead and does do it not who wants to do nobody wants to do it so ok I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone I'm gonna get Ladd out of practice I'm gonna take him with me we're gonna work our asses off but we're gonna get to do it outside we're gonna do it each other's company have to come up with Ladd a little bit everything's great oh and by the way the track is straight across the street from lads house it's a middle school he used to go to which is relevant to the story so when I saw I said let it lad a text message and I tell him hey no wrestling tonight but same time seven o'clock be outside your house with your running gear I'm gonna come pick you up okay great so I go get Ladd and we go right across the street to the school and as we're pulling in Ladd tells me oh man this place is packed you know let's go somewhere else and I look around well yeah there's some people here but there's nobody on the track and so I say that to Ladd I gotta argue with them and go they're doing a lacrosse practice on the field but the track is empty we're going on the track he's on a million people here light it let's go to the high school high school is only two miles away but we're already there it straight across the street from in the tracks empty what you talking about so I argue one more time he pushes back one more time and then it dawns on me okay there's something else amiss here there there's some reason some xiety somebody he saw it's his old middle school whatever the reason is he doesn't want to be here and he's a younger guy and I need to pick up on it so I actually say that to Michael Hale a deserve is there a reason you do not want to be at your old middle school and he says yeah and let's go to the high school okay cool been there been there before hit a u-turn two miles later at the high school well when we get to high school exact same situation the girls were practicing lacrosse at the middle school the boys are on the track at the high school but for some reason he's cool in the gang fine jump out of the truck and we're gonna do a pretty easy workout it's just gonna be what I would call a grinding workout here's how it's gonna look we're gonna walk a lap we're gonna run a lap we're gonna walk a lap we're gonna run a lap and we're not gonna stop until we're exhausted this is probably gonna have probably about five miles and then at a walk run walk runs but I can be you know about a 90-minute workout but here's what we're gonna do so we hit the first lap and everything's fine this next lap we run in the next lap but we're back to walking again and then some kids spots lad and yells to him the kid yells something yeah high lad but he yells something I don't know how lads gonna interpret this because I'm armed with the evidence of what just happened at the previous school where absolutely nothing happened but he got some kind of anxiety build up and didn't want to be there so I'm kind of monitoring lad and I'm looking at him and every time I kid from the La Crosse yells high lad you know kind of gives away for yells high back and we just we keep doing our workout so we do another jog and we do another walk and pretty soon were at about eight seven eight laps and now practice is out and when practice was out now all the kids are yelling something to Ladd they're all being nice they're all being very very nice I just don't know how he's gauging it I you know being in high school being a teeny man it's a weird time I don't maybe he feels weird that he's there with me that they're all practicing that we're over here you know doing this little walk run I don't know I don't know I'm just trying to gauge him but now we're at the exit we're at the exit the entrance that we came in that we can now use as an exit my trucks parked right there we can be out of there so I tell Dad that I go hey you know what that good workout let's get out of here eat lad two months let's get out of here now was it a good workout we had not accomplished anything we got some fresh air we got a really light sweat gum this pretty easy right walk run but I'm trying to get him out of there so we get into the truck and he tells me he goes hey I want to do a real workout I had a real workout scheduled you interrupted my wrestling workout take me to the track drop me off there when I go to the track so apparently I had it wrong by the way apparently I had it wrong and Ladd wasn't irritated in the least that that people were yelling his name is saying hi to him but I you guys see what I thought so we get in the truck he says take me to her and I go what track he says the middle school across from my house glad that we were just there and you made me bring you here he I wouldn't take me back there I need to get a workout so ok lad listen I have an obligation to your parents to return you home so I have to take you home what'd you do after that I by the way it is just across the street what'd you do after that that's between you and them but I have to take you home he goes ok so I Drive him home and he gets out but he never goes in the house boom he takes off the opposite direction it starts running just starts running it's like ok you know what I'm gonna trail him I'm gonna see what the hell's going on here so I flipped my truck around and I follow Ladd and everything's fine for you know about a hundred yards and then he cuts off down like a bike path so I raced to the end of the street take a left at the stop sign take it left than other stuff said because when I figure in my head he's gonna do is he's gonna take this bike path which kind of u-turns and takes him right dumps him right back at his front door this is going to be 25 second workout and it's all for show and I'm gonna bust him that's exactly what I think is going to happen so I turned back onto the main street and it's a road called Salama which is a straight stretch for at least a mile so I'm going nice as I can see him I spot him boom I trail him and I stay behind him and he just keeps going so I just keep going he just keeps going and I just keep going well before I know it he's now he takes some turns he takes some off roads I'm following him there I don't know where I am now this isn't West Lane guy I live in West LA I've lived in West led my whole life I'm somewhere I've never seen before this is how much lads running this is how far we are into this journey that I think he I think he's gonna sail it in and he just wants some false credit no I had this thing all wrong so at this point in time I now have his dad on the phone okay Joel is on the phone listening on speaker as I'm trailing lad and I'm only about a hundred feet behind him and I'm at a great big diesel truck I couldn't sneak up on somebody if I wanted to for reasons unknown lad never once turns his head and sees me and we just keep this going I'm telling his dad I go here at this point he's two miles from home if he heads for the barn right now he's got it's two more miles till he gets there plus the eight laps we put in on the track we go all over hell and gone he did about four point two miles I follow him the entire way he takes another shortcut on the way back cuts through a parking lot runs past the Chinese restaurant runs past the cleaners he's up by the nail salon I'm trying to track him and not get caught but I I'm going to pull right up to his front door and then I'm gonna roll the window down his dad's listening on speaker and then I'm gonna give him the pat on the back that he greatly deserve I mean it's hot out he's soaking wet he's got no headphones not for nothing but running without any kind of without your rake on ear bugs that it sucks it's not very fun so I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna let him have it and I'm talking about sunshine applause some sunshine on this guy he deserves it so I finally get him right he's a couple of steps and he'll be in his front door and I won't see him so I roll my window down I lay on the horn so that he turns around I'm yelling woo that had yeah great job and I'm waiting for him to spot me and walk over to the truck and then I'm gonna tell me and I've been falling here this whole time how the hell did you not hear me how did you not see how right there at one point the truck went too fast I actually pulled up right alongside of him he still never turned his head and saw me he was just locked in on his exercise so this is my plant I'm gonna do it his did Joel's listening on speakerphone lad looks back over his shoulder sees me throws up a wave through the door he goes I haven't seen him since so this I guess is my opportunity to tell lad he listens to the show every day my opportunity to land you did a damn good job I stalked you I followed you I thought you were bluffing and you put 4.2 miles and plus what we did on the track