Hero Dad Saves Family by Battling Wolf on Camping Trip

he's the hero dad who took down a wolf all teeth marks right there yes mattress Paulie was camping with his wife ELISA and their two young sons in the Canadian wilderness the family had just settled in for the night everyone was fast asleep suddenly the whole tent wall came in at us we couldn't see anything I remember the whole tent kind of shaking I thought yeah 100% so I bet I yelled get back I tried to just basically push back I don't know if I hit it or if I push back but either way when my hand hit the tent something snapped down on my hand the tent was ripped apart and they came face to face with a full-grown wolf just like a scene from a movie I could see the whole outline of its face it was maybe three to four feet away from me staring right at me and that's when he started screaming it's a wolf it's a wolf ELISA grabbed their two boys and lay on top of them while Matt fought for his life it bit down basically grabbing my entire arm I tried punching it twice it's my left hand I was trying to hit it closer to the neck it felt completely useless the wolf dragged him out of the tent it started pulling backwards and it basically pulled me right through the opening that it made in the tent wall I grabbed his ankle or his calf and I felt pulled and I pulled I was just holding on for dear life another camper Russ fee heard their screams and came running to help we hit it a few times it didn't really care it was it was pretty large you'd have to be hard to do damage to it the wolf let Matt go and he and his family ran to a car it feels like it was a nightmare it doesn't feel real we kept saying that over and over again like this really happen they are back home in New Jersey today shaken but alive thanks to a dad's courage he's always been my hero but more now than ever for sure you [Music]