Hide and Seek Challenge in JFreds House

if he finds me I can't run where are they run hello everybody welcome back to team edge in our special month of special videos for you special people who are stuck at your special yeah Jay furred behind the camera six video we got Bobby and he got me I who however you want to pronounce my name today we're doing the hide-and-seek challenge throughout jay printz house he's got a 30,000 square foot house nope you know we're gonna try and see who's the best hider who's the best seeker so how the games gonna work is we're gonna hide around the house we're all gonna take the equal amount of turns but the thing is we have to still keep that six foot rule so instead of tagging the person we have to use a cane we guess yeah I tried to find one of those old people grabbers and I couldn't find one when I went to Walmart so I got a cane we have to take each other with this so there is one safe zone throughout the whole house it is in the living room it is on his couch you can reset if you make it to the safe zone let's rock and roll let's go let's go hi folks so that couch safe zone got it I'm gonna go sit outside because outside is off-limits you want a sink sink Bobby when you get yours rolling you're welcome John and DK ready alright I'm setting the timer for three minutes cat I'm going upstairs I have a feeling I'm gonna win this challenge because I know my house better than anybody does right there and they're not going to know all the little crevices when they're looking for me and each other that's too obvious I'm curious to see what their strategy will be because they have the ability to run there's literally no way if he finds me I can't all right folks the time is up it's been three minutes I know the ins and outs of my house hi miss Kelly mrs. Kelly all right so I have to rush don't distract me okay stop speaking where are they I have no clue where they would be somebody in the fridge did you see where they went Kelly you don't yeah you're lying to me nobody in here nice little room I made for my nieces because I love them so much you following me dog okay let's see what we got did somebody hide in there somebody hide in there nobody okay so I now know that they're definitely upstairs what oh really dangit well Joey did not see me so I made it to the safe load now just relax Kali's sniff em out sniff them out Cali okay master bedroom there's no way right now that I can't find them in my own house I can't find him I can't how you doing how did you do it Bobby I was chillin underneath that table right there with the entire time I was table the dining table right there you have the ability to go hide again now this is I give me more points this all this does for Hugh is makes you able to reset oh that's right shoot okay thirty Seconds Bobby [Music] it's been one minute I get to try to find them again Bobby eluded me but I don't even know where Brian is [Music] maybe behind here Bobby is officially tagged I think that he might have gone in the Attic cuz I seriously checked every word looked around he's calling me I know he is I think he's just trying to throw me off I genuinely think he's trying to throw me off where is he you're me back there so far for me it's been 21 minutes that I've been looking for this all right Brian I give up you win I can't find you he wants you to just start so I just fail I think I just disqualified because I can't find him I give up no yeah Brian definitely chewed there's no way he's in the house there was like couches hopefully I can look how perfectly in line her poop is it starts all the way from the back and makes its way all the way to yes all right guys it has been three minutes let's go so you can find these losers now she was super easy to find we have a lot of house to cover this is the girls little play home or something how are we this he's better than my house at home children stores that have millions Wow well that's a little too obvious I don't know what to do okay I lifted it up by the handle Wow how did you find me so fast bro this this was totally different last time I was in here yeah that's what I was worried about here you think he's hiding in the towels you could okay Bryan just texted me I see you Thanks so something feels something feels a little so this feels a little it's almost as if there's a giant nose on this thing oh we just checked hi I have this bar in my back zero I've been in here for 38 minutes 38 minutes man that's dedication I told you to come out I thought I was you found me twice because you went there did he came back all right three minute timer has started okay Kelly it is so nasty out there all right cameras up time going find these fools Bobby isn't gonna hide somewhere where he has to be really bendy and this I do have to say I want to give an award right now for the worst hiding spot ever fixed five giant right here oh no joke bro the first thing my I went to was a giant it is nasty up here bro I'm gonna go take my clothes off outside go look for Bobby's all right it's a formality I'm gonna win this one because you hid under there yeah I did he found me right away he's prolonging the pains you know where he is no see if I don't find him on my first sweep than that I I'm gonna be lost like completely blown away yeah that's how it was for me I know Bobby's willing to commit but not to the extreme of a champion my clothes don't talk hey Bobby I almost did even poked through there I was like I don't see this alright ladies room it looks like Bobby won this challenge gradually just too Bobby yeah experts Guillory he also followed me around the house finding out where Brian wasn't in my round Brian hadn't moved hey you know you have a bunch of cotton candy in your ceiling that is the truth all right ladies and gentlemen big congrats to Bobby make sure you go check out our previous hide-and-seek video where we played hide and seek in the warehouse we hit some pretty crazy places that you wouldn't expect and Brandon expected either because you couldn't find him for a long time so make sure you go check that out and check out this video that YouTube recommends for you to watch subscribe to this channel check out our merchandise [Music] and wear something bye