High People Get Surprised By Snoop Dogg

- We're blindfolded and I don't know where we're going but I'm guessing it's space. (upbeat music) - Hi guys, I'm Scout Durwood. - And I'm Jessica Rothe. - And we're the stars of MTV's new show - "Mary and Jane." We're here about to surprise the "High Guys" with Snoop. - Hi guys. - And we're gonna have a - Blunt rolling contest. They have no idea he's here. - Dreams come true. - No traffic where we're going man. We were going 90 miles an hour, I know we ain't on the street no more. - They're taking us somewhere where nobody else wants to be. - We're going underground. - (Crewmember) We are ready to bring the guys in. - We ain't ready to bring the motherfuckers in. I need to roll up one more 'kay. Yeah baby we're ready now. Wait 'til they walk in to nothing but this. - I trust weed. Where is the weed? - They're perfect. - Thank you. - Where do you guys think you are right now? - I don't care. - [Mike] A grow house. - I know I'm in a dispensary I know for sure. (laughter) And maybe a crack house you know what up. - Maybe a dojo? - Please remove your blindfolds. (suspenseful music) - This is dope. - Welcome to our club. - Oh my god. - You're very cool. - I appreciate that love. - God damn it. - Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, high guys, and high girls, we're here to be a part of the end with Snoop Dogg. We want a rolling contest. Yes, each participant will be given two grams of bubblegum, which is sweet. And three minutes to perform the ultimate roll of blunt that's flawless, ready to be lit, hit, with no bullshit. - Snoop are you ready? - I stay ready that's I gotta give. - [Jessica] Just go. - [Brandon] I need more weed. - [Emma] Oh I broke it. - That looks perfect. - Now you have to test it to see how it smokes. Now I can grade it being that I am the professor. This is class. - How do you feel about Snoop smoking your blunt? - I mean, you know, it's an honor. 'Cause really he's just chillin' and being cool as he is, is really a blessing. You know what I'm sayin'? That's what it is man. This is on it. - My judges have came back with a score. 78.4. (clapping) It reminds me of a submarine that the top is open while you ridin' it. (laughter) My judges have come back with a score ladies. An amazing 74.6. (cheering) - Alright, alright. - And now for the final. Look at the beauty of it, see the spin? When you spin it it's just spinning, there's nothing coming loose. - You can tell it's perfect by the aerodynamics. It's amazing. - My judges have came back with a score that's astonishing. (laughter) - 100 being the highest you can get. My judges have given this 100.235. (cheering) - We have seen a miracle today. - (Crewmember) What accounts for that extra .235 percent? - I'm one of the judges. (laughter)