History of Cummins Engines Diesel History Episode Two Part 2 PostWWII


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this is part number two of the history of Cummins engines in our series diesel history if you haven't seen part number one of the history of Cummins engines go watch and come back later before we get too deep into the video today Black Friday we are releasing our truck history and diesel history shirts on Jack's chrome show.com they're on sale for $15 today and the rest of the Black Friday weekend including next Monday grab a shirt for yourself and another one for a gift to your favorite driver let's get back to Cummins history [Music] we spoke in part 1 about Cummins founding and their initial growth before world war ii broke out but after the war in 1945 Cummins released their NH series and update to the very popular and reliable H model if you remember from part 1 of the H series was used before the war in early over-the-road trucks including Kenworths freight liners white trucks and more during the 30s and 40s the NH series mentioned earlier is thought by many to mean the new h model but in fact many historians report that NH actually stands for the new head variant this corresponds with the NH series having a new four valve head instead of the older H models two valve configuration the four valve NH series also saw an increase in displacement from 672 cubic inches to 743 these updates meant that the in age series was significantly more powerful and easier to fit power adders to over the road trucks who used the H series updated their power plans in the 1940s and early 1950s with these NH Cummins power plants the naturally aspirated NH Cummins 200 and 220 models powered all sorts of over-the-road trucks while the 275 and 335 horsepower models were used in rare occasion for heavy-duty applications the special thing about the Cummins 275 and 335 engines was they featured a roots style supercharger found near the base of the block by the time the late 50s hit though Cummins just like caterpillar decided that turbocharging was the most effective forced induction method of all the 50s Cummins motors the 262 turbo NH series Cummins was the most popular and most widely used in over-the-road trucks in fact the NH series was so popular it accounted for 51% of the diesel truck engines sold in the 50s but by 1959 Cummins needed to update their power plants again one of Cummins biggest competitors caterpillar had recently entered the heavy truck market in a big way with their model 1693 Cummins answer was to increase the cubic inch of their NH series from 743 to 850 855 cubic-inch Cummins engines slowly replaced their smaller 743 cubic inch predecessors during the early 60s the 855 Cummins engines featured the PT injection pump and fuel lines cast into the block 230 and 250 horsepower naturally aspirated variants were popular along with the rare super 250 which would come along later in the late 60s for the drivers who wanted boost the 272 9300 335 + NT 380 Cummins engines would fit the bill the first series of 855 Cummins engines weren't after cooled in most applications but after caterpillar started adding after coolers to their engines in over the road trucks Cummins followed suit during the late 1960s Cummins would see a decline in their dominance in the over-the-road truck market because of Caterpillar and they're very popular 1693 and then 3406 engines this would cause a lot of problems internally in the company including missing earnings in 1967 by nearly 78% at the worst point of common slump in the 1960s a two month long strike further crippled the struggling company thankfully Henry shocked Erwin Miller's replacement would see the folly in Cummins strategy of extreme diversification and correct the company in the early 1970s focusing on the truck market and its increased demand in the 1970s would bring Cummins back from the brink more about that later after adding after cooling the power levels of the turbo NT a series engines increased to 420 on the top end model while that may not seem like a lot in 2019 in the late 60s and early 70s that was a truly huge number later in 1971 Cummins would release the detuned 350 horse 855 which would be the standard for a majority of over-the-road trucks during the 70s International Harvester Kenworth Freightliner Peterbilt and many more truck manufacturers featured the Cummins 350 in their lineup however these early 855 Cummins engines had one major flaw their camshafts because of the increases in power over the development of the Cummins 855 line the stress on the camshaft was causing hundreds of because of this flaw Cummins released their big cam updated 855 engines in 1976 as their name suggests the Cummins big cam engines featured a beefed up camshaft in order to withstand the added stress of forced induction and large amounts of fuel the rest of the features of the old NT a series remained almost identical on the new big cam engines over the late 70s and early 80's Cummins would update their in line with the big cam generation 2 in 1979 big cam 3 in 1983 and their big cam generation 4 in 1985 some notable features include the improved pulse manifold on the gen 2 big cam engines the direct fuel feed injectors of Gen 3 the new head new intercooler and electronic injection of the generation 4 big cam power plants a year after the introduction of the fourth generation of the big cam engines in 1986 Cummins went through a top-to-bottom corporate restructuring a new employee program called just do it increased creativity at all levels within Cummins and increased productivity significantly over a longer period this would ease the tension between Cummins corporate and the Cummins workforce even after the positive impact of the restructuring the downturn of the trucking industry in the late 80s and early 90s hit Cummins very hard in fact Cummins didn't make a profit between the years of 1987 and 1993 in large part to the policies of creativity and growth instituted during the restructure Cummins was able to survive the storm yet again during this tumultuous time Cummins also released one of their most popular power plants the N 14 in 1991 identical in many ways to the older big cam 855 s the in 14 featured new air to air cooling and an ECM over the 10-year run of the N 14 Cummins would add further features to the ECM that would refine the fuel system in order to comply with EPA regulations towards the end of the 20th century Cummins began research and on their next-gen engine line series to replace the m14 and the n series the product of their research was the is X series which was released in 1998 the is X series fully replaced the N 14 in 2001 the is X series featured a high-pressure injection system unlike the in 14 called the interact system the interact system and the entire fuel system of the is X series was updated again in 2010 with a common rail fuel system that improved efficiency and power further these new isx engines are referred to as is X 15 s Cummins most recent power plant development the X performance and efficiency series engines were released in 2017 because of the increasingly more strict EPA regulations Cummins thought it was prudent to design separate engines for two vastly different purposes the x-15 is the next generation of the is X series it retains a lot of the features from its predecessor while incorporating optimized compression ratios better air handling and a more refined combustion and sequence while the x-15 has only been around for a couple years mixed early reviews have been reported only time will tell how the x-15 performs that's all you need to know about the history of Cummins after world war ii production delays and a terrible flu swept through our office recently to make it up to you we are releasing a special history of Detroit Diesel video on the 20th of December consider it your Christmas gift from Jax crumb shop another gift you should consider is a truck history shirt don't forget to grab yours this weekend on sale Jax chrome show.com is where you can find 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